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  • http://www.webhostingsecretrevealed.net/ Jerry Low

    Aaron, Thanks again for the great opportunity to write for your blog. I look forward to some constructive discussion with your community. Cheers!

  • http://www.mishainfotech.com/ Misha Infotech

    Hi Jerry,
    I have read your post it is quite interesting but a bit lengthy. The tips are very good indeed.

  • http://askaaronlee.com Aaron Lee

    Yes indeed jerry did write a lengthy post, I’ll try to write a summarized version or an actionable tips post for this.

  • David A Haines

    Great advice Jerry and Aaron! I’m always looking for new, fresh ideas, and these are some very good ones! I appreciate you both.

    Best wishes for you both in 2014!

  • Mr.Frank

    Now that was what I call, advice. There were a few points off though. Not that they won’t work out but just that they don’t really apply to me.

    The rest, however, are truly great pieces of advice. Something that I really needed for getting started with my own blog as I was stuck badly without a clue as to how to start with my next post :)

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