Toshiba Portege Z830 battery life put to the test

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We all know that sometimes some things don’t come as advertised. Some products and advertisements may offer you the world but you’ll soon find that it’s only ‘seen on tv’ and it’s not the same when you actually see it in real life.

After I had posted a review of the Toshiba Portege Z830 Ultrabook, many of you had asked me how long can its battery last, so today I decided to put the Z830 Ultrabook to the test by using it on a single full battery charge and see how it will perform under Ask Aaron Lee’s scrutiny and how it will compliment my work.

Part of my job involves me reading and keeping up with the latest trends. Opening a ‘million’ tabs at once becomes the norm because I need to know what’s happening in social media, as well as having other programs opened for writing and sharing some of the best tips that I’ve learned from my own personal experience.

Then there are times where you simply cannot write but at the same time your blog post isn’t quite ready to be published, so I need to open even more tabs to watch a lot of funny baby videos on Youtube to reduce stress levels. *cough cough*

Having said all that, today’s blog angle will focus on the battery of the Toshiba Portege Z830 Ultrabook and the amount of work I am able to get done by using a single full battery charge.

The tests are pretty simple. We’ll see how many posts I can read and write, and compare the performance of the battery according to Toshiba’s advertised 8 hours of battery power life. The question is, can the Toshiba Portege Z830 Ultrabook keep up with someone like ME?

According to the battery life (on Power Saver) when I started a couple of minutes ago, the Toshiba Portege Z830 Ultrabook had a 97% battery life which translates to 7 hours and 13 minutes lifespan. I must say that I am impressed with its battery as it is a product that is only 15.9mm thin and weighs 1.12kg!

How thin is it exactly? Here is an illustration by a fellow Toshiba Portege Z830 Ultrabook influencer Beatrice Tan who took a photo and shared it on her blog comparing the thickness of an iPhone and the Z830 Ultrabook.


This tiny little thing definitely packs a punch. Just like me, except that I am much much much heavier and ‘thicker’.

Like me, the Toshiba Portege Z830 Ultrabook is also equipped with great personality.

This Z830 Ultrabook comes with:

  • SD card slots
  • 3 USB ports
  • Headphone and microphone jack
  • VGA port
  • HDMI port (to connect your laptop to your tv, etc)
  • ethernet port (to connect to your internet via cable, etc) which at the moment, a Macbook Air doesn’t have.

Coming back to our little test, here is the sum-up of today’s worth of work:

Battery life before work officially started:

  • 7 hours, 13 minutes
  • 97% Remaining
  • Time: 11:45am

Battery life during my Youtube-time:

  • 4 hours, 20 minutes
  • 57% Remaining
  • Time: 2:38pm

Results until the battery power went off:

  • Blog posts written and completed:  4
  • Blog post still in draft mode (Partially done, 10%-50%):  3
  • Blog post read/skimmed: Too many. I lost count after the second hour.
  • Number of comment left on blogs: 5
  • Cups of coffee drank: 2 cups
  • Time: 6:54pm

Battery life: 7 hours, 9 minutes

The long battery life of the Toshiba Portege Z830 can also be attributed by the core processor by Intel, which has a high performance and energy efficiency.

Essentially this line of processor that Intel came out with helps to reduce the power comsuption but still delivers in performance.

The Z830 Ultrabook did go to Sleep Mode twice as I went to grab lunch for awhile and took a short break. Therefore, the time varies for different people and different uses. With over 7 hours of battery life, this little thing does pack itself with some power.

Furthermore I fully believe that the battery life would reach the advertised promise of 8 hours as I am generally very bad at Maths and therefore would’ve botched the timeline anyway. At the end of the day, my impression of this Ultrabook still stands. For a lightweight and thin Ultrabook, the Toshiba Portege Z830 Ultrabook is definitely worth taking a look.

Check out some of the videos during our challenge: Watch the weekly videos here

This post is brought to you by Toshiba and Intel. Join the conversation on the Toshiba Portégé Z830 Ultrabook, Inspired by Intel at

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  • simontay78

    I like to test it out for my day to day usage but I don’t have one.

  • Adrian Low Wee Kian

    would like to have one after reading your post… ^^

  • Aaron Lee

    Wow! that cool Adrian. 

  • Aaron Lee

    If i am in Singapore, I would love to loan you mine Simon. 

  • simontay78

    Sure!!~ I like to try to play ping pong with it too hehe 😀

  • Eddy

    It does make a difference in your daily life, giving you a more progressive mindset and accepting new challenges. 

  • Eric Low

    then aaron, loan it to me since i had an old compaQ laptop currently..haaa

  • Voon Ming

    Wow 7 hours battery life? That’s impressive! Anyway I would want to test it by playing games and watch movies if I have the chance. :p

  • Aaron Lee

    Sure! come malacca bro! i’ll loan it to ya for a week! 😀 

  • Aaron Lee

    Ahem! MAYBE! 

  • Aaron Lee

    indeed Eddy! thanks for the comment 

  • Aaron Lee

    HAHA! one uses the Toshiba Ultrabook, the other uses an ipad! 😛 

  • leney

    Seriously? 7 hours of battery life? Please loan it to me! 😛 Would love to try watching the Hong Kong dramas I have downloaded with this laptop. Usually after few episodes of the dramas battery went low with my own laptop. I don’t like to charge my laptop while watching shows, I like to lie down on my bed and enjoy them! 

  • saintinc

    definitely a deal breaker! thanks for another awesome blog post Aaron 😀

  • Alex Lee

    Wow. Last longer than my crappy netbook. And it’s even lighter too!

  • Aaron Lee


  • Aaron Lee

    pleasure is mine 😀 

  • Aaron Lee

    A good post for you would be how many dramas can you watch on a Toshiba Portege Z830 ultrabook 😀 

  • Lex Lee

    i wish to get one too… haha! awesome~ 

  • Aaron Lee

    Awesome! i know you’ll love it! 

  • Fei

    It’s definitely amazing how it can last that long even though it has been scrutinized that way!
    And on top of that it’s an ultra slim notebook..

  • ladyxtel

    I can loan you my other iPad Aaron 😛 great post bro, love the write up!

  • Kevinjohnstonp

    simply the best i ever had

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  • JohnK

    I’ve had this laptop for a few months now. It does have really good battery life. But a couple of times, I’ve noticed that when the battery gets below 25% or so, my wireless connection starts cutting out. Websites take longer to load, sometimes not loading at all. But as soon as I connect the A/C cord, the connection goes right back to normal. Have you ever seen that?

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  • aussiebatts

    Impressive performance and long battery life, plan to have a look this ultrabook