Is Social Media a Fad?

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Is social media just a passing fad? A fad is a trend, like a fashion trend. Will it die? My answer…. NO it won’t “die” and social media is no fad. Social media instead is a fundamental change in how we communicate. It might even change how we communicate in the future too, since we are now being introduce to facebook places. I remember when I first got my mobile phone when I was 13, it was a squarish LG phone and was considered very hip because celebrities was using it on who wants to be a millionaire on malaysian tv. Since then, the number of brands has added and mobile features added and now everyone wants an iphone (I think because everyone has it).

Okay, this is what I think, mobile phones are like social media networks. They change all the time, features added, new technology added like iphone face to face call, facebook places, etc. We play games on our mobile like how we play facebook games and many other reasons why we have a mobile, but the main purpose of having a mobile is to communicate. At the end of the day, we use it to communicate with our friends and our family, just like social media networks. We have fun posting links to share on twitter, share new photos on facebook and so on. At the end of the day we are there to communicate with our friends and check out what they are up to.

Social media = Connection.

The tools (social media networks) will change, but the main reason will not. We will still use social media tools or networks because we will still want to know what our friends or the people we met on facebook, twitter, linkedin or blogs are doing. Like mobile phones maybe it will get outdated the company don’t continue to innovate like myspace (sorry but people aren’t using you as much as they used to!), but if they understand what their customers want and continue to innovate. Customers will continue to buy them  like iphone. They continue to add features and people love them.

Imagine losing your phone for a day. You’ll be imagining to yourself if your friend will text or call you. If you’re on social media networks for a long time, you will feel that too.

I left and didn’t pay attention much to the “news” on my twitter and google reader for 4 days because I wasn’t well, I did think what my friends are up to, I am feeling better now,  I came back to 526 new feeds in my in-box. :)

Before I conclude, I thought it will be fun to ask my followers if social media is a fad. This is what they have to say (don’t forget to follow them, they are great people):

So what you think? Is social media a fad?

cial Media isn’t a fad it is a fundamental shift in how we communicatefundamenta.