Why Twitter and Blogging Go Hand in Hand

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I don’t think that twitter will ever replace blogging or people will stop blogging because they are on twitter. I think twitter and blogging go hand in hand with one another. Twitter will always have that 140 characters limitation and I don’t think they will increase the number of characters because 140 is actually the ideal number and its enough.

So here are the reasons why I think twitter and blogging go hand in hand

1. Voice to Your Thoughts

I don’t know bout you, but I look at blogging to be my thoughts while twitter to be my voice. I am not the guy who is great at SEO or ranking on Google. Most of my traffic are from twitter and it helped me get my thoughts out there. Without twitter I doubt I’ll achieve the number of traffic that I am receiving today and without blogging I don’t think I will be able to get my thoughts out. I have a lot of things going on in my head and I don’t think 140 characters is enough.

2. More Information About Who You Are

Blogging has also allowed me to express who I am and has helped me to give more information about me to people. Sure Twitter can help to show who I am as well but I don’t think people will know so much about me if they just followed me on twitter. However I am not going to deny that Twitter has always been a great way to start a great relationship.

3. Building Deeper Relationship

Its hard to monitor so many people at once on twitter, with blogs it is easier as people come and comment on the blog post leaving behind their blogs or twitter address. Usually after replying their comments I will visit their twitter account, list them if I don’t already and visit their blogs as well. If I find interesting stuff I will retweet them. It allowed me to connect with people whom I don’t usually connect.

4. Create New Readers

I started on twitter even before i started blogging. I mentioned it at my blog post that we should start tweeting before blogging. All my readers are twitter based and I am happy with it. It’s different with a friend of mine @krystynchong as she started to blog first even before “blog” was invented. @krystynchong is a great blogger as I find her interesting and funny. She blogs at Dreammm. For @krystynchong twitter has helped bring more readers to her blog. This is what she has to say:


“Twitter definitely helps bring more readers. It’s my bulk of readers – if I don’t tweet it, it doesn’t get seen nearly half as much. Twitter has brought me immense joy -friendship wise. I’ve met a lot of great people through Twitter. I made it my own project to be good at it.

I set goals and have met them all. I love Twitter :)”

Meanwhile it was different for @adamsconsulting. She was on twitter a few months before she started to blog. For @adamsconsulting blogging has helped her build relationship to another level. This is what she has to say:


“Blogging is helpful because even though you get to know people well on Twitter, 140 characters is still a little bit limiting.  On a blog, you can expand and share ideas.  People leave comments, and you comment back. You can really get to know each other on another level.  Sometimes they are people you already know on Twitter, but many times they are brand new people that you’ve never talked to before, and then as a result, you start following them on Twitter.  I suppose, like everything online and offline, it all comes down to relationship building.  Blogging is a great complement to Twitter because, in my opinion, it opens the door for that more than Twitter can alone. =)”

So should you have a blog if you don’t already? Sure, why not? I’ve connected and got to know more about others by reading their blog (They don’t know i am reading it). Some of them are @SuuperG who blogs about her adventures. If you don’t want to blog or don’t have the time then you can post your facebook link if you don’t mind building new networks. Either way, its a choice.

Photo Credit: mcdarius

  • http://www.thetop10blog.com/ The Top 10 Blog

    Really interesting article Aaron, particularly to people like me who are new to Twitter and blogging and still feeling their way a bit. Thanks


  • http://twitter.com/ShirleyOM Shirley Osei-Mensah

    I really agree with you, Aaron. Twitter can't replace blogging and blogging can't replace tweeting. Twitter is for sharing what's happening with you in a very short form and blogging is for telling the world about how you feel, what your ideas are, your hobbies, and anything on your mind that you want to share :).

  • http://barryck.tanmanssi.com Barryck R

    Hey tony, Your blog is Coolness in motion, what I will recommend is a more presence on Twitter, you need to get more subscribers to your blog and by that they will Retweet the content. You are doing an amazing Job with The Top 10 Blog. I am your forever Fan you know that =)

    @Aaron, Great post as always, what can be said ummm let me think…..

  • http://www.adnpost.com/ eagles11

    Personally I think the problem is less with promoted tweets and other ways Twitter chooses to monetize, and more with quality control. Spam is a growing problem. Just this morning I've had enough spam @ replies to frustrate me and make me consider scaling back my use of the platform.

  • http://twitter.com/adamsconsulting Diana Adams

    Thank you for including me on this amazing post! I love it! You are absolutely right, twitter and blogging go hand in hand, I agree 100%! =) I love your blog by the way. lol =)

  • http://twitter.com/markcahill Mark Cahill

    I agree they do go hand in hand.
    You can use Blogs or Twitter separately but of course you get maximum impact when you use them both together to complement each other.
    Twitter is a great way of starting a conversation, if you continue the conversation on a blog [post] you can really expand that conversation a lot more.
    Twitter is also a great way of testing to see what types of conversations work and ones that don’t.
    Twitter can be used as great way of “crowd sourcing” ideas for blog posts.

  • http://twitter.com/OfficeDivvy Office Divvy ™

    Excellent post! Very tweetable, too. 😉

  • http://askaaronlee.com Aaron Lee

    Thanks Guys =D

  • http://askaaronlee.com Aaron Lee

    You're welcome, its glad that I can feature you here and ….. the upcoming one

  • http://askaaronlee.com Aaron Lee

    The more popular a platform is, the more spams there is. (I don't know who said this)
    And twitter is doing their best to control them.

  • http://askaaronlee.com Aaron Lee

    Thank you so much Shirley, great you see that you what I meant from it.


  • http://twitter.com/krystynchong krystynchong

    Being mentioned in a post on your blog made my not-so-great day turn instantly into one where the smile doesn't ever leave the face.

    A highlight for me.

    You're a great role model for all bloggers and twitterers, as well as a very wise friend that I adore and admire.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/ososoba Osoba Osaze

    Nice post Aaron.
    Got most of my traffic from twitter too when I started out. didn’t know how much till I forgot to share my post on twitter like twice, lol, you don’t want to know how much traffic dropped.

    Twitter is just such a sweet tool :)

  • Fatimah Manshad

    Hmmm… Very good article… Impressive !!!