How to add yourself to your own Twitter lists (with pictures)

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A few weeks ago, one of my Twitter followers asked me how he could add himself on his own list using Twitter’s platform.

Bad news first? Unfortunately, the answer to this question is you can’t do it on

However, you can add yourself using a third party platform like HootSuite.

Before you go on adding yourself to your own lists, first we have to understand why should even consider it.

The simple answer to that question is exposure.

When you create a Twitter lists which is public, you’re not only creating a list for yourself, but you’re also allowing other people to subscribe to it.

For example, take this Social Media list that I had compiled to keep up with the latest news; Not only does it help me keep up to date with what is happening on the web, there are 91 others that are keeping tabs by subscribing to it as well.

 add yourself twitter list


When you add yourself to your own list, your tweets will also appear on that list, helping your tweets gain more exposure to the people that subscribes to your list.

How do you add yourself to your own Twitter list?

Step 1: Log into HootSuite. If you don’t have one, simply register an account.

Step 2: After you’ve logged into your account, click the add stream button.

add stream twitter lists

Step 3: Next step is to add the “mention” stream onto your dashboard. This will help you add yourself into your Twitter lists later.

hootsuite twitter lists

Step 4: Now that you’re done with step 3, click the “add stream” button again and click “lists” . Select the list you want to add yourself into and click “add stream”. For some reason, you can also add yourself into lists that are uploaded onto your dashboard. (weird huh?)

create your own twitter lists

Step 5: Go to your mention stream and click your own username. 

twitter lists benefits

Step 6: When you click your own username, your profile will pop up and when it does, click Add To List at the bottom. 

adding yourself to your own twitter lists

Step 7: Select the list you want to add yourself into and click Save. 

twitter lists examples

You’re done! You’ve just successfully added yourself into your own Twitter list. 

Here is my list before and after I’ve added myself.


twitter lists sample


your own twitter lists

Note: You can also add yourself onto your own list with other third party platforms, but I’ve not personally tested all of them. 


  • mikelking

    Very interesting… might have to take another look at this…

  • Aaron Lee

    You should mate 😉

  • Reginald Chan Xin Yon

    Hi Aaron,

    Interesing! Thanks for sharing this. I did this on HootSuite but never on Twitter official app (don’t really use official though). Haha! Thanks mate (once again)

  • Eric Wittlake

    Aaron, another reason to add yourself to your own lists: it is easier to see conversations. If you have a list on top (I keep 15+ columns open in Tweetdeck), you can see responses to you. But replies to someone not in the list won’t show up in the list view.

    I’ve added myself to most of my private lists now just because it makes it easier to converse within the list view even when my mention column isn’t visible.

  • NavNeet Navi

    Thank you for sharing such an amazing tutorial. This is an awesome way to insert yourself in twitter list.

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  • Sita Gabriel

    Great and thank you!

  • HowToRootMobile

    Nice trick. Thanks for sharing. A cool way to add yourself on your twitter list :”)

  • Biken Shrestha

    This is Awesome … Thanks for sharing

  • lilly kuleshova

    and i dont get it, why it can be useful? You can see your own tweets without this trick :(

  • Rebekah Radice

    Very smart Aaron, I wouldn’t have even thought to do this. When I first started reading I wondered why you would even consider it, so thanks for explaining the very simple (and super awesome) reason to do it.

  • Aaron Lee

    My pleasure Rebekah :) So glad you found it useful :)

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  • Christine DeGraff

    Genius!!! Thank you – that was really bugging me because a few of the lists are groups I belong to and I’m not in them! Thank you Aaron!

  • Daniel Bachmann

    Thank you Aaron. I usually create lists with Discovr People, where I can follow visually the mentions and add myself plus 499 within a few minutes. Posting lists is indeed a good ways of creating some BUZZ, however I cannot quantify. For one list of 500, I maybe get from 1% a mention back and maybe 10 follows.

  • Harmanjit Singh

    Thanks for sharing that Aaron. More than technique i liked the tactic behind this. Really useful. Thanks again! :)

  • Paul Simbeck-Hampson


  • Steven J Fromm & Associates

    Very cool Aaron. Was not aware of the list feature existed or the value to it.

  • krishnakant sharma

    thanks for sharing thah content…………..

    seo education

  • MurphyBits

    THANK you so much! I will confirm that it works in TweetDeck, I just clicked on my name in the notifications column from an MT, and saw the pop-up of my profile – then proceeded to add myself to my list! Beautiful!

  • Jenny Kay Pollock

    Thank you it was so easy to follow!

  • Sorin Pantiş

    Why this is not possible directly from Twitter I don’t understand. However, thanks for the workaround.

  • Jersey Al – ALLGBP

    awesome. Thanks !!!

  • Mike Fraietta

    Another option: click on a mention of you in Tweetdeck and click “Add or remove from lists…”. I tried that after seeing your tutorial and already having Tweetdeck up.

  • KenCarpenter

    Fantastic solution! Why can’t Twitter simply add this feature?!

  • Russ Avery

    Thank you so much – problem solved! Great share!

  • Jolle Jolles

    Great suggestion, thanks!

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    with my friends and they will certainly love to read this. Very informative, I’ll definitely give these 5 stars.

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  • Kristie

    This is perfect! THANK YOU! I now added myself to a list!

  • Gaye @ CalmHealthySexy

    Awesome! Thanks so much!

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  • Devon Smiley

    That was super helpful! Done and sorted in under 60 seconds. Thanks!

  • Joel Trauger

    I tried this with my employer’s twitter account, but it seems to no longer work in HootSuite. However, it does work from TweetDeck and I was able to do it that way.

  • York Whitaker

    Very helpful. Thank you Aaron.

  • BabyB212

    Thanks Mike! much easier this way !

  • Jennifer Crutchfield

    This was so helpful! Quick and easy. Thanks!

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