A day in a life of a social media expert

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According to a research done by AAL, there are a billion social media experts on the internet. Do you know what do they do on a daily basis? After “interviewing” more than 20 (actually none) experts, this is what I found out.

What do social media experts do daily

9:00am: Wakes up, check email, checks twitter, facebook and Google Plus

9:15am: Grabs coffee and check if people responded to their auto RSS tweets, facebook messages and G+ post.

10:00am: Reads Mashable and RSS reader.

11:00am: Watch videos of babies laughing on youtube.

12:00pm: Copy and paste email templates and send them to potential clients

1:00pm: Grabs lunch

2:00pm: Post tweets, facebook updates, google plus updates and Pinterest photos.

3:00pm: Work on info products about “how to make money with social media” and sell them to earn a quick buck.

5:00pm: Read more news from Mashable

5:30pm Watch videos of cats on youtube.

6:00pm: Buys the latest method on how to make money off the internet.

7:00pm: Grabs dinner

8:00pm: Continue working on info product/ blog post and finds out how others are doing it to sell to others

9:00pm-12am: Watch tv and head to bed.

This is what they do on a daily basis, except on weekends where they spend most of their time on youtube watching cat videos.

Disclaimer: I’m not a social media expert and this post is meant to be a joke.

  • Billy_Delaney

    I laugh, really laugh with you on this one. After about a year and some change online in this social media vortex of sorts I have seen this to be true.

    I hear things too…

    They also try to get free products from people who make and produce things for mentions and reviews?

    They really don’t make a dime worth talking about and they are desperate to do so!

    I’ve seen your tweets at some of the places I go to read and learn.

    Enjoyed this and the irony is not lost to me.


  • AskAaronLee

    @Billy_Delaney Good day Billy,

    Your comment just made my day, glad you laughed at this! :)

    You’re right, they try getting for free products in exchange for a free mention or review. I met a couple of those trolls before. Some of them do make a dime, but it doesn’t last long before they move to the next thing. (Hint: Pinterest) :)

    Cheers for the comment.


  • LeoWid

    Haha, hilarious post Aaron, have been laughing out loud over here for a while! And Buffered it a few times for sure! :)

  • paulcastain

    Too funny Aaron. I’ve reread this 3 times and laughed out loud each time!

    Well done!

  • AskAaronLee

    @LeoWid LoL! thanks Leo!! You’ve been an amazing support and friend :)

  • AskAaronLee

    @paulcastain Thanks Paul!! Whenever you feel down… try reading this! teehee! joking!

    Cheers! :)

  • harshdigital

    Too Good Aaron, you gave me laughter dose in morning :-) , everyday now when i check y tweets and FB in morning i will remember this :-)

    Warm Regards

    Harsh Shah


  • http://insocialwetrust.wordpress.com/ GiseleNMendez

    (you are so right about them reading Mashable all the freakin’ time)

  • GeeklessTech

    LOL is all I have to say…I wonder what the Guru’s and Rock Stars will think…:)

  • zimpeterw

    Good one, thank goodness it does not apply to me, I can’t handle an hour and a half of baby and cat videos.

  • http://www.garrettira.com/ GarrettIra

    Great post Aaron, but you left out the part where they shoot the latest “Sh*t people say” video.

    Other than that, I’d say this is pretty accurate. 😉

  • AskAaronLee

    @GarrettIra Ahhhh!! man totally forgotten about that one!

  • AskAaronLee

    @zimpeterw LoL! me neither but social media experts do it without a problem :)

  • AskAaronLee

    @GeeklessTech LoL!! I bet they are scrambling looking for another video to watch so that they don’t fit in those categories :)

  • AskAaronLee

    @GiseleNMendez and social media examiner hehe!

  • AskAaronLee

    @harshdigital Woot! I’ll remind you if you don’t read it :)

  • techonzo

    “I’m not a social media expert” Dude you really need to think twice on this line. As far as I know, I have not seen a personality like you.. humble, sharing and active!!

  • AskAaronLee

    @techonzo Thanks mate. I have to thank my parents for bringing me up that way :))

  • http://wordsdonewrite.blogspot.com/ WordsDoneWrite

    You nailed it, Aaron. So no to gurus.

  • JCAnderson_

    LOL well written. Loved the ““how to make money with social media” and sell them to earn a quick buck” part…
    It’s hard being a social media ‘expert’ ;-)Regards.

  • http://arkarthick.com/ arkarthick

    You ought to be a great observer, Aaron! Lolz. Rip-roaring ones. But I suspect the 11 AM / 5.30 PM activities. 😉 Thanks for the fun.

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  • AskAaronLee

     @arkarthick My pleasure buddy, glad you enjoyed! 

  • AskAaronLee

     @JCAnderson_ LoL! its happening with Pinterest now haha. seeing so many books about it 

  • AskAaronLee

     @WordsDoneWrite Guru’s begone! :) 

  • http://www.ricardobueno.com/ Ricardo Bueno

    Ha! Sounds about right..

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  • Bernstein Laurence

    Aaron, you area goddess!

  • http://warrenwhitlock.com/social-media-expert Warren Whitlock

    I heard Guy Kawasaki talk about his normal day. It sounded a lot like this list. Maybe the question would be better asked as “What value am I getting from social media and how might I expand on what works rather than watching more cat videos”