5 Reasons Why I Started Blogging

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After reading 12 reasons why people blog by Jeff bullas who did a survey on why people blog, I went to think on the reasons on why I started blogging although I procrastinated for 6 months whether To Blog Or Not To Blog before starting askaaronlee on the 1st of January 2010 because of a New Year resolutions that I set.

Here are my reasons

1. Passion/Addiction

I think I have an addiction to social media networks like twitter, facebook and recently linkedin and I can spend like 4-6 hours on them everyday. I was actively on friendster last time before becoming more active on facebook. Then I played around with twitter and I never stop tweeting since. Soon I posted tweets on twitter which was all the tweets that I read so that people can benefit like how I benefited. People liked them and I never stop posting since.

2. Branding

After being on twitter for a while I wanted to “brand” myself and give @askaaronlee a brand on twitter and to share with people what I’ve learned on twitter and my experience using twitter. So I used the domain name askaaronlee.com which i bought 6 months earlier to brand it. At first I was afraid what people will think about my writing as I don’t really have the best writing on the block. Then I thought I should just go for it and worry later. I just “jump” not knowing what will happen and what others might think about the blog.

3. Improve my writing

Like mention above I was afraid what people might think about my writing as writing isn’t my best skill. Tweeting is easier, read>copy>paste>edit>send. Done!! while writing takes more time as I needed to make sure that I don’t have TOO MANY grammatical errors around them so that people won’t think its too unprofessional. After writing my first ever blog post I asked two of my friends to look at it and they gave me great feedback although they found a few some grammatical errors.

4. Write my thoughts out

I do have a lot going on my mind like everyone else behind all the tweets. I did mention in one of my blog post why twitter and blogging go hand in hand that i use twitter to be my voice and my blog as my thoughts. This is how I view twitter and blogging and why I feel blogging and twitter go hand in hand and not against each other. I doubt twitter will replace blogging at all.

5. Learn

I wanted to use this blog to share my experience on twitter as well as learning new things. The entire blog was done by me and it is something that I learn from so many people. Recently I started to learn more about SEO from great bloggers who took the time to teach me and guide me from their experience. I also learn a lot about social media by researching and blogging about them.

What about money? For some reason I didn’t have any thoughts about making money through blogging at all, my long term reason at the time I started blogging was to write my passion and addiction and getting a brand for myself. I have no intention to make money off blogging, however after reason problogger book and kaching by @joelcomm I will be starting to play around with adsense.

What about you? Do you have a blog? If yes why do you blog? If no why not?

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  • http://www.3daysinlondon.info Cindy

    Hey, I enjoyed this post. I do blog, in fact I have a few blogs that I use for different things. I initially starting blogging as a move away from emails…..mostly about my trips round the UK and just stuff I found interesting. Then I started on twitter (to which I am totally addicted and have to stay off of just to do something different). Then I started a blog with the same name as my twitter account, just for fun. After that I decided that I need to set up a business and started a blog on London http://www.3daysinlondon.info which is a work in progress. I also have 3 sub-blogs that I use for favourite photos, musings on life and favourite quotes and one for my poems. I adore blogging and tweeting and learn new stuff every day. I also follow @jeffbullas for the brilliant content he provides across all the social media platforms.

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  • Rodgermettenday

    I do recognize a lot of what you're saying. Especially about the addiction B^) I'm on Twitter. I consider myself to be a 'micro blogger'. Because tweets are just 140 characters, I don't have to be too elaborate in my writing. I love that about twitter. I can post more postings that way. Instead of 3 big ones a day, I post 9 small ones.

  • Rodgermettenday

    Oh, on twitter I am @rodgermettenday B^)

  • TuffyPants

    Aaron, you've got it figured out. Just keep writing, that's the only way to get better. You'll find your own unique style of writing…the same as you did with Twitter.

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  • http://askaaronlee.com Aaron Lee

    Thanks buddy! appreciate it a lot :)

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  • http://www.worob.com/ Worob

    Completely agree with no.5 – I started my blog to learn about the WordPress platform, what it's like to be pitched, which posts resonate the most with my readers, etc.

    PR at Sunrise – worob.com

  • socialsammy

    Hey Aaron – I found your blog through a comment you left on Danny Browns site.

    Like you am conscious of the fact that “I'm not the best writer on the block”. But to answer your questions the reasons I persist with blogging are twofold:

    Connecting with others and learning – which kind of go hand in hand.

    I find that the more I connect with others the more viewpoints I'm exposed to and the more I learn + as you mentioned, through the mere act of blogging you end up learning about SEO, image editing and also more about yourself and the way you work. So I guess that sums it up for me.

    Great post, I look forward to reading more.