10 Reasons Why I Personally Recommend CoTweet

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As you might notice on my twitter feed that I use cotweet and web to send out tweets. I have tested many different 3rd party apps such as tweet deck, hootsuite, and many more but I prefer cotweets than all the other 3rd party apps. I also recommended this tool for people who have a twitter account for their business. Here are the reasons why I simply love cotweet.

1. Web-Based

I don’t need to install anything, nor do I need to update whenever there are updates. I used to use tweetdeck last time but I simply prefer cotweet because I prefer web interface as it is more convenient for me.

2. Scanning Tweets

What do I mean by scanning tweets? Some people post a lot of tweets because they simply love to share. Accounts like @flipbooks, @twitter_tips all get tons of retweets, but what if someone were to send them tweets or ask them a question? One thing that stands out on cotweet is that I can check my retweets, people sending me tweets (question etc) and even DM’s all on one page. The best part about it is that it is separated by icons.

Here is a print screen of my time line via cotweet

As you noticed above, i get to separate RT’s, DM’s and so on. Therefore it is easier for me to reply tweets.

3. Check History

Another thing I love about Cotweet is that I am able to check the history of the conversation that I had with an individual or twitterer.

4. Reply Sign

After I have replied someone, I can see the sign indicating that I already replied a particular twitterer. I love this because I can make sure that I reply everyone.

5. Twitter List

I use twitter list a lot! I can’t live without my twitter list as I arrange my followerers according to categories therefore it is easier for me to follow conversations and interesting tweets at the same time. I can open my twitter list on cotweet. However for this feature I think hootsuite is better since I can open more list on hootsuite.

6. Schedule Tweets

Yes! I do it sometimes! Sometimes when I have a busy schedule and I won’t be online, I will schedule tweets to be posted on twitter. No it is not private kind of tweets but interesting tweets that i retweet from others.

7.Multiple Accounts

Cotweet allows people to have multiple accounts as well which you can manage just like you’re using hootsuite. The good thing about cotweet is that you can assign a tweet, a twitterer or something to one of your account to follow up in the future. Let say you’re in a business and if someone tweet you a question. You can assign that tweet to another twitter account to follow up. Maybe your customer service twitter account if you have a big company, if you don’t you can assign it to someone who is in charged.

8. Track Stats

Cotweet is able to tracks all the clicks for a particular tweet. This is great because you are able to track and analyze your performance and know the best time to send a tweet.

9. Post to other Social Media Web

You can also post updates automatically to other social media websites like facebook, linkedin, and even facebook pages. I have not tried this because I don’t really like the idea of posting to all social websites as it might seem as though I was spamming people. Anyway all you have to do is register a ping.fm account and link it to cotweet.

10 . Easy to use

Cotweet is easy to use. If you’re used to using the web interface then you’re gonna love cotweet because anyone can use this. This is suitable for anyone from business to individuals.

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  • http://www.inventivemanagement.co.uk Laura McGregor

    Great post, very helpful – thank you! I was just looking at Co-Tweet this morning and signed up for an account. I had to move on to do something else and wondered at the time if I would be back (first impression didn't amaze me), but seeing this review has encouraged me to give it more of a chance. Do you know if they are considering an iPhone app?


  • http://smedio.com Douglas Idugboe

    With these superb features, CoTweet got my attention and Aaron is to blame. Great post!

  • askaaronlee

    LoL! I'm gonna take the Blame on that Douglas.
    I've been using cotweet and I am addicted to it.

  • askaaronlee

    Good day Laura,
    You should give it a chance. The best feature is able to differentiate tweets and RT's if you're busy and want to make sure you reply everyone.
    As for now cotweet does not have an iphone app yet although there are demand from people using it.


  • http://twitter.com/Sung_H_Lee Sung Lee

    I'll have to give CoTweet a try. But if I don't like it, Aaron has to “personally” refund me…

  • askaaronlee

    LoL!! I will buy you lunch! How's that sounds for ya?

  • Ed

    Sorry if i missed something, but if you like it so much, why no link to it? Wouldn't that help them and your SEO? True, it's easy enough to find online, but still. And if you DO have a link on it, at least one of your readers is too blind to see it! Please disregard.

  • askaaronlee

    Hey Ed,

    I did link it. The link was at the top of the page.
    Anyway thanks for noticing it, I added more links throughout the blog post.
    So now I have links to cotweet at the beginning, middle and end =)


  • zulseffort

    Great post will be registering to coTweet. Currently I am using hootsuite.

  • askaaronlee

    Thanks mate, do tell me what you think about it after using it.

  • Ksbnok

    Ok @Aaron This is a really very informative article by u… I really liked reading it n I will be using cotweet from now onwards :)…I also want to say that I also hate tweetdeck sometimes coz if u update ur facebook with it.. facebook shows “facebook for tweetdeck” message below your post along with a yellow tweetdeck icon…which is really very disgusting for me and I really hate it a lot…a lot means a lot….

  • askaaronlee

    Thanks mate! The main reason why I'm a lover of cotweet is because of the icon that helps me to separate my tweets. I used to miss a lot of tweets if I use the web base. Not now though, however i still use the combination of both cotweet and web base to tweet. =)


  • Brn

    I'm using Cotweet, and like it. But it doesn't seem to capture when my tweets are retweeted by others. What gives? Am I missing something?

  • askaaronlee

    Not at all, the one without an icon are usually retweets like you see above. Sometimes there are conversations though.

  • http://dannybrown.me Danny Brown

    I'd set up an account with CoTweet for my new business (I use Seesmic or Hootsuite at the minute), but time reasons have stopped me from really digging deep into it. One of the things I noticed on there was the option to show who's on duty – does this automatically put initials after the tweet?

    Certainly looks a great product, Aaron – cheers for the review, fella.

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  • http://twitter.com/SmurfGalak Shirley Thomas

    This post 'poisoned' me to give CoTweet a try. And what do you know, I've been steadily gaining followers ever since.

    Now of course there is no scientific proof yet that the followers I gain is directly related to my starting to use CoTweet – but I do choose my tweets more carefully, prioritize important links, balancing others with my own and concentrating more on my (so called) niche, instead of tweeting randomly things that catch my attention at a given moment.

    I used to find the number of followers rise at the oddest of moments, usually once a week but now it rises daily. The rise is limited to 3 or 4 but what I like is the people following me are what I call real followers, people who actually talk to me :)

    So thanks Aaron, for improving further my Twitter experience – also for allowing me to be long winded here!

  • http://www.thenickyblog.blogspot.com/ Nicky

    Aaron, I tried CoTweet after reading this post and I loved it. I like the fact that we can check the history of a conversation with a particular tweeter. Great features! Thanks for putting CoTweet in the spotlight. It is my fav third party app now 😉

  • http://askaaronlee.com Aaron Lee

    Welcome Nicky, make sure you tell @techzader that too! he's a hoostsuite guy and always making fun of cotweets LoL

  • http://twitter.com/JimConrad Jim Conrad

    Will cotweet stay free? Are there any other apps to track conversations?

  • http://twitter.com/JimConrad Jim Conrad

    Will Cotweet stay free? Are there any other apps that track your conversations?

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  • http://www.esimplestudios.com Gabriele Maidecchi

    I found this post just now, but I can't resist from confirming CoTweet is really awesome and it became a mandatory tool for my everyday work.
    I am still not aware if and when it will be paid-only, but so far I love it and I am more than up to pay a reasonable price for it.

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  • Charlotte Hill

    CoTweet has also missed some of my tweets that have been RTed by others. If I cross-check my messages on CoTweet and my mentions on TweetDeck, I see many more RTs on TweetDeck. What gives?

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  • http://twitter.com/web_licht Leon Widrich

    I really like your points. For all of these reasons I am using cotweet too. However as concerns point 6.) It’s not doing a very good job scheduling tweets. Takes far too long. I am using bufferapp.com instead. :)