Should You Accept Guest Posts on Your Blog?

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I was commenting on a blog about social media burnout. It was a blog written by Niall Harbison from Simply Zesty, on the blog I told Niall Harbison that guest posting from great bloggers helped me avoid getting burnout because I get to do other things, concentrate on other stuff like assignments, get time off from blogging and spending more time on my next post. After that Niall told said this to me

“Yeah its true Aaron that guest blogging does help. The one issue I have with that is that people usually come to the blog to read what you or I have to say so if you have to start getting guest bloggers in all the time to cover you people just get bored of it.

We’re not talking guest blogging on blogs like problogger etc, I mean guest posting on personal blogs like mine or Danny Brown.

He has a good points there. I replied to him that I understand what he meant and use a  restaurant kitchen metaphor as an example. Where Niall is the head chef of the restaurant and he only want people to stop by his restaurant to taste his food and not others. I on the other hand allow other chefs to enter my kitchen and offer daily/weekly specials to my customers (readers).

So it got me thinking, should we accept guest posts on our personal blogs? Here is what I think:

The Pros

New read, something different

Having guest posts gives something different or offer a unique new perspective to the blog. If we continue with the kitchen metaphor then having guest post adds something extra to the menu of the day. People will expect to taste the food from the chef but is given something different and unique instead.They where expecting a great apple pie from the chef and found that the menu offered blueberry pies. (I wonder if that make sense LoL)

New Readers

Why new readers? Besides having your original readers on your blog, now you have different readers dropping by. Why? This is because the person who wrote the guest post will tell their friends on their social networking accounts that their guest post have been posted or live. That is what happened when my good friend @thephattay wrote his blog post and he told his friends. Other great guest post from @MarianSchembari @antwizzel @dino_dogan @pushingsocial @AutumnStJohn showed it to their friends too. I notice whenever I have guest post I  have a spike in my traffic.

Avoid Social Media Burnout

It really helped me to avoid social media burnout because I get the time to spend doing other things online and offline. Having the time allowed me to complete other task like my assignments. Before this I had to juggle my assignments, blogging and helped my client. With guest posting I can avoid the need to blog too much as I know my readers be getting a lot of information from the guest posts.

The Cons

Turn Off

People might get bored if you have guest posts. This is one concern that Niall said on his comments. I agree with him that people will get bored because at the end of the day they come by your restaurant to taste your food (They want to read what you think). Imaging Chris Brogan and Seth Godin accepting guest post from other bloggers. It will be weird because Chris Brogan and Seth Godin are celebrities and their blog is their voice and thoughts. They are the Gorgan Ramsay of the blogging world.

Lose readers

Doing it too much it might annoy your loyal readers who came to your blog to read your thoughts. Using the Gordon Ramsay’s example,  customers come by Ramsay’s restaurant to taste his food instead they got food from a different chefs. They might not come back again after that because they got annoyed if you do it too often.

So what do you think? Should you accept guest posts on your blog? Do you have extra pros and cons that you want to add. Share with the readers here. Would love to hear what you have in mind.

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  • Tony Hastings

    Interesting post for me Aaron as one of the main aims of my blog is to feature guest posts! I accept the point about people visiting the blog to read what I have to say however I also like to think that, as long as the quality stays at a high level, I will have return visitors who will enjoy the variety of topics featured. Using your analogy I guess I am trying to create a restaurant where visitors will return to be constantly surprised and delighted by the varied menu offered. After all you have been a guest chef so it can't be all bad!

    Thanks Aaron, real food for thought in your post!

  • Aaron Lee

    LoL! too many chef spoils the soup LoL! kidding. I was going for a more personal blog. Yours is an exception to that because
    1) I like you
    2) I like your blog
    3) Your contents are sharable and exiting

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  • paulkonrardy

    As a dedicated reader of many blogs, I find guest blogging success to be highly relevant to the overall editorial direction of the blog.

    If it's a personality based blog, guest bloggers are acceptable if the host is AWOL – vacation, family emergency, etc. We're human and it only makes big-hearted sense in such absences. In the cases, guest bloggers are a welcome fix instead of cutting readers off cold turkey (no matter how long or short that may be).

    If the blog is about a variety of subjects, guest blogging is a great way to spread the love and also highlight the over-riding collaborative editorial direction of the blog itself. It's always a delight to read another take on a subject from a fresh perspective.

    And as for “avoid(ing) social media burnout” – I can't agree more. It's essential on both parts: blogger and reader. Reader fatigue can result from too much a good thing and guest blogging (and their fresh ideas) can be a welcome change.

    Great post – and I love the kitchen metaphors.

  • Douglas Idugboe

    What should drive the acceptance of guest posts or not on a blog should be based primarily on the long term vision/goal of your blog. If your blog is primarily to establish yourself as an expert in your field, it makes sense to once a while offer your readers an alternate/similar view in a fresh perspective. I don't believe featuring guest posts creates boredom, it does the opposite, it creates excitement as long as you the proprietor/chief editor ensures posts on your blog are consistent in quality, tune, and brand of your blog.

    If your blog is an information centre, be it general or niched, it makes even more sense to feature guest posts. You've already highlighted some of the benefits above. Another benefit is, it gives your blog/you the opportunity to grow via collaboration. Business success 2.0 is collaborative and innovative in nature. Guest posts not only give a blog that collaborative opportunity, it invite innovative ideas that your readers wouldn't gain access otherwise.

    Great post Aaron!

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  • Gina SuuperG Stark

    Heya Aaron! Great post…I love the analogy of the chef and the kitchen…I think it IS like “specials”…they can count on the fixed menu (your own posts), but can also enjoy sampling unexpected flavors of the specials (guest posts). I think if you keep the ratio at a healthy level, you won't suffer too much from the cons. Thanks for your insights! Now….wanna guest post on mine? 😉 I promise I won't make you climb a mountain. heehee *huugggs* Gina

  • Linknami

    A specific resource for your readers regarding free guest blogging tools is, where you can find expert authors who are looking for guest blog opportnunities or post unique articles on relevant niche blogs run by individual bloggers all around the world or publish free content on your blog.

  • Linknami

    A specific resource for your readers regarding free guest blogging tools is, where you can find expert authors who are looking for guest blog opportnunities or post unique articles on relevant niche blogs run by individual bloggers all around the world or publish free content on your blog.

  • RobertBurnsII

    Good post here! You were certainly thorough. I have to disagree with Niall — blogging is a social experience, and it's just a little selfish in my opinion to never accept a guest post! Sure, people come to hear YOUR thoughts, but it's YOUR blog — offer them a fresh perspective! Regardless of if they want it or not.. get the right guest poster and they'll still love it. YOU set the agenda on your site… not your readers.

    Just make sure to do it well. :)

    I like this post. Very balanced between the “pros” and the “cons”

  • Michael Aulia

    I still want to cook for myself and give my readers my own food at this stage 😀
    But even Darren Rowse from allows a few guest posters although I agree like you said, don't do it too often

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  • Aaron Lee

    Darren Rowse seem to be accepting more guest posts nowadays, most of them are high quality post though. Its tough to get it.

  • Aaron Lee

    Thank you Robert,
    I agree with you too. We set the agenda on our site. I got a lot of request in the past and I accepted a handful of them because a lot of them where copy cats blogs. I wanted something different and the readers loved them. Although my blog is they don't mind.

  • Aaron Lee

    Thanks for liking the analogy, I like to mix things up a lil and looks like people love them too. Like you said SPECIALS. I'll be a guest poster on yours? LoL! I've not been to anywhere besides coming to University LoL..

  • Aaron Lee

    Thanks for your insights Douglas, I agree, its based on the long term goals for the blog.
    I totally agree with the benefit of growing and collaboration and also lets not forget learning from each other too.

  • Aaron Lee

    Thank you for leaving a comment Paul,

    It seems like everyone agrees that accept guest post is good. So far no one is complaining bout it. Especially if its a niche blogs.

    I agree with the take on the subject from a fresh new perspective.

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  • Dino Dogan

    Thnx for the mention Aaron :-) and thank you for publishing one of my posts…I want to offer some other considerations especially from a visitor-blogger rather than host-blogger perspective (tho I did have few guest posts on my blog as well).

    As a niche blogger I often struggle, mostly unsuccessfully, to make a connection between my niche (dog training) and social media. Having SM related posts on my dog blog REALLY stretches the limits of my audience's interest. However..

    I'm in a position to learn and share a lot of SM related information that SM readers would find extremely useful.

    In any case…huge fan…keep up the good work :-)

    Having a blog like yours to post that info on really allows for a win-win-win scenario all around.

  • markwilliamschaefer

    I invite some of my loyal community members to write guest posts so they can show off their own work and blogs. After all, it's a community, right? Other people should have a voice too.

    Thanks Aaron!

  • John Fenton

    I don't think I mind reading some guest posts as long as the quality is high. For a personal blog however, I would expect them to be the exception rather than the rule.

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  • Blogging tips

    I agree with all the points mentioned here
    but we need some popular to have a “write for us” page in our blog…. 😛

  • Taylor G

    I think it would be easy to argue this either way, but the answer is probably carefully selecting your guest bloggers, and then keeping it balanced between your posts and others. Always having more by you than by others, because I agree – people come to your blog to read your thoughts/opinions, not others!

  • Cristian Gonzales

    Like Taylor mentioned, I think the argument can go either way. But ultimately, yes, I think you should. It's good to change things up a bit here and there. I wouldn't do it too often, but maybe once a week would be effective I think.

  • Ct Kingston

    Guest Bloggers are great, I agree with the pros you list above. The cons are present as well, but not as likely if you're careful about preventing over saturation. Go for it Aaron.

  • jesusbranch

    Regarding “Should You Accept Guest Posts on Your Blog?” – I would love to invite guest posts on my blog, but always thought fellow blog authors would be too busy with their own blogs.

    Having said that, a reciprocal guest blog post arrangement would be great for adding richness and diversity to a blog, as well as the obvious networking benefits.

    Kindly, Robert

  • Vin Lim

    I pretty much agree to you. It would be more beneficial to your readers sometimes. Think columist

  • Person Fucking

    Great bloggers helps a lot, working online with them., It´s pretty awesome.

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  • Justice Wordlaw

    This right here is such an interesting post because last night I was reading an ebook by Onibalusi Bamidele and how he was explaining the leverage of guest bloggers and what that could do for your blog. I do think having to many guest bloggers would take away from your blog because people do come here to hear your thoughts and opinions on things and not others. So, when looking into things you would want to have those guest bloggers but also make sure you have a consistent method of you blogging on your blog as well.

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