8 Reasons Why You Should Twitter Before You Blog

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I always feel that everyone should go on twitter first before they start blogging. The reason I say so is because they should eliminate the mindset that “you can get a gazillion traffic off twitter“. Sure you can get traffic from twitter but it requires you to engage with your followers first before you spam the hell out of them with links to your blog or website. I had blogger sending me links of their blog post to read. If they do,  I’ll check to see if I had communication with them in the past and how they engage with their followers. If they engage with people, I’ll read it and RT it if I like it or find it interesting.

So I came up with 8 reasons to twitter before blogging

1. Helps Eliminate That Marketing Mindset

I did mention above that everyone should eliminate the mindset that you can get tons of traffic to your blog or website via twitter quickly. Sure you can, but it requires you to actually give more than you take. I’ve seen people who post nothing but tweets of their blog post or what they are selling online.

2. Finding your voice

I’ve met some great people on twitter who just started blogging recently, they started twitter first before blogging and their blogs are doing very well now. One of my friends @SuuperG is twittererer as well as a blogger. She had a twitter account set up last august and recently she started blogging as well.  @SuuperG has a passion for traveling and she has guest post in travel blogs as well as her own.

3. Less Time To Set Up

With twitter, you  can set up an account and start building your network way faster than setting up a blog. Especially if you don’t have much basics with blogs. It will take you a while before you can get used to it. So while learning about blogging why don’t you start networking first. You can even meet up with people who can help you with your blog.

4. Build a Brand First

Everyone have a “brand” on twitter. Even spammers too. With a twitter account, you can easily build a brand even before you start blogging. @omgfacts is one of them. He post facts tweets that makes you go OMG. After building his brand on twitter, he went one building his blog at omg-facts.com

5. Network with people with Similar Interest

It is  easy to find people with similar interest as you. You can easily find them via Twellow (the yellow book for twitter). You can look for twitterers according to categories. You can also use twitter search as well. Since they have similar interest with you, they can be your future blog readers. Of course you need to build a relationship with them first.

6. Knowledge

Meeting up or connecting with new people with similar interest helps you to get more knowledge on your niche. You get to visit their blog, look at how it is written, look at their blog designs and get a rough idea how your blog should look like. This helps to speed up the process of setting up your blog.

7. Get help from experience bloggers

There are a lot of experience blogger out there. I had help from a few experience blogger like @gloson and @adamsconsulting. They helped me whenever I ask them any questions on blogging. I am grateful to have friends like them

8. Ask Opinion To Improve

When you build a healthy network on twitter you can ask them for their opinion about your blog and how you can improve it. I asked @SuuperG, @Vincent_Ang and a few more twitterers when I first started blogging in January. They were my first few readers. They gave their opinion on how I can improve my blog. Recently @glitterglitzer gave her opinion on how I can improve my writing as well.

So there you go, 8 reasons why you should twitter before you blog. What do you think?

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  • http://www.timbaran.com Tim Baran

    Great points, Aaron! I'm all about blogging to find your voice, but it hadn't occurred to me that it may be more useful for folks to find their voice via Twitter and then start blogging. Good idea.

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  • ginasuupergstark

    Aaron…I am so humbled and grateful for your kindness in not only mentioning me but not UNfollowing me back when we first met and when I DID give you my honest opinion…I barely knew you and yet I gave constructive criticism…and I truly hold you in the highest regard for accepting my input graciously when, frankly, you should have told me not to be so dang honest! LOL You have honed your skill in so many ways, and I can now only aspire to reach so many people in such an authentic way and with content that they are needing and wanting. You are a role model in many ways…and I would say in friendship tops the list. BIG high velocity Malaysia-reaching huugggs to you! :) In gratitude..Gina

  • ginasuupergstark

    Oh…and another thing – lol – (you DO know I'm long-winded) suuperb post!…such truisms, especially in my case…I would add maybe that Twitter is a fantastic forum for inspiration for topics :) OK, I'm really done now…I swear! Toodles! xoxoxo G

  • http://askaaronlee.com Aaron Lee

    Good day Tim,

    Thanks! I actually got to know a few people who didn't know what to write about, so the decided to go on twitter to find their voice. Thanks for leaving a comment, I saw you leaving comments on other blogs as well. I think you've done an amazing job networking with people.

  • http://askaaronlee.com Aaron Lee

    Good Day Gina,

    It is great to see you on my blog. You're welcome for the mention and thank you for helping me out when I first started, it has helped me a lot and boost my confidants as well and you are to thank for that. I will always remember and appreciate your help G.


  • http://twitter.com/GCGeek Mike Morucci

    Good stuff here, Aaron! Bloggers, writers, tweeters are very supportive. And with twitter, the communiques are short and the conversation is much quicker than blog commenting. I am constantly amazed by how collaborative people are, whether they have fledgling blogs or thousands of readers. And like this post, everyone shares what they learn. Cheers! ~Mike

  • http://cashwithatrueconscience.com/rbblog Ryan

    Hi Aaron,

    I hadn't thought about this argument but after reading your post I agree with it.

    You make a great point in that when taking to twitter without anything to pitch you're tweeting with purer intentions; you will tweet others' stuff before yours, because you won't have anything to tweet ;)

    By establishing a network of like-minded, helpful tweeters you won't have to push your work as much. They will be more than happy to promote you since you took care of them.

    Thanks for sharing your insight Aaron :)


  • Deb

    This is exactly my current strategy. I want to start a blog, but don't know how to get started or what the focus should be. Someone suggested that I start a Twitter account first. Makes total sense to me.

  • http://askaaronlee.com Aaron Lee

    Yeah, it is easier to make friends and find out what you love to talk that can be your future blog topic or niche. =D

  • http://askaaronlee.com Aaron Lee

    Hi Ryan,

    What you said is true, I started twitter first as well. I started by engaging with others and retweeting other peoples blog. When i started my blog they were so helpful to RT my blog post.

  • http://askaaronlee.com Aaron Lee

    Thank you for the comment and tweet Mike,
    Indeed twitters are very supporting. That is what so great about twitter. They don't know your weaknesses and they are willing to help all the time.

  • http://www.timbaran.com Tim Baran

    Very kind of you. Thanks, Aaron. If a blog post resonates, I enjoy commenting. On the other hand, folks have DM'd me on Twitter requesting that I comment on their blog and I've had to turn down a few since the subject matter wasn't meaningful to me. Gotta be authentic, right? :-)

  • http://askaaronlee.com Aaron Lee

    Agreed, gotta be authentic in what you do.
    You see even others are noticing you commenting. =D
    I think you've found your voice there because you not only care what you think, you care what others think as well. Cheers for that!

  • glitterglitzer

    Oh wow, thank you so much for the mention. When all I did was criticize you. Now I feel bad! :-D I love your posts very much and I could not think of a Twitter and web without (@)(Ask)AaronLee(.com).
    And I really think you are so right in every point. I had a twitter account before I started my blog too. Although I have to say that I'm in general wayyyy to lazy in tweeting my own blog… :-) But my blog is my living room and everyone is invited in! :-D
    I learned alot from your blog and from the way you tweet. I almost dismissed my Twitter account and then I followed you and learned to love it. Thank you! And thanks for not tossing me out of your blog after all the silly opinionated comments I leave her. Hugs! :-D

  • http://www.learnstreaming.com Dennis Callahan

    Hi Aaron – this is the approach that I took but it wasn’t intentional. I stared using twitter, set up a posterous site and have recently started a wordpress site.

    I just wrote a post describing how to participate on the web by taking small steps that supports your post:

    I think confidence and familiarity are two other good reasons (this might fall into your Finding Inner Voice category).

    Thanks for sharing,

  • http://twitter.com/LeyMarieCel L e Y

    Hi Aaron!

    I agree with all your arguments ;-) Nice article!
    This is the reason why you're the Social Networking guru!!

    And with that.. I will need your advice on something.
    I will send you an email within the week.

    Thank you for sharing your valuable thoughts, Mr. Lee!


  • http://twitter.com/markfarmer Mark

    Disagree. I unfortunately see people — whether twitter or blogs — whom simply never “get” it: they use their blog to sell, sell, sell, wondering the whole time why no one follows their blog (or, if they do follow, why the conversations never translate to business success). Twitter is a mess, again with “buy me, buy me, buy me!!!” messages, from people who don't get quality, but assume that if they have 100k followers SOMEONE has to buy eventually… (never mind that their 100k “followers” are each actually people broadcasting “Buy! Buy! Buy!” themselves).

    My advice!? Doesn't matter WHICH one you go with first. Regardless: just NAME the result you want (followers? sales? relationships?) then test relentless, each step of the way, to see if you're getting there. Post to whichever you've chosen, twitter or a blog, and see where the people go. Did they visit your blog? Did they read? How far did they read?

    With twitter: Did they RT? Did they respond? Are you being mentioned on follow friday!? Are people visiting your Website or profile?

    Decide the destination, take action and test, test, test. Rinse. Repeat as necessary.

  • http://askaaronlee.com Aaron Lee

    Hey Mark,

    I see where you're going with this. That was my main point of the blog post that people thought that they can get a “gazillion blog traffic, earn a quick buck etc” The thing is, they come in to twitter with THAT mindset that you are mentioning. Which is the “sell sell sell, buy from me” kinda attitude.

    What I am saying is here to BUILD a RELATIONSHIP first. There are tons of people who started on twitter first then they start blogging. =D

  • http://askaaronlee.com Aaron Lee

    Thank you for dropping by Ley,
    I'm certainly no social networking guru LoL!

    Sure you can send me any email anything =D

  • http://askaaronlee.com Aaron Lee

    Thank you for Sharing Dennis,

    The approach wasn't intentionally for me too. I started using twitter as well and 7 months later I started to blog because it was one of my goals that i set up for 2010.

    thanks for sharing =D

  • http://askaaronlee.com Aaron Lee

    Well Milo, when people criticize or share an opinion, one can do two things. Listen or ignore =D
    I always listen =D

  • http://marianlibrarian.com Marian Schembari

    My opinion is split 50-50 on this. While some Twitter accounts, like @omgfacts, may have found an interesting way to use Twitter without any sort of blog, I can't stand when Twitter users have no link in their profile. Twitter is a great resource when paired with something else, like a blog, site, LinkedIn profile… anything. But 140 character snippets on their own just aren't enough to get a good idea of a person. I think all the reasons you list are actually just as relevant (if not more so) for people who should start blogging before they tweet.

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  • Theragingscotsman

    @askaaronlee Shared this with my FB posse(!), my fellow Tweeter. Thank you for offering the benefit of your shared experience to all of us – it is indicative of your great attitude and a perspective inclusive of others. This is why I will follow you – because you take a balanced approach.

  • Theragingscotsman

    @askaaronlee Shared this with my FB posse(!), my fellow Tweeter. Thank you for offering the benefit of your shared experience to all of us – it is indicative of your great attitude and a perspective inclusive of others. This is why I will follow you – because you take a balanced approach.

  • http://themoneycoach.com Nanci Murdock

    Not sure how I missed this post! Loving it and couldn't agree more. I started blogging a few months ago and it has been going OK. I even hired a coach because I felt I was having trouble finding my voice and that maybe my blog posts were a bit all over the place in terms of subject matter. I have been Twitter for just a month and feel much better. The relationships and networking on twitter have just been phenomenal (although YOU aren't following me Aaron. go on! @nancimurdock) I am not quite there yet (will I ever be?) but I do feel like I am slowly finding my voice, building my network and coming up with amazing ideas for posts.

    Thanks Aaron!


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  • http://www.thannspa.com Thann Sanctuary

    Great article

  • Familyfoodie

    Great information! I have been tweeting but have not started blogging yet. It really is intimidating when you first start. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • SushiBao

    Very insightful and useful post. I started twitter as a fluke. I already had an account that was private and just for me to follow sports, celebrities and news bc I rarely watch the news and don’t subscribe to newspapers. Then I decided one day while going through some rough moments I’d start a public account under a name that described me but kept part of me anonymous. Stayed in my local area for the entire time until an RT caught my eye and I commented. I figured what do I have to lose? They don’t know me and they don’t even have to respond (the beauty of twitter). I got a response and a few more follows and started endless conversations with random people. Now at over 700 followers (still don’t know why so many), new ‘friends’ and almost 20,000 tweets later I’d say Tweeting have given me a new voice. My blog is rarely written bc of time and too much to say that I rarely know where to start. My point is to this ramble is that through twitter for what ever reason you choose to use it for, is a great sounding board and a place you can find your voice and let it be heard whether it’s to sell yourself, a product or idea. Thank you for writing this, it has lit a fire under me to try to blog more often then not.

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  • https://twitter.com/EverNoticeThat EverNoticeThat

    Twitter’s a great way to “get your feet wet” for those new to the online blogging world, it gives you a forum to learn through your mistakes which will make for a much better blogger.

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  • oconn92234

    Problem with many people is they are trying to use twitter as a marketing in tool when in fact they should be using it as a conversational tool. It like txt messaging on the web. Now I am no epxert on this but I see way too many people trying to sell on twitter – you will have a hard time doing that. Just have a conversation, find a thought leader in you market and follow them see what they are doing – what conversation they are having with their followers – Send them over to your blog when you want to expand on the conversation – you will have alot more success this way. – My 2 cents worth


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  • Judy

    Thanks for the advice – Judy from Quit Logic

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