How To: Track Who Favorited Your Tweets

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One of my friend Nicky aka @rocksstar10  asked me the other day how to check or track who favorite her tweets. I showed her how by using a website which is able to check twitterers who favorite tweets.

Its a simple web based website which is able to check the popular tweets which are favorite as well as people who favorite your tweets. All you need to do is go to.

Fav Star

With fav star you can view who favorited your tweets according categories like most recent, most favorited,  favourite given which you need to follow @favstar to get this feature.

One of my favorite part about Fav Star is that you can view who favorites you. What can you do with this?

1. Check who are they

As you  can see on the picture above, there are two people who favorited my tweets. They are @wnabcreative and @adamsconsulting. Sometimes those who favorite a tweet might not retweet your tweet. So you might not see them in your time line or have not seen them before. With this you will know who they are or even thank them or learn about what kind of tweets they like.

2. Connect with them

Since you know the people who favorited your tweets. You can engage with them, build relationship or even give them more tweets regarding a certain topics if they want to.

3. List them

One thing I like to do is list the people who favorite my tweets. This is because I get to keep in touch with them easily and also I get to read and retweet their tweets easily as well. It helps me to recognize who post great tweets and who are those who engages.

My favorite part about using fav star to see who favorited my tweets is because I get to:

4. Check what is their most favorite tweets

Lets use @adamsconsulting (one of my best friend of twitter) as an example. If you noticed she favorited one of my tweets. Now what I can do is check what is her top favorited tweets by her followers

According to the above that is one of her most favorite tweets by her followers. What I can do with his is

1. Follow her followers.

Since they favorite her tweets I get to follow her followers as well. Getting real people who aren’t spammers since spammers don’t bother to do anything including favorite a tweet.

2. Retweet

Since I get to find top tweets, I get to retweet that which I am sure will benefit my followers as well. Of course I will credit @adamsconsulting.

5. Check what tweets that they favorite

With this I get to see what kind of tweets @adamconsulting like as well as finding great contents from her.

You can also use fav star RSS feature and get updates via email when someone favorite your tweets. All you need to do is use the link below and replace the username with your current username and add them into your any RSS readers. I choose google reader because I really like google reader.

Just replace the username at the top with your username.

Mine will be

This way you will be updated with who favorite your tweets and what tweets are those. If you tweet a lot you then you might not want to try this as your RSS reader will flooded.

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