The 5 Things I Notice about Twitter – and why it is awesome

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This is a guest post from from Henry aka @thephattay. He’s fairly new to twitter and he is here today to share the things he notice about twitter and why he find it interesting.. ohh by the way, he’s also my room mate.

A Review about Twitter from the eyes of a beginner

1 – Twitter is not Facebook

Well, literally speaking, this needs no further explanation because they obviously have different domain names. But what I meant was that I found the two are on a completely different platform all together. Where my Facebook account is filled with acquaintances from home and the everyday people that I meet or have met, my twitter account is filled people that I meet virtually. Probably about 99% of the people that I talk to and interact with are people that I’ve never met!

And no, I don’t see it as a negative thing! It is this twitter philosophy that makes it such a different and intriguing social networking site. Facebook is filled with people that dislike being added by strangers (at least in my part of the world) and while that gives a certain sense of security, it certainly takes the edge off in terms of interactivity and connectivity (which I think is one of the major goals of social networking). Twitter, however, has a much more open-minded crowd that loves to connect no matter who you are… and that same crowd really opened my eyes to a whole new world. Twitter is not Facebook. Definitely not.

2 – Simplicity

When you’re new at twitter and you’ve just created an account, the first thing that’s gonna hit you is how simple Twitter is. I mean, for a site that has approximately 190million users and has just reached its 10 billionth tweet recently, it really is just a simple, uncomplicated, easy-to-use platform of massive connectivity.

(Hears Facebook and Myspace users saying: “BUT ITS GOT NO GAMESSSSSSS”)

All the more impressive then. Twitter’s simplicity and ease of use has simply found a niche that could attract users to interact without all the fuss of having interactive applications.

3 – Connectivity is easy, connection?

Like I’ve mentioned in the above couple of points, getting connected in Twitter is definitely easy. Twitter’s platform has easily allowed any twitter users, new or not, to connect with other twitter users. However, getting a huge number of followers and maintaining that connection are two different things altogether. Connections are made when you interact, when you take a few minutes to say hello, to ask how they’re doing, and to simply be there. Like being in a party and you’ve seen all these people around you and you just need to approach them with a hello and kick-start your conversation from there. I certainly noticed that Twitter is not fun without having connections. So for any new user like me, well, I guess it takes time to break that ice and just start saying hello!

4 – Prospects, Prospects, Prospects

After finding out about the inner workings of twitter from my good friend @askaaronlee, I really think Twitter is unlike any other social networking site in terms of prospects. Strictly speaking, it is for businesses to come up and take advantage of the availability of marketing prospects in Twitter. And I believe, despite reports of saying that this isn’t true, that it could be done. They just don’t know how yet. Heck, why don’t they @askaaronlee, maybe he knows.

5 – Virtual communities… and then some

The last but not the least most impressive thing about Twitter is that how easy it is to find reconstructed virtual communities that you can connect with through similar interests. If you’re into quotes, go to #quotes. If you’re into football (both European and American), go to #football. It’s that simple and by connecting with these communities you’d then be able to meet with people of the same interest…which would then make you more active in Twitter because you’d be more comfortable there. And by communities, I mean TONS of em. There are literally thousands of communities you can interact with!

About Henry:

BIO: Henry is a new twitter-er trying to find his way in twittersville. He is passionate about writing, blogging, and meeting new people everyday. In his free time, he is a financial economics student with a marketer’s mindset. He will be looking for a job soon as his graduation is in 2011. To learn more about Henry, follow him at @thephattay

Photo credits: by Scarleth White by batega

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  • Jmjntmorgan

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience about twitter.

  • @thephattay

    your very welcome =). its been an absolute pleasure of mine sharing this!

  • P.S. Jones

    Facebook and Twitter are so different to me. Facebook is like going to your family, high school or college reunion every day. Twitter (when done right) is like going a cocktail party with the most interesting, informative and funny people on earth. Facebook is fun in nostalgic kinda way but Twitter is more about the person I want to be, not the person I used to be at whatever point in time.

  • @thephattay

    I couldn't agree more with your thoughts =). I think that's what's gonna make twitter so powerful for businesses in the future too. who wouldn't like constant online parties? =)

  • David Kearns

    What kinda person says something like twitter has no games? It is not suppose to and I hope it never does, we all know where to go to play games. Dont we? if not, can you google? No? then you really should not be sitting at a computer. I'd like to see more of twitter type stuff on the more direct level/businesses process/not direct sales but more engineering/planning. I do spend alot of time making connections just to lead me to other people with similar interests, as far as work place productivity and the like. My 2 cents.

  • @thephattay

    Oh, I definitely did not mean that Twitter Should have games, I simply implied that games and interactive applications are used in other social networking websites like Facebook and Myspace to make it more interactive and hence have a high number of users =).

  • Karen E. Lund

    I, too, am new to Twitter. Joined eight days ago, and then by good luck learned about a conference that was to have a Twitter chat “on the side” accompanying a live video stream. Well, 1,200 people tried to access the video (they were expecting no more than 200) and crashed the site. A few attendees at the live conference tweeted the proceedings and over 1,500 people joined in, exchanging over 5,500 tweets with the conference hashtag. (I was so new I had to look up “help” to be sure what a hashtag was and did!) For almost five hours I was glued to my computer screen, watching brilliant people exchange thoughts, questions and ideas. I even tweeted a few times.

    The conversation continues, days later, though at a less frenetic pace. I'm following some of those brilliant people (and organizations) and to my amazement a few of them are following back. I haven't been so impressed by a website in ages. Twitter has redefined the KISS principle: Keep It Short & Simple.

    Now, about Facebook…. uh, what's my password again?

  • @thephattay

    thanks for sharing ur experience karen! i think its great that people are using twitter to convey such great experiences to each other =)

  • MacSmiley

    Nice summation of Twitter's charms. Add to that the option of using a pseudonym, which is allegedly not an option on Facebook.

  • @MASisMore

    Nice post and welcome to Twitter! It is always nice to hear about Twitter from a new user's point of view. We were all new once, we just forget sometimes 😉 I hope to connect with you on Twitter, you roommate is an amazing guy!

  • @thephattay

    @MASisMore @MacSmiley

    Thank you so much for the comments! =)

    @MASisMore – It was a pleasure writing this! I wanted to do something to help Aaron since he's the one getting me hooked on Twitter. So when he offered me to write a post, I just couldn't resist LOL. Its great to hear that you liked my post too and hope you keep coming back for more! cheers!

    @MacSmiley – Oh you're right! Facebook's just too personal sometimes I guess. Thanks =)

  • billymitchell

    Henry, First of all, any friend of Aaron's is a friend of mine ( so I have almost one hundred thousand new friends). Second, I really like your no-nonsense comparison of Facebook and Twitter. I am an old guy so I learned about twitter before facebook which is the opposite of almost anyone younger than 30. The simplicity of it was what made it most appealing to me. I could see where the limitation on characters forced the post to be right to the point and how shortened urls could lead those interested or curious to more information. I learned because I was curious enough myself to follow many of those links and discovered vast amounts of new and helpful information.

    I believe that those that discovered Facebook before Twitter may be the most skeptical about Twitter. They are too quick to brush it off as the same as a status update on FB. Facebook was all about the individual as the center of their own social world. Twitter is too simplistic for that. You are what you tweet and 140 characters doesn't allow you to get too carried away with your own “greatness”.

    I am learning to like Facebook but if I had to choose two social media platforms it would be Twitter and Linkedin. But I'm and old guy so I understand that I may have the whole thing backwards.

    Say hello to Aaron for me. Thanks!

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  • Edward A Kenny

    Yes, your analysis is very good. My criticism is that the few characters permitted limit the communiciation for the long winded like me. Hard to tell a story in twitter. Facebook its done with pics. Remember a pic is worth a thousand words.

    Secondly everyone with something to say must direct you to a file somewhere to read. I spend more time reading the links then the tweets

    garden ed

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  • Charles F. Toney

    In response to the Henry’s comments comparing Twitter to Facebook, I felt that his observations were interesting. They caused me to think about my experience of the two platforms, which is a bit different. I am not a active or astute user of either service. But, I find Twitter to be much easier to use. I agree that my connections on Twitter are not friends, family or associates and I am using it for marketing purposes only. On the other hand, I use Facebook true social purposes as well as for marketing. On Facebook about 35% of my contacts are friends or family and 65% are either business contacts or strangers. The strangers are really unintentional acquaintances. Recently,
    I even got a virus on my computer when I clicked on a link from Facebook (That was a hassle that for some reason, I do not feel would happen on Twitter).

    Now that I have been caused to stand back think about the comparison more analytically, I can see that I need to pay more attention to how I use them both and what the advantages are for each (especially since I had the bad experience dealing with Facebook). Another thing that has occurred to me is that Twitter could be used strictly as a medium for short exchanges between family and friends exclusively if that was an agreed upon method.

    I was lead to your blog by a tweet from a contact on Twitter. I am glad that I got that tweet and I appreciate that it referred me to your blog. It turned out to be a worthwhile encounter. Thanks!

    Kind regards,


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