The Video that discovers Twitter’s world

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Today is twitter’s fifth birthday! Happy Birthday twitter! WOW is the word I would use for Twitter’s fifth-birthday video. I watched the video several times and the astronaut’s view of Earth amazes me every time I watch it. It inspired me to write this post.

What can we learn from the video?  I would like to share some of the lessons I got from the short and inspiring message from some of the people. The lessons aren’t new, it’s what twitter is about, it’s why we use Twitter, and it’s why we continue to use Twitter daily. Everyone uses Twitter differently.

Oh wait, something is wrong with the last lesson, oh! I added the last one. I was not in the video of course. Most important lesson is from Twitter, from the title of their video:

Follow Your Interests. Discover Your World.” – @twitter

Follow your interest and you’ll discover your world. Mine is to connect with people around the world. What about you? Why do you use twitter? Share it with us.

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  • John Paul

    Great post Aaron…I agree with everyone there,, do a lil bit of it all to get best results. But nice to see how people use Twitter differently.

  • Michael Brenner

    Aaron, Great post. I am addressing the same topic on my site tomorrow. And I agree 100% on the why. If it weren’t for the connections I would not find myself compelled to login each day and start conversing. Have a great one!

  • Amy

    I use Twitter to engage, to challenge, to learn.

  • lmcdade8589

    I believe that the best hope for social justice, equality, and freedom is to be found in open and thoughtful conversation. This is why I use Twitter.

  • lmcdade8589

    I believe that the best hope for social justice, equality, and freedom is to be found in open and thoughtful conversation. This is why I use Twitter.

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  • Dino Dogan

    THAT is a great commercial.

  • Aaron Lee

    It is isn’t it Dino! makes people wanna jump onto twitter right away.

  • Aaron Lee

    I agree, its an amazing tool to do that. Oh! and the chatter too :)

  • Aaron Lee

    To challenge? What a good way to use twitter :)

  • Aaron Lee

    Thanks Michael, looking forward to your post tomorrow.
    If it wasn’t for twitter, we won’t know each other too :)

  • Aaron Lee

    Indeed! Definitely shows there is no right way or wrong way of using twitter.. except spamming of course :)

  • mark

    Connecting with people I know, people I have only just met, and people who I have not yet met. Twitter is a fun tool. Simple as that for me.

    Amazing commercial, by the way. Did Serena Williams say she follows Green Day? Did Snoop say he follows Martha? Hilarious. I am going to go follow them both!

    Have a great day!

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  • Aaron Lee

    Looks like connect with people would be your goal of using people like me Mark. Yes twitter is a fun tool to fool around LoL.

    Yes!! They did say those lol!


  • @artistpoint

    I use Twitter because it makes me happy :)

    How? I’m learning new things everyday. I meet new and interesting people. I have news at my finger tips. It’s fun!

    I wouldn’t have met you, got introduced to your blog, and learned so much about Social Media without it.

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  • Moises Rivera

    It is all about information, news, people & exploring the world around us, in real time, at a glimpse of a tweet!

  • Don Power

    I use Twitter to communicate, listen and stay in touch. I use it for networking, for opportunities and to meet interesting folks from all over the world.

    Great video from Twitter. And that shot of space – how cool was that (if you look very closely you can see the Canada logo on the ‘Canadarm’ too!).


    – Don
    aka @donpower

  • Ki.CL

    I am a newbie in Twitter, still finding what is the purpose, but right now, I use it to build up my network, stay in touch and news.

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