Never Ending Debate: Quality Vs Quantity Followers

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There will never be an end to the debate whether quantity of quality followers wins. Sure there are debate that you should not follow more than 100 followers, or 200 followers and for some you should follow whoever follows you except those who spam.

It is never going to end as everyone have their own opinion. I’m curious, why debate over quality or quantity followers and talk about the followers and not the the person people are following?

Everyone have their own way of using twitter. I started using twitter to build relationships and I can say up to today I’ve met tons of amazing people on twitter. If I had limit myself to follow only 100 to 200 people I don’t think I’ll meet as much people as I did today.

I’m not saying that you should follow a lot of people.What I am trying to say here is that you should engage with people whenever you can. When you have time on your hands, just browse through what people are talking and enter the conversation or retweet any tweets that you find interesting to share with your followers.

I’ve seen some twitter accounts who have 100,000 followers and some have 1000 followers who talks to themselves, and both of these account complains about the same thing that they don’t get much replies or responds.

Then again there are people who have a huge number of followers but still respond to their followers 80% of the time like @chrisbrogan and @unmarketing  Since people like @chrisbrogan and @unmarketing replies to their followers. Will they get more responds if they ask any questions? 100% Yes.

I’m not going to deny that there are people who have 100,000 followers but don’t bother to reply others and talks about themselves and their company or products 24/7.When they ask a question will people respond? Maybe a few, maybe not at all.

Bottom Line

My opinion? It doesn’t matter how many people follow you on Twitter. Why blame the followers? Blame the person they are following for not engaging enough or not engaging at all. What do you think?

  • glitterglitzer

    I could leave my comment at that one word… But where's the fun in that.
    WhenI started using twitter I had no real idea of following and followers… Then it interested me for a short while and after that I just forgot about it. I don't check out how many followers someone has or not. Some people I met are so hilarious and funny and they have almost no followers. Others are giants (right Aaron ;-p). What really counts is that I find a spot in my heart for the people I talk to. And that is so far away from counting followers and following. I'm on Twitter to have fun, get to know people and see interesting stuff. And as in many things as Aaron says there is no rule how you use twitter.

  • Ray Beckerman

    What glitterglitzer said. She hit the nail on the head.

  • Calvin Lee

    You always want to have quality followers you engage with but having a large number of followers matter also to a certain degree, depending on what you want to do. Unfortunately, companies look at how many followers one has is equaled to influence and reach.

    I have to admit that I have gotten my foot in the door, gotten goodies or comped for events because of my follower count. It's nice but I'm on Twitter to have fun, help others, meet people IRL and provide valuable information.

  • Aaron Lee

    Good day Calvin,

    Thanks for dropping a comment. Indeed followers counts equals influence for certain companies. I'm not going to deny that.

    Perhaps like my situation, you've gotten the followers count and you also engaged with people that is why you've gotten where you are today buddy. U rock on twitter and like you said it, you're on twitter to have fun, help, meet people etc.. I'm on twitter to have fun too, that's how we met LoL!

    That was actually my main topic of my blog post, that you gotta engage with the people you follow. =D and you've done a great job

  • Aaron Lee

    She did, I think we're all new twitter breeds LoL

  • Aaron Lee

    Thanks for dropping a comment “milo” =D
    I actually started twitter meeting new people, after a while I though, hey why not follow more people and it became something i was crazy about then, then i realized that i should talk to people more (I didn't last time oopss)

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  • Debra Askanase

    Completely agree with @glitterglitzer. To the point: a person asked me what the KPI should be for a brand's twitter account. I said “engagement.” She said, “not followers?” Nope. It's about responding, engaging (like Chris and UnMarketer…and you) but I think it's also about being realistic. No one can respond to 50,000 followers. However, the value of those 50,000 is how often you take the time to reach out, respond, and answer questions. It's an ongoing debate, for sure. But in the end, it's about what you want to get out of twitter: numbers or engagement.