How To: Expand Your Twitter Tribe

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“The tribe has spoken; please leave the tribal council immediately”. To most of you who have watched Survivor, the reality show, would find this familiar.

What is the first thing that comes through your mind when you talk about a tribe? Most of the time, it reminds us of people or groups of people living in the Amazon. True, but when you look at the bare essentials, a tribe is often related as a community.

Seth Godin talks about ‘tribes’ in one of his great videos at Ted, where he asked people to create a community of people that would believe in them. I talked about community in one of my recent article about twitter influence.

Have you got a tribe yet?

Most of the twitter users we know already have a tribe or a community of people who they connect with every single day; whether they realize this or not, and you could tell by the way they engage with each other or who they choose to respond to on Twitter.

Tribes are important because they are the one who would make us or help break us, they are the one who would retweet our tweets, they are the one who would help us. Instead of waiting for people to look for us, we should look for them.

If you don’t have a tribe and is looking for one, here are some places you can find a tribe:


•    Follow askaaronlee (too promotional.. *clears through*)

Interesting hashtags

  • #blogchat – if you’re a blogger and need blogging help
  • #usguys – Amazing group of people who will welcome you and will ring the tribal bell when you join.
  • #b2bchat




Tech: Robert Scoble – Scobleizer/tech-pundits
Social Media (my list ) – AskAaronlee/thought-leaders

Those are some places that would get you started to look for a tribe, start by following and engage with 5 people a day, it would definitely help you along your way. What about you? Where do  you look for a tribe?

photo credits: pasukaru76 (sry bad internet)

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  • Leon Widrich

    Many thanks for the list Aaron, didn’t know Tweetdeck had a directory too, looks very interesting to me. Oh and putting the “follow askaaronlee” there is totally acceptable in my view :).

    This is certainly worth Buffering again Aaron. :)

  • Aaron Lee

    Wow! you’re quick Leon!

    Two thumbs up to that man! indeed tweetdeck had a directory that not many people know of yet, mashable too. Do take a look at both of them.

    Haha! the follow askaaronlee was a teaser lol!

    Cheers and thanks for buffering it 😉

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  • Justice Wordlaw IV

    Great post Aaron. Being apart of a tribe is important within Twitter. You really want to make sure your apart of some community so you have some support and to really build your brand. I am going to check out some of these suggestions you have up here. Thanks for sharing.

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  • Mary Klaebel

    #SMmanners is another great tribe. :-)

    Thanks for the great articles lately, Aaron.

  • calebgalaraga

    Great one, Aaron. I’ve resurrected my Twitter account since I joined Traffic School and had a full-time job as a social media specialist. This tips comes in handy.

  • Aaron Lee

    Thanks Justice,

    Indeed being in a tribe is important. Hope you’ll be able to find some gold in those directories :)

  • Aaron Lee

    Pleasure is mine Mary,

    Glad you’re enjoying the newer version of my post. Looking into #SMmanners

  • Aaron Lee

    Thanks mate, glad you resurrected your twitter account, traffic school has been great and I was able to increase my traffic thanks to the group.

    Ohh! do share with us your job in the future, would love to hear about it.

  • nuttynupur

    Hmm. Thanks for pointing something out which I’ve been noticing in practice.

  • Aaron Lee

    Pleasure it mine, glad I was able to do so :)

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  • Stan Faryna

    From the title, I thought this blog post was going to be about triberr. My bad! (grin)

  • Aaron Lee

    LoL! Its one of my upcoming post. I wanted to cover in this post, but if you have not build a tribe, you can’t connect it with triberr :)

    Triberr was the spark on this blog post.

  • 1pageproposal

    Aaron, your information is always top notch. I love following you!

  • Aaron Lee

    Thank you very much :)

  • Sanjeev Sharma

    I am new to the blogging, twittering scene. Have joined twitter but did not do too much for quite some time. I think of all the social media platforms twitter is the least understood one and hence the ramp up is usually slow. But I am also given to understand that it can be the most engaging one.

    I hope to learn quickly and benefit from it. Will look at the list mentioned here to be part of / and make my own tribe. Will keep you posted!

  • Josh

    good stuff. #usguys is great.

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  • Anonymous

    It sure is comforting to know that there is a guy like you with such good answers and advice.

    If I have questions about Twitter, you have great answers. Questions about anything else related to social media, you have great answers.

    “Ask Aaron Lee” is the perfect name for your website. You have answers before most of us even have the questions Aaron.

  • Aaron Lee

    Indeed! they are great people inside :)

  • Aaron Lee

    Hi Sanjeev,

    Most of us that joined twitter won’t know much to do. It has been that way. I agree, twitter is the least understood because people think its a way to update what we ate. That is what people will think, I think possibly thanks to celebrities LoL!

    Sure, take a look at them and slowly build your tribe. take your time :)

  • Aaron Lee

    Hey Billy!

    Always great to have you on my blog. I am always glad I can assist one or two. I wouldn’t mind about others. Glad I can answer some of yours too.

    LoL! Awww! that is an awesome compliment Billy, thank you so much. You just made my day!

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  • Badr Naseem

    cool :)

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