Warning: Amazing Facebook Facts and Figures Overload Ahead!

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Facebook is one of the most amazing company and social media site. They proved it by ranking the 2nd most popular website behind Google. Another amazing thing about Facebook is their  facts and statistics if you don’t know about it already. How legit are the facts? You can actually view most of the facts at facebook’s stats page where they list out almost everything from the 400 million active users that they have to the average time people spent on facebook. A great way to pull in advertisers? I found two great picture sheet, one is done by @ManiKarthik from Daily Bloggr who created the 30+ amazing facts & statistic about facebook and the one below it is by Business Insider. Great job by both of them. The pictures is a bit long, but the facts are mind blowing. Big credits to @ManiKarthik and Business Insider.

I’ve updated with two more picture sheets on facebook by Pindom and Mashable

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  • glitterglitzer

    Wow! That is an impressive collection of facts you collected there! Very nice! I liked the fact that Starbucks is in the top ten facebook pages! Coffee forever!
    Thanks for the great and informative fun post!

  • askaaronlee

    Thank you! =)
    Glad you like it! Coffee forever here too =)

  • http://twitter.com/dibyabttb Dibyasundar Nayak

    wow! facts are mindblowing. Only two countries in the world have more population than Facebook. wow! Never knew that!
    Thanks for sharing all these facts!

  • askaaronlee

    You're welcome! =)
    Glad you found em useful =)

  • http://www.Quick-Good-Fortune.com/ Cheryl Janecky

    Great – lots of useful stats and a wonderful summary – didn't see anything on advertising – how is that going? I see lots of ads and have considered it – ???

  • http://www.clemensrettich.com Clemens Rettich

    Stats on ads don't tell much of a story. Like any marketing channel, Facebook ads are very powerful in some circumstances, and a waste of time in others. If you have something to advertise that a 'large' number of Facebook users are looking for, and you are able to target that segment, with language that attracts their attention, and gets them to click, then you have the magic combination.

    Honestly the best thing about Facebook advertising is not that it is any more effective on the engagement level than any other channel, it is that using the 'pay per click' setting on an ad, the ROI is about as good as it gets. The user doesn't click, you don't pay! My clients have found some value in this.

    In most cases, the marketing power of the actual networking (connecting with customers and potential customers, interacting with them, engaging them through Fan Pages, etc.) dwarfs the value of advertising. Truly engaging *with* customers always trumps advertising *at* them.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/ipluxus Sam Seungho Park

    Thanks for the great post! It's really fun.

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  • Halloween_78_07

    whats the longevity of it? are we going to look back in 20 years and be able to recall past events? where does it go from here?

  • jeetu

    nice post and awesome infographics, you can also check out some nice techy information on http://www.dtplus.in

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  • Bloggerwits

    Facebook Facts and Figures

    1. 1 out of 13 people on internet is on Facebook

    2. 72% of American people are using Facebook

    3. Every half an hour 1,485,000 events are created

    4. Every half an hour 1.9 million friend requests are sent

    5. Every half an hour, 1,852,000 statuses are created

    To see more Facebook facts and figures, just visit this site