33 ways to reward your customers

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Last week I wrote a post on how you can humanize your social media presence. One of the methods that I recommended was rewarding your customers. Sophia.C commented and shared her thoughts that rewarding customers is tough because small businesses have a limited budget.

True, you shouldn’t blow your budget. Little things means a lot in my honest opinion, its the small things that makes a big difference. Some ideas won’t cost you a lot, if they do, you could always do them on a smaller scale.

Here is a list that I have complied with the help of some of my friends from Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

Reward Your Customers

  1. Most importantly, don’t just reward or give discounts to new customers for buying your product, offer them to old customers too. Old/loyal customers as have a higher life time value.
  2. Random acts of kindness- read that Hyatt Hotel does this by picking up hotel massages or bar drinks tabs.
  3. Listen and Act – When @ThomasMarzano tweeted that he loved the hotel bed and bathroom at Four Seasons Hotel, the next day they left Thomas a bottle of bath salt and a handwritten note in his room.
  4. Upgrade your customers status. (Eg: VIP member)
  5. Upgrade membership. (Done by Ebay)
  6. Upgrade service/delivery.(Done by Zappos)
  7. Surprise your best customers by sending them something they have tweeted /“wishlist”/based on what they like/bio etc. @GaryVee did this.
  8. Send small gifts to best customers.
  9. Hide a hand written thank you note in a pocket of a pants/shirt/dress/bag/somewhere etc. (remember reading this somewhere)
  10. Surprise customers by visiting them and hand delivering items. (inspired by @PretzelCrisps)
  11. Offer FREE shipping. (Catches my attention every time)
  12. Offer exceptional service.
  13. Offer exceptional product.
  14. Offer exceptional customer service.
  15. Say thank you.
  16. Invite customers to a meetup/tweetup.
  17. Offer customers incentive or early access/test drive/beta test a product/service/event.
  18. Have customers participate in the event. (Judge etc)
  19. Remembering your customers business -@nysses 
  20. Straight forward pricing without silly rebates -@niki_dav
  21. Early notifications on sales -@theomseka
  22. Send them a special welcome message – @mohitpawar
  23. Respond to customers ASAP. Less than an hour if possible. Of course not when you’re asleep.
  24. No limited time offers – Sonia Munoz (Eg: No limited time free shipping at #6)
  25. Free stuff when customers purchase an item. @TheDigitaleb
  26. Give them personal attention, online or offline
  27. Birthday handwritten note. (Nobody writes these anymore)
  28. Random rewards without them expecting it  – @rhysorwin
  29. Have a reward program: Airlines have miles, vip lounge, etc
  30. Perks! Goodies! – mayhemstudios
  31. Make them a brand ambassador of your product -@e_mhotep
  32. Don’t try to sell to them 24/7
  33. Get customers to play a role in your business. Eg: Design a logo, a book cover, a book title, slogan, name of a new menu, etc.

What do you think? How do you reward your customers or how would you like to be rewarded as a customer?

Share your thoughts below and I’ll add them to the list.

Photo Credit: FamZoo