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Follow Fridays on twitter is getting a little crowded with people recommending in bulks without any reason why one should follow them. I did a post about how to do a proper follow friday on twitter. Which taught people about doing follow fridays the right way. Of course one can follow that method but the reason for this post is about turning follow friday into smiles while getting traffic and retweets. Its the four in one kind of post that you can use every friday.

When you recommend someone on twitter, it makes people feel good. Problem is, it is getting too crowded. My solution is to recommend great twitterers on blog instead. It solves the problem and stands out more than normal follow friday tweets. It gets out of the 140 limit characters as well.

So here are 10 people that you should follow today. I will add more than 10 to follow in the future because there are too many great people that I want to recommend. If you want to follow more you can follow them directly from my twitter list http://twitter.com/AskAaronLee/interesting


Diana has one of the most friendliest faces on twitter with her big smile. Just browse through her twitter time line and you will find tons of informative tweets. You will find that she engages with most of her followers as well. Diana is also a great writer of BitRebels.com and InkRebels.Com. She has a big heart and patient to help anyone in need.  Just by chatting with her, one can learn a lot.


Blaire may seem like your everyday average joe, but take a look at his time line and you’ll be surprise to see all the great tweets. His tweets are great value to people that followed him and he has more than 350,000 retweets to prove so. He tweets great information to his followers while balancing his engagement through direct messages. Something not many people know. Trust me! He has tons of great stories that leaves you wanting me.


Don’t let this picture of a ice cream fool you. What may seem like a innocent picture of an ice cream has tons of history behind it. Mahei (His real name) is a great twitterers that tweets quotes and other informative tweets as well. His advice on twitter? “Twitter Success = sharing, caring, listening, humor and being yourself” Something that he have done a fantastic job on.


I would call this guy Mr.Kind heart. This guys has one of the kindest soul. Although he has a busy schedule, he never fails to drop by to say hello to anyone. He has great talents writing that is proven in is great blog post at HuffingtonPost


Paul aka Man of Steel is one of the friendliest people on twitter. He is very informative and engaging at the same time. When not on his computer, one can find Paul  on a mountain or hill enjoying the outdoors and nature. His next adventure? The Himalaya.


Reg is one of the most respected twitterers out there. His passion for social media is unquestionably BIG. Just by browsing through his time line one can learn so much. Reg is one of the people I learned a lot from when I started to tweet.


Richard is a very talented guy . His has lots of talents ranging from writing to designs. His blog RasterRebels.com offers tutorials to people who wants to learn more on designs. Richard is also one of the founders BitRebels.com one of the most entertaining and informative blogs out there.


Paul is Mr.Inspiration to me on twitter. He tweets about quotes from other people and from his own. Although being burned 85% of his body. Paul never gave up and he went on to inspire many people. I am one of them.


Jason is great source of information. Sometimes he may seem as though as he doesn’t tweet much, but he does, trust me! its something worth reading. I learn something from him all the time.


This twitterer needs no introduction. This is the account to go for if one is seeking for tips, how-to twitter and anything at all related to twitter. I am one of their loyal readers since I started twittering and they have helped me so much.

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With over 117,000 Twitter followers and over 70,000 RTs; Aaron is no stranger to Twitter success. He is a wonderful soul and makes Twitter fun for me. What I have learned from Aaron is how to use Twitter lists to find great content. I didn’t use Twitter lists to their full advantage until Aaron took the time to teach me this. When someone you know and respect on Twitter has created a list of people that tweet great content, it is a good idea to follow that list.

You don’t have to follow each individual person, just the list. Then, on the web version of Twitter, just click on that list at any time to have a full filtered screen of tweets to retweet that have great content. It is a simple and brilliant way to find great content to tweet. Aaron, known for his big heart, says the best part of this process isn’t finding the great content, but the sharing through RTs.</blockquote>

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  • zulseffort

    Cool! Recommending through a blog post is a great idea to #FF.

  • http://twitter.com/adamsconsulting Diana Adams

    Thank you for including me Aaron! I'm so humbled to be on this list! Truly. I have learned a lot from you also. I'm so happy to know you and follow you. You are a wonderful example of Twitter kindness, everyday. You are such a special person to so many people and the Twitterverse wouldn't be the same without you. ~hugs~

  • http://elabee.be/ el7cosmos – Abi أب

    Well…stunning idea!!

  • http://twitter.com/Iconic88 Iconic88

    Thanks Aaron for your generosity in knowledge and kung fu skills 😉

    Love your work my brother.

    Keep tweeting the good stuff!!

    Talk soon, Mahei

  • http://www.twitter.com/CTK1 CTK1

    Great looking crew!

  • http://www.viperchill.com Bex

    Thanks for the list. Have added a couple of them today before seeing this list, checking the others out now :). Never heard of Follow Friday either before.

  • http://madscribble.blogspot.com/ madscribbler

    This is a great idea friend….I am going to try something in my blog. Thanks for the idea.

  • askaaronlee

    You're welcome, glad you found it useful =D

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  • http://www.advertiseontheinternetforfree.com Scott

    Thanks for the info. I will have to try this I am trying to improve my twitter page followers with out buying garbage followers. Thanks again!