How Many Users Does Twitter Have TODAY

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There isn’t any official number of how many users there are on Twitter, but I “think” I have managed to find the answer. Still, I could be wrong, but then again I could be right. However I feel that  it’s fairly accurate (i’m confusing I know).  Nicholas Carlson wrote an interesting post on how many users are active on Twitter, where he explained the amount of people who are active on Twitter, people who aren’t following anyone etc, but I wanted to know how many Twitter users are registered today.

Twitter is not like Facebook, where we are able to get data from socialbakers to find out the amount of Facebook users or the amount of Facebook ads.

Twitter doesn’t give out much data except that there are 175 million users on Twitter which was updated on October 2010, which is clearly a million years old ago and is outdated in technology age, just like the one on Facebook press.

So how many users does Twitter have today?

Answer:  277,559,946

How did I get the answer? I am PSYCHIC, which is clearly untrue… or am I? The real answer is found when I used Twitter’s official app on iPhone. In the app itself, every user was “given” a number.  I figured that there was a purpose for this “number”. So I searched for the early adopters of Twitter, which were Biz and Ev, the two cofounders of Twitter.

  1. @Jack was #12
  2. @Biz was #13
  3. @Ev was #20

I couldn’t find anyone who was #1 and my number was 15,458,378. So I thought that the number could be for when we registered on Twitter.

So I registered another Twitter account and the number was 277,559,946. I registered two accounts and the number continue to increase.

I believe that Twitter has 277,559,946 amount of users, which will change tomorrow or even as you are reading this, since Twitter has 460,000 accounts created per day.  That is a lot, I know!

Until Twitter gives us an official number, I think this is fairly accurate.