How To: Search Twitter and Facebook At The Same Time

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Now you can actually search twitter and facebook at the same time. This is good for individuals who are looking for people who have similar interest or businesses who want to spy or learn about what people are talking about their brand. All you have to use is kurrently.

Kurrently is a real time search for twitter and facebook. It allows you to search and get real time results from twitter and facebook at the same time. All you have to do is insert the key terms and search. That simple. Anyone can do it.

For better search terms, i suggest using  this “”

For example for Four Seasons Hotel they should insert this into the search “Four Seasons Hotel”

For people who are looking coffee tips then type “Coffee Tips” with the “” included.

However Kurrently is not able to search from a specific location at the moment.. It would be better if they have that function in the future.

Below is an example of a search

With all these searches, I wonder if its getting creepier since people knows what we’re talking.

  • FatosiM

    This seems to be helpful for people who uses Social Medias like Twitter and Facebook

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  • glitterglitzer

    This is an awsome search tool! I'm really loving it Aaron! I have never heard of it before! (^_^) You're a smart cookie Ronron!

  • Lonny Dunn

    Crossover marketing between fb and twitter became alot more creepy as endusers crossover communicate. Is how your last sentence should read, or just restructure it, the use of the word “knows” doesn't work, and and ended in a dangling adverb.

    As for the visuals, are we to assume then, that this software, as you describe it, with your examples, shows the source as Twitter or Facebook, it doesn't necessarily tell me which enduser uses both? It's either/or?

    Thanks for the great headline, and taking the time to post and blog.

    Lonny Dunn Editor/Author

  • Aaron Lee

    Indeed it is very helpful for people who uses them =D

  • Aaron Lee

    I hope the cookie is eatable 😛

  • Aaron Lee

    That is true, it doesn't show you which end user uses both
    This search is for the use of getting real time results of what people are talking about your brand, company etc.
    For example if you're planning to do a research or see what people are talking about you.

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  • glitterglitzer

    That cookie is yummy! LOL

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