How Many Times Do You Tweet Your Blog Post?

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Although this topic has been covered quite a number of times by different bloggers. I want to share my point of view on this. Problogger asked his readers how many times they post tweets on links to their blog post.

The results? According to problogger readers, 25.17% of the readers post it at least once and 34.43% tweet it twice. In my opinion everyone should retweet their article at least two times in a day and NOT once.

Source: problogger

@GuyKawasaki did a good argument at social media success summit where he talk about retweeting a blog post at least 4 times a day. In his argument he used @CNN news as an example where he said that the news are replayed throughout the day and they use the same news and repeat it.This is because people aren’t around to watch @CNN 24/7. Same goes with twitter. People don’t really have the time to monitor your twitter feed 24/7 read every tweet that you post on twitter.

So in @guykawasaki’s argument he suggested people to retweet it 4 times in a day and 8 hours apart.

I tend to agree with guy Kawasaki and here is why.

1.Time zone

This is one reason why people should at least post their tweet twice a day. The reason so is because when you’re posting your article it will be because you’re awake at that time. It might be that you just finished writing your blog post. When you post it on twitter half of the world might be asleep or not around so they might missed your tweet although you have written a great blog post with a great headline. So basically you might be missing out!

2. Nobody is online all the time

As yourself a question. Are you watching tv 24 hours a day? (I hope not) I bet the answer is no. The same goes with twitter. You might miss a news or a tweet because you’re not online at that time. Same goes with you posting a tweet to your followers. They might miss your article if you don’t post it at the right time.

3. Too many followers

Another reason is you or your followers might have too many followers themselves and your tweet might not pop up at often as they should. I have a list of 300 people where it is the list of my favourite people to retweet from.

Although I have a list of 300 people, I still I miss a lot of tweets. What I do is I have a few list and I list some of my friends a few times so that they appear if different list.I have list ranging from 50 to 500 people.For those who follow 2000 people then your tweet might have trouble appearing of the time line if they don’t utilize twitter list.

I also use other service to help me look for tweets. One of my favourite that I recommend of everyone is using @chirrps where people will be able to see the current and hottest tweet at the moment and won’t miss the hottest tweet.

4. Tweets “DIE” after the first hour

According to latest research by @sysomos, tweets literally “die” after the hour of posting

Basically, its showing that 92 percent of retweets happens within the first hour of posting. So if you’re posting it only once a day then you might be missing a ton of retweets and a ton of potential readers reading your blog post that might have taken you 1-2 hours to write.

Don’t forget that from that 92% of retweets happening within the first hour,

  • some might be sleeping as they are from different time zones
  • some might be working a 9-5 job
  • some might be in school
  • some might miss your tweet

My suggestion?

Post at least twice in a day and post it for two days. That means you’re posting it 4 times.  You can spread them out 12 hours apart. This is because not everyone will be on twitter everyday unless they are twitter addicts like you and me of course. I personally post tweets from 2 -4 times testing different titles. Sometimes a tweet might not be popular can be popular with some simple tweet with the headline and timing.

So how many times do you post tweets to your blog? What are the results?

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    FROMiVC, in the internet world or on Google, I’m known as FROMiVC.
    thank You for the above post as it was an interesting piece of reading.
    I would just just like to Point Out that it’s Not so Much that your Tweets
    die after an Hour, and You can honestly Never know who, or how many
    times Your post is Seen, it’s All about Branding Your Self on each and every one of Your
    Tweets. for example, I always leave My signature (google FROMiVC)
    then All my tweets reapears depending on the Related Tweet topic.

  • bad boys 3

    Tweets dont die, only pass by ignored, I say this for experience, when people ignore your blog posts is cause your information is poor and people dislike´s it, so gain new experience´s like this article says, retweet 4 or 5 times per day and make big deals with your information, also get sponsors or get cool fans. Good LUCK!!

  • dialashop

    I tweet about 6 to 10 times a day. In order to get a re-tweet it the tweet lasts between 40 minutes to an hour. Weekends not that much. Its best not to re-tweet same one, but rephrase or have something different to say.

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  • WebTreeAgency

    Twice a day with a 12 hour gap between each one is about right. It is also worth considering retweeting older blog posts that are still relevant in the news and deserve a new audience.

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