Twitter screwed up with Vine

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vine logo askaaronleeUsually when a hot, new social network, app, software or even e-books turn up in town I’ll be one of those geeky guys who would immediately download it, try to get an invite or use them right away.

However, when Twitter introduced Vine back in January what I did was download it,  registered myself and simply sat back to see how others were using it. After awhile I stopped logging into it.

Recently, I decided to log back in to see what changed. I even did my first uncreative Vine video after a little bit of a push from my friend Ahna Hendrix.

Guess what? a couple of days later, Instagram decided to add their own version of Vine onto their already so popular app.

After seeing their update, I personally believe that it’s safe to say: Twitter screwed up with Vine. 

When Twitter introduced vine, I always felt that it should have been incorporated as part of a Twitter feature. There is something about ‘real time’ and Vine video that just clicked for me. People can simply update what is happening around them and publicly tweet it.

If Twitter incorporated Vine into their system, it would immediately tap into a large group of core users – like JUSTIN BIEBER –  to use it without the need to register into a new social network. It doesn’t make sense to build a new base of users on Vine in the first place.

Perhaps Twitter got greedy?

The other day, when I was using Vine again, I was listening to Chris Brogan singing that he’s Superman. Leney, my girlfriend asked me what I was doing to which I responded  that I was on Vine. She asked what it was and so I had to explain it to her (otherwise she wouldn’t cook me dinner!). A week later, Instagram launched its video function and my girlfriend knew about it instantly the next day.

The key here is that people did not know much about Vine because Vine wasn’t on Twitter! Vine did not appeal to the average joe’s. Meanwhile, people knew about Instagram’s video because they immediately got it integrated on their account the minute they updated their apps.

Instagram simply used their core users and didn’t have to build a new one. Now that people can use Instagram to shoot videos, WHY would they use Vine? For themselves? Maybe…

If I were to compare, I’ll say instagram has the edge and it would fit more for businesses, simply because the general public is there. It is also more flexible in terms of both photos and videos and let’s face it, the interface is so easy to use, so ‘nice’, that people who are uncreative like me can simply post photos and videos with just that much more pride.

At the end of the day, people would spend time in places where they have more active engagement, and judging by that logic, Instagram totally smashed it out of the park.

Vine? Maybe it’s not for me after all.

What do you think? Am I wrong? Love to hear your thoughts.

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  • Kimota

    I think your comparison is unfair though. Vine is to Twitter as Instagram is to Facebook. Instagram still remains a standalone app to Facebook as Vine does to Twitter.

    The difference is that Instagram has had a much longer time to build an audience which is why some people were more aware when it launched the new video feature. Vine is still less than 6 months old. If Instagram launched a video feature within 26 weeks of launch would it have been as noticed by mainstream users?

  • Aaron Lee


    Thank you for dropping by. I don’t think I was unfair though, I was seeing it just like how an average user would. If most of my friends are on instagram and are now using the video feature, why would they move to Vine? It’s like them loving Facebook and it being part of their lifestyle, why would they move to G+?

    Indeed instagram has a much longer time to develop a strong core audience, vine has not and it will take them a long time to develop 130 million users which is tough now seeing that instagram offers similar product than vine.

  • Frithjof

    I agree Aaron and there are more errors. Like not having an android app until months after the initial launch and then the android app barely worked. As far as I can see Vine’s only chance of survival is a closer integration into Twitter

  • ModelSupplies

    100% agree, Aaron. I did the exact same thing except yet to make my first lame vine. I also watch Chris Brogan’s vines lol and found a very talented viner or two to watch. But I don’t have time to build a whole new community again. I’m doing that with at least 10 other sites that have different offerings.

    Vine could have been IT. snuffing out IG’s attempt before it hit. Sad to see it will probably go the other way now. Feel bad for Twitter.

  • Nick Allen

    Fish where the fish are. It’s so hard to create a community from scratch. I’m just sad they limited the size. Vine meant the video wasn’t a video but something too fast to devour.

    Instagram needed to make it a little longer I feel AND launch on android. Yet I’m not a big fan. For me, YouTube is for video, Instagram is for amazing shots of life and our planet

  • John Paul

    Aaron we need to find you a better hobby than listening to Brogan singing lol

  • Aaron Lee

    LoL!!! but.. but… its GOOD! 😛

  • Guy-Vincent

    Hello Aaron, I think you raise valid points about Vine not being
    directly integrated into Twitter. I’m not sure of their reasoning to
    make it more of a stand alone app. Because of that there does seems to
    be a bit of a disconnect between the two platforms. One positive aspect
    of them being separate is I can select either to post my video to
    Twitter or not. I enjoy having this option because not all of my
    creative content applies to my Twitter audience.

    Speaking directly to the creative aspect between Vine and Instagram,
    Vine is a much more effective and rewarding creative experience. The
    amount of creative and innovative Vines is amazing. There are numerous
    people who excel at a wide variety of art/film based techniques. Users
    have found innovative ways to create visual effects, stop-motions,
    animations, homemade filters, etc.

    Because of the minimal and straight forward design of Vine it has forced
    users to seek creative ways to present their artistic visions. Granted,
    as with most social media platforms the majority of people are not
    concerned with pushing the boundaries of the medium, but for those who
    are, Vine is ripe to create, explore, and develop your own personal

  • Aaron Lee

    I agree! I have heard many complains about their android app. Instagram definitely has an edge the edge for this. Seeing great interaction on their videos too.

  • Aaron Lee


    Great to see you stop by! Couldn’t agree with you more, just tired with another app! The good news is, twitter has updated their app and people can actually submit their videos to be featured on vines feature page helping people to build their followers. (they must have been reading my blog lol)

  • Aaron Lee

    You shots are definitely amazing on instagram mate. I believe instagram has evolved an become part of a lifestyle like twitter and facebook. Almost everyone i know has an account there now. Definitely tons of fishes for many.

    Seeing tons of video getting featured on their popular page too. Shows how people are adapting to it quickly.

  • Aaron Lee


    Thank you for your amazing comment. Appreciate you taking the time.

    I do agree that vine does reward the creative experience, but I do feel it’s limiting the crowd to only those who are creative. I’m definitely NOT one of those people lol.

    I’ve seen those videos that you mention and they are amazing. Got me saying “WOW”.

    Good thing is, they’ve updated their app and is helping people to grow their fan base. I seen people grew to almost 10,000 fans over night thanks to this. I believe they made the right move with it.

  • ModelSupplies

    If they are smart (and I’m sure they must be), Vine IS reading your blog, absolutely~!

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