Twitter Finally Improved Their Suggested List

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Twitter have finally improved their suggested list from the old suggest list that suggested random celebrities and people. The new suggested list is based on topics or categories. Therefore rather than following everyone on the list. Now new twitterers can follow according to a category.

Below I have the screen shots from the old suggested list and the new suggested list.

Old Suggested List

New Suggested List

I prefer the new suggested list of course since its more relevant and neater compared to the old one. Do i follow all of them? Of course not. I did not follow them in the past but I will browse them later to see if there is people actually worth following. Otherwise I’ll just add them to my twitter list.

Another reason why I like the new suggested list is because it has current suggested list like the on below about haitiThumbs up to twitter for doing this.

With the new suggested list I could only think a few things actually happening.

1. Suggested users will get followers who actually wants to read what they tweet.

2. Slower growth on followers since people are now not randomly following everyone on the list.

3. People actually using suggested list.

4. Better and improve suggested list in the future.

5. Less complains on unfairness on twitter suggested list.

You can read more about this on twitter official blog:

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