An Inside Look at One of Twitter’s Amazing Influences @adamsconsulting

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It is an honor to have a dear friend of mine Diana Adams or more well known as @AdamsConsulting on twitter in my blog doing this interview with me. Her true understanding of social media using twitter is remarkable. Behind the great smile is a great person who’s heart is gold helping people when in need. Diana is one of those people I consider knows how to use twitter to the fullest. No wonder she is one of the top most retweeted person under the category of Tech having nearly 60,000 retweets according to Chirrps. I recommend you follow her if you have not already.

Q1:  Diana, thank you for joining us for my first interview.  Can you tell us a little bit about your Twitter story?  When did you start?  Why?  What attracted you to it?

A1:  Thank you for interviewing me Aaron!  Did you know this is my first official interview?  I’m so excited to be on your blog!  I began Twitter in March of 2009.  I didn’t know anyone on there at the time.  I read about Twitter in a magazine and just figured I’d check it out.

I had no idea at that time that it would turn into such a big part of my daily life!  I really had no expectations when I first got on Twitter.  I just thought I might meet some fun people to talk to, that’s all.  For the first month nobody really responded to any of my tweets.  Then, somehow, I met @cheth.  Through @cheth, I met @mistygirlph – then it was all over.  I was hooked. 😉

Q2:  How do you manage your time?  For those who don’t know you well, you have your offline business and you’re a daily blog writer at BitRebels and InkRebels

A2:  Time management has always been a challenge for me.  One thing that I’m blessed with though is focus.  I can hyper focus on a task until it is finished, which is the only way I make it through some of my days.

Everyone is super busy and running a million directions, right?  I’m no busier than anyone else.  I just try not to take my life so seriously and have fun really.  When things start to get crazy, I just stop, take a breath, and remember what’s most important to me; my son, and then I get back to work.

I love being busy.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Sure, every once in a while something falls through the cracks, but hey, life goes on.  All you can do is your very best each day and things always work out as they are meant to be.

Q3:  Can you tell us about the 3rd party tools that you use and why you use them?

A3:  Oh goodness, ok, I use Tweetdeck and TweetCaster (mobile app) every day.  I’ve used iTweet, Hootsuite, Seesmic and a ton of other apps in the past.  I want to try CoTweet (because of the post you wrote about it) and Pluggio (because my friend @tommytrc recommended it).

I’m a big fan of 3rd party tools because they are designed to enhance our Twitter experience and help with time management.  I really don’t know how anyone can just use Twitter on the web, unless they don’t tweet much.  Some of them are definitely designed better than others; but for the most part, choosing the best Twitter app is like choosing your favorite ice cream, it’s really just a personal preference.

Q4:  Do you have any obstacles when it comes to using Twitter?

A4:  I am very tolerant of the things that drive most people nuts about Twitter.  I don’t know why that is, but I am.  The fail whale, the spam, the automated DMs, the occasional lost tweets, none of that stuff really bothers me too much.

I’d say my only real obstacle with Twitter is that sometimes I have a hard time turning it off.  I had a serious case of social media burnout a few weeks ago though, and I learned the hard way how important it is to turn it off every now and then, so I’m getting better at managing that obstacle.

Q5:  What advice would you give to an individual or business that is using Twitter for the first time?

A5:  My advice would be to stop being so worried about doing everything correctly (whatever that means) and just be yourself.  I get messages all the time from people trying to analyze this and that in social media, and I just think, geezzz…. just be yourself and relax.

Sure, there are some small things to be aware of that will make your social media life easier, but for the most part, you make your own rules.  If you are having fun and social media is a good time for you, then you are doing it right, that is the only barometer you need.

Q6:  What was the best advice you’ve received about using Twitter?

A6:  That’s an interesting question.  People lead by example on Twitter.  The best advice I received was not something anyone told me, but rather, what I learned from watching other people that I respected.

In social media everything is amplified.  Since all we have is text, and we don’t have the benefit of hearing someone’s voice or making eye contact, you really have to remember to give people the benefit of the doubt in certain situations.   Always remain humble.

I wrote an article once on Bit Rebels entitled “Does Twitter Make You A Nicer Person?” and I think the answer is yes.  Well, at least I think I’m a nicer and more tolerant person because of my experiences on Twitter.

Q7:  Who is the one person in your life that you are most inspired by?

A7:   I’m inspired daily by my son, Henry, who is the coolest kid on the block (I’m a proud mom, can you tell?).  However, overall, I’d have to say that I am most inspired by my mother.  She was a single mom and raised three kids on her own.  She taught us how to work hard and have empathy for others.  She reads all of my Bit Rebels articles and emails me feedback.  She’s a great Grandma too.  I don’t get to visit her as often as I’d like.

This picture of my mom and me was taken on the day I graduated from University.  I worked three jobs to pay my way through school, and I was the first person in my family to get a degree.  My mother was very proud of me, and she took me out to lunch that day to celebrate, which is where this picture was taken.

Q8:  If you could recommend four people on Twitter for readers to follow, who would they be and why?

A8:  You mean four people aside from you Aaron?  Everyone… follow Aaron at @AskAaronLee. hahaha

  • Number 1 would be @mistygirlph.  Misty is my best friend on Twitter and a true source of inspiration for me.  She has a plethora of creative energy and she expresses it in so many ways whether it is in her sketching, her writing on Bit Rebels or her design.  She is always creating.  She gave me my treasured Twitter background as a gift, and I love it so much!  She is also a wonderful connector on Twitter.  She is a gift to everyone that follows her.
  • Number 2 would be @Minervity.  I’ve known Richard for a year.  We work together daily on Bit Rebels.  His personality is very similar to mine, so we think very much alike.  We’ve had our ups and downs as we’ve gone through the growing pains of building a business together, but we always have each other’s back and we’ve become very close friends throughout the whole process.  He is a genuine, creative person with a great sense of humor and a big heart.  I would recommend everyone follow him on Twitter.
  • Number 3 would be @dudeman718.  Joe is someone I call my “Twitter brother.”  I never had a brother, so he got recruited into that role. :)  He and his wife, Elyse, are wonderful, down-to-earth people.  Too bad they don’t live close to me because we’d be hanging out every weekend.  Joe and I support one another, and we DM each other with our little victories in life so we can be each other’s cheerleaders.  I just love him to bits.  Everyone should follow him for sure.
  • Number 4 would be @Alyssa_Milano.  Alyssa is a true Twitter princess and an inspiration to many people.  She really puts herself out there and engages her followers.  She has single handedly changed a lot of people’s perception of how celebrities interact on Twitter.  She is a shining example for everyone, using Twitter to leverage exposure for good causes around the world. Whether it’s raising money for Charity Water, helping those in Haiti or raising awareness about the recent oil spill, she is always front and center doing the right thing in a positive proactive way.  She makes Twitter and the world a better place.  I recommend that everyone follow her.

A big thanks to @mistygirlph for helping me with come up with the title of the blog post. You rock Misty

If this is your first time here, please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section and subscribe to my blog or subscribe via email to ensure you receive the latest updates.

  • Tony Hastings

    Thanks to Aaron and Diana for an interesting interview. It's nice to hear someone say “just be yourself” as Tweeting can be a bit intimidating at first especially if you are trying to connect with those people with mega numbers of followers. It's a lot more fun when you just relax and get stuck in!



  • Misty Belardo

    OMG Aaron I love the interview, I enjoy reading articles about my friends and most specially this one written about my BFF, Diana is one amazing woman, she has a heart of gold, a wonderful mom to Henry and a sweet and loving daughter to her mom, who I also adore!

    Diana has a way of reminding everyone to be themselves, just like she is always true to herself, she is an inspiration to me and so many people I know. She has touched my life and I will always be grateful to be called her friend! So happy that she has joined the Bit Rebels team, it just made writing more fun. I am really just so lucky that she has allowed me to be part of her life.

    Thank you D for mentioning me, I am humbled and Aaron glad you entrusted me to help out.

  • Allison Rizk

    I've actually known Diana for almost ten years now. She is every bit as kind, generous, compassionate, and smart as you can see on the web as she is in person. Sometimes if I'm looking for inspiration, I'll just go to or just to see her footprint all over it. Like a warm cozy blanket!

    Anyway, she deserves the attention and recognition for her contributions. Her heartfelt vulnerability in her writing is her signature and what allows people to trust her and relate to her. She's a true maverick and a good friend to all the people she connects with.

    I'm proud of you, Diana!

  • fjfonseca

    Great interview Aaron and Diana deserves the exposure since she really is a talent. I'm just very disappointed that she keeps protecting Richard Darrel a.k.a. @Minervity, someone that, more than anyone, has hurt Diana and was directly responsible for Diana's social media burnout, someone that should not deserve any respect from anyone. And believe me, I know: I was one of the persons helping her and trying to get her focused on what really matters.

  • Dorlee M

    Dear Aaron and Diana,

    I really enjoyed this interview. Thanks so much for sharing and being so authentic!


  • ★ Paul ★

    Congrats Aaron on the article. I have been aware of Diana since I first joined Twitter but never really knew her. In recent months I come to see her as the person she is most noted for – hard working, inspirational and a pleasure to feast the eyes on.

    Diana is as welcome on my screen in the mornings as a coffee is to my lips.

  • Douglas Idugboe

    This is a candid and inspirational interview with a great tweeter personality. This is what is missing on Twitter – getting to know tweeps beyond their avatar. Awesome interview guys!

  • Diana Adams

    Thank you everyone for all your comments! Aaron, you are such an amazing friend and I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart for inviting me to be the first person that you interviewed! What an honor! You bring a lot of sunshine to my life, and I appreciate you more than you know! I learn from you everyday. Now… it's my turn to interview you! That's right!!! hahaha -hugs-

  • tommytrc

    Great interview and great format to get to know twitter folks better. I too have connected with Diana and please believe the things you read and hear. She is a gem for sure!!

  • Shirley Thomas

    It's impossible to navigate Twitter without coming across one (or many) of Diana's articles :) I have always enjoyed them and it's great to finally 'meet' the writer via this interview.

    I love the take things easy way she has – which shows clearly throughout the article. Thanks for writing it, Aaron.

  • glitterglitzer

    Wow what a great interview! I'm truly impressed by Diana and Aaron did a really great job! 😀

  • Jorge Purgly

    Thans Aaron for the green light. I will let you know as soon as it posted.
    Best Regards,
    Jorge Purgly

  • Gina SuuperG Stark

    I love this interview! It's not only a useful and inspiring glimpse into successful tweeting, it encompasses two of my uber favorite people on Twitter – killer combo! Yay Aaron, what a great choice for your first interview. Diana comes across as a true Twitter giver and as she says, one can learn more by watching her grace in action or your warm engaging with so many friends on Twitter, than by anything that can be put into words. BIG huuggggs to you both for being anchors of what's good on SM! Blissings! Gina

  • @MAS_is_more

    Thank you Aaron for sharing this fine post about one of my favorite people. You did a great interview with outstanding questions! She may not truly know that she is someone I admire, respect, and simply enjoy, but she is. It was so great to be able to gain some more insight into a wonderful person. Also, I completely agree with the 4 people Diana recommended we follow… greatness! Diana, if you are reading this, you are awesome and please do not ever change. :)

  • Krystyn

    LOVE THIS. I'm tickled pink at these pictures, Di. You're such a cutie, a true knockout. I love your geekiness and ambition.

    Aaron, this is a top-notch interview dear. Great job. You both rock the Casbah & Twitter. I'm honored and also really love the fact that I know you both and can call you my friends.


  • loripop326

    This is a great interview on someone that I absolutely adore on Twitter. Diana has been such a good role model for me and I couldn't be happier to see her highlighted like this. Fabulous job, Aaron!

  • Barryck R

    Ok, let's begin with the hostilities now! This is a wonderful post, (was it an hostility? LOL). I'll make it short, I agree with every single word Michael A.k.A MasIsMore. I wanted to thank Aaron for giving us this opportunity to know Diana more, and in behalf of everyone, I want to thank Diana to have accepted this interview to share her love, passion with us. Diana you taught me how to write, you pushed me to develop my writing skills. (I hope you reading this).
    I was telling Aaron you need to videotape her for the interview, but what we all know is that whenever you write, Diana, you have this ability to make us feel that you are actually around us. Your ability is that you use your heart to write, and it only shows by the connection we (our readers) feel…

    (Am I a groupie now?) I dont care yes I am your forever number one fan! 😛
    Special mention to Aaron, you are doing an amazing job buddy. Keep up the Good work and continue amazing me!

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