How do you WOW your customers?

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Recently I did small renovation on my entire room. I changed the flooring, curtains, window grill, and even changed my door because the old door had seen better days.

Our guy who changed the door was great. He was not only friendly but extremely helpful as well when helping us to find the door that we wanted.

What WOW-ed me about him was, after his team completed the job; fixing and painting the door, he was supposed to come to our place the next morning to collect his payment.  Little did we know that the next morning, he had brought breakfast over for our entire family! Did it cost him much? Nope. Was it necessary? Nope. But did it leave a great memorable impression on us? YES. He practically sealed any other future renovation jobs that we might have to do.


We all know that the breakfast might be ‘accounted for’ in our receipt. But that is not the point, because he could have simply collected his payment and we would not have a single complaint.

Instead, he chose to show us (his customers) a little gesture of thanks that would definitely go a long way.

Although it was a simple gesture, what he did made a memorable and lasting impression… and we definitely would recommend him to our friends.

Heck, it also got me to write about it here.

What about you? What experience WOW-ed  you as a customer?

  • Diana Adams

    What a great article, as always. :)

  • Aaron

    Wow, you just made my day Diana. ~hugs~

  • Nick

    I got sick and ended up with bronchitis in urgent care a couple months ago. The next day I got a call from the doctor herself just checking to make sure I was ok. She asked if I had any questions on using the inhaler they gave me or any other concerns at all. It was such a small gesture but amazed me that she reached out like that when she didn’t have to. Already recommended her to a bunch of friends to her.

    Great post man. First time seeing this our blog but won’t be my last. Love the focus on authenticity :)

  • A.R.Karthick

    Bro, it’s really refreshing to see such a genuine, caring act by people for their customers. How wonderful it could be if big business concerns consider anything close to this gesture! As a company, we’re always striving to provide value to our customers whether they’re doing retail or wholesale business with us. So far, so good. Small but insightful post. Thank you! :)

  • Gisele Navarro Mendez

    Love the story, Aaron, thanks for sharing! It made me smile as if I were the one receiving free breakfast from “a stranger”. Oh, and what a pinteresting quote you left there!

  • Charlie Southwell

    Refreshing to hear that kind of customer service forethought.

    I think it is a question way more business owners (myself included) should be asking of themselves. How to WOW your audience?! *and* WHY you do what you do.

    Thanks Aaron.

  • Josh Bronson

    Great stuff Aaron!

    I’ve never had a moving customer service experience happen to me directly, I have witnessed many incredible acts of consumer kindness that have been inspiring. Too bad we live so far apart, I want to higher this guy to do some renovations for me!

  • Wade Hooks

    This was a wonderful and refreshing post. It is so good to know that some people actually take pride in the work that they do and it’s not entirely about a paycheck. Giving just a bit extra goes a very long way as you have proved. It is a well known fact that word of mouth is the best advertisement. I just hope that other businesses will follow suit and begin engaging their customers as individual souls and not a collection of numbers.

  • Victoria Moreno

    I have a B&B and I wow my customers in many ways. First of all, there are NO hidden fees for anything. If you stay here the price you are quoted is the price you pay. No resort fees or wifi fees or mini bar charges. We just want you to have a great vacation and fabulous food. We do ALL special food requests with a smile and we rarely say no to anything. Our whole goal is that you leave here feeling refreshed and taken care of and that you never feel anything but special. Many guests arrive as strangers and leave as friends. I feel honored that people choose to spend their vacations with us and everyone is treated like royalty.

  • Media Designer

    Now THAT is wow. Very impressive. A human gesture that showed that he cared about you as people and not just as customers. Thanks for sharing.

  • Aaron Lee

    My pleasure! Thank you for commenting and leaving me a comment on G+ too. 😀 

  • Jensen Websites

    Great story! Thanks for sharing – it’s a good reminder to appreciate the customers we have.