Toshiba Portégé Z830 Ultrabook, Best. Ultrabook. Ever.

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Most of you know me for being a social media manager and a blogger. As if that’s not enough, I’ve also launched Leneys, an independent online ladies apparel company I started with my girlfriend last year. Ever since Leneys happened, I find myself constantly traveling as we need to have weekly trips to source our products.

This takes us to other states and countries, and therefore requires me to bring my work wherever I go.

Being a social media manager, I attend events and conferences as well. I remember traveling to Singapore to attend iStrategy Singapore back in 2010, and I traveled as light as possible because I didn’t want to walk around with so much weight on me. It was one the worst experience ever as I ended up not having a laptop with me and tweeting the entire event on my mobile.

Since I travel a lot, I need to have my laptop with me at all times. I need to be as connected as possible because inspiration comes at any given time. What I found out was that being in a different environment inspires me to write more.

Seeing a different culture, meeting different people, and generally operating differently, just tend to bring in a fresh perspective that we writers tend to need. Remember J.K. Rowling wrote her first few Harry Potter books in a café full of people.

Moreover, connectivity is a must when I have to catch up with the latest news on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, and so on.

Connectivity is not easy to achieve especially if you are travelling in countries around the South-East Asian region, therefore I recommend that you might want to bring more than one device that allows you to stay connected. More importantly, bring a laptop if you want better experience and increased connectivity with other devices (mobile, tablet, camera, etc)

To sum it up, if you are a traveler like me, then what I recommend is getting a lightweight, portable, and fully functional mobile computer. While there are many other manufacturers aiming for this market, I recommend the Toshiba Ultrabook Portege Z830 because definitely is one that stands out.

It fits our lifestyle because it is the lightest 13″ Ultrabook out there. It weighs only 1.12 kg (2.5 pounds) and is only 15.9 mm in width, with generous helpings of ports and connectors targeted to please the ‘prosumers’ that travel with multiple devices which needs the laptop as a hub.

It is easy to travel with and is extremely durable, because my 90kg friend sat on it once and there wasn’t a single dent on it. And I’m not talking about brushing the laptop on its tip; he literally sat there a good couple of minutes until I realized that the side of the bed that he’s sitting on looks vaguely familiar with the side that I had left the laptop on, conveniently under the blanket. (true story)

A couple of shouts, quality jumps, and mild chest pains later, the Ultrabook was found undamaged and worked perfectly fine as if it had just woken up from a refreshing nap.

The Z830 is like a pair of silk suit. It means business, but it is also stylish, comfortable, and convenient.

I also recommend this because, as an Ultrabook, it is functional and powerful, since it runs on Intel Core i3, i5, or i7 processors. If you’ve used any hardware that runs on these 2nd generation processors from Intel, then you’d realized that Intel has outdone itself because it seems that not too long ago we were satisfied with their Core 2 Duos. The i3 produces a very much capable 1.4GHz, but if you want something more powerful and complete, then the 1.8GHz i7 processor is what you should get. Not forgetting that it’s compatible with up to 6 GB RAM. Like I said, silk suit.

A couple of weeks ago, I was approached by Toshiba to be part of their influencer program for their Mark of Perfection: Toshiba – Intel Ultrabook Challenge (and we only put the word Ultra on something if it is awesome) where 8 blogger including me took part to test the Toshiba Portege Z830 Ultrabook.

You’ll be able to view the videos soon.

Although I don’t usually take part in these events, I jumped on the opportunity as I felt that it was something relevant to me and my readers. Also, having “preached” that each of us needed to try new things each day, I had to put my money where my mouth is right?

In short, I enjoyed the event thoroughly, learned a lot, and met some amazing people. Oh, not to mention that I had to wear make-up and was recorded in front of a camera. How cool was that? For once, I felt like a superstar (only for a day).

The Toshiba Portege Ultrabook Z830 definitely fits in my lifestyle. What do you think about the Toshiba Ultrabook? Have you used it and do you have any feedback/experience you would like to share?

I would love to hear from you so leave a comment down below

This post is brought to you by Toshiba and Intel. Join the conversation on the Toshiba Portégé Z830 Ultrabook, Inspired by Intel at


  • Simon Tay

    I’m hoping to get some idea on how long the battery life last as sometimes it’s not always easy to get a wall plug in public 😀

  • Rasta (@novascotiarasta)

    Hey, I can’t believe you now have a women’s Leneys line. Where do you find the time? Toshiba has always been some of my favourite laptops, one of my first (now outdated) ones was about 8 times as heavy as this, but had a really big screen, full size keyboard, and full DVD Rom. I like this review, perhaps my next purchase this will be the one I choose. I rarely reply to BLOGS having to SIGN IN or SIGN UP again and again for every Blogger space, but I figure, if my very young Socialmeida-ite buddy uses this one, well, I better sign up. So, when you bring your Leney’s line to Canada, make sure you drop by to show me your Laptop. Who watches your tiny dog when you travel? 😛

  • Hong

    1.12kg is really light tho, it’s even lighter than a MBAir, sleek design, gonna check this out, thanks for sharing bro!

  • Kevin. W

    Great review, the Toshiba Portege Z830 is a beautifully thin and lightweight package that fits Intel’s ultrabook description (thin, fast, light, affordable) in all aspects. Simply gorgeous – and the notebook is not bad either.Would be my piece of cake for the next notebook purchasing instead of the brand that I’m using right now :)

  • Eddy Chin

    It is indeed a fantastic notebook with an outstanding weight of slightly more than 1kg. Besides, the ultra thin of the overall appearance makes it look more sleek and easy to get around. Two words to represent it, simply stunning!

  • Ken Chia

    Ultra but the battery life can last?

  • Josh Bronson

    Great post Aaron , my favorite excerpt

    “What I found out was that being in a different environment inspires me to write more.

    Seeing a different culture, meeting different people, and generally operating differently, just tend to bring in a fresh perspective that we writers tend to need.”

  • Alex Fei

    I would say this is one sleek notebook.
    And It IS extremely light with only 1.12 kg with a huge memory of 6gb ram! After reading on the story of your 90kg friend who sat on it, this lappy actually reminds me of Nokia 3210 which it is literally unbreakable!

    Cheers for a great Toshiba Portege Z830 Ultrabook!

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  • geekbabe

    My last notebook was a Toshiba & it was a sturdy useful system, this Ultrabook looks pretty sleek. A lot of the Ultra books are light but they are also rather fragile & easily dented up. Good to hear that this Toshiba is also fairly tough, an important consideration when you’re carrying it around on the road frequently.

    Nice, easy to digest tech review, well done sir!

  • Christopher

    Great write-up. Looks like the Macbook Air has some real competition.

  • Aaron

    Thanks Christopher. They definitely do.

  • Swee Win

    Seriously ah? your friend sat on it and it’s still ok!? I wonder if it will be ok if I drop it on the floor like how I used to drop my hp on the floor all the time xD

    Great review though..shall consider this laptop if anything happens to my current laptop /touchwood..but it only comes in only one color? Would be nice if there are more colors to choose from..and also a longer battery life :)

  • shaun damien

    90kg?!! Haha, am pretty amazed by the stress it can withstand. However, I too have some predicaments similar, if not the same to a couple of people here who have shown interest. Since I do need a new lappie soon, perhaps you can be the person to enlighten me on a certain issue.
    Firstly, you did not mention about the battery lifespan.
    Secondly, how much does it cost?
    Thirdly,from reading this post, I get the impression that it is being branded as “a mark of perfection”, suitable for travel as it is light and have the professional look. Therefore, I believe I can deduce it to be in the same league as Apple’s products? Why should one choose this over Mac? (I don’t own a MacBook, but the professionals that I come in contact with all use Mac, and it looks stylish – I’m not sure of the workability and navigation around systems though. So, need some advice)

  • Aaron

    Will update more about this Simon, thanks for the question

  • Aaron


    Thank you for signing up and leaving me a comment buddy! Helps me a lot. You’ve been a rockstar!!

    Love to drop by and show you the clothes and bring you some of our clothing Line.

    My mum will take care of my little pup! My lil pup sticks to mom since she takes care of her lol.

    And yes do believe i have a womens clothing line lol

  • Aaron

    Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment Hong! 😀

  • Aaron

    Nice! are you looking forward to any specs?

  • Aaron

    I’m sure it will look sexy on you Eddy.

  • Aaron

    I’ll put it on a test soon.

  • Aaron

    Thanks Josh. I have my editor to thank for that.

  • Aaron

    Thanks Alex,

    I am sure you’ll love it more when you play with it.

  • Aaron

    Hi Jean,

    I didn’t know about that! Do let me know which ultrabook you decide to go if you decide to pick one up.

    Thanks for the comment and compliment 😀

  • Aaron

    OhH! I have no tried that yet.

    I don’t dare either lol!!

    I wonder what happens if you bring this ultrabook to work 😀

  • Aaron

    Thanks for the question Shaun,

    The reason for that is because there is a follow up post that will discuss on the battery lifespan and also the cost.

    You’re right about the branding and it does fits well

  • Ponvendhan

    Ultrabook is always best. I love the thinnest notebook.

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  • Em Yusof

    Aaron, well written article! Yes I agree with everything you say. I brought it with me to Shanghai and a journalist asked me, why did I brought my laptop, isn’t it heavy?. I proudly said that it is not just a laptop, it’s Toshiba Portege Z830, only 1.12kg. She rolled her eyes and said wow. I think I am the proudest Z830 owner that time.

  • Rebecca

    Darn… I wish I have one now.. I bought one at media price, but had it hijacked from me as a friend conveniently lost her laptop – gave to her to use, and now never returned!
    Anyhow, I’m a HUGE ultrabook ffan and have reviewed almost all ultrabooks on the market. Toshiba is definitely one of my top 3~!

  • Lucie

    I wonder how long it can last with intel i3? Do you have any idea? Thanks! :)