Still Wondering if Social Media Marketing is Worth it?

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If you’re still wondering if social media marketing is worth it? Or whether you should use social media, then give me four minutes of your time to show you that you should use social media. I found a great video done by  Erik Qualman (@equalman) the author of Socialnomics. In this video Erik showed a few great examples of individuals and companies using social media and their success stories.

Some of the examples shown were @garyvee aka Gary Vaynerchuk author of Crush Em who used social media to grow his family business from $4 million to $50 million. Impressed yet?

Enjoy the video.

  • Mindy Sommers

    Wonderful video, very compelling and well-done. It pulls you right in and I have the patience of a gnat. :)

  • Kristy

    I'm an MBA student at the University of Maryland. I'm taking a Social Media course and I have read a great book called “Dandelion Marketing: How to Increase Your Odds of Going Viral”. It's a great book that is available free on my newly created website below. It gives great information on how to never stop marketing through social media. Take a look and let me know what you think? Again, it's free! Go to and download the book. Let me know what you think . Send correspondence to Kristy at

  • Simon Maselli

    This is another amazing video from Socialnomics. You often hear about businesses talking about subjective ROI from social media however the numbers in this video are very measurable.

    Truely Awesome

  • Aaron Lee

    Indeed Simon, this breaks the one of the biggest myth that social media can't be measured.

  • Aaron Lee

    Thank you Kristy, will look into it

  • Aaron Lee

    Yes, i love the video too mindy, makes you go WOW =D

  • John V

    Well a nice collection of anecdotal data… the trouble is most firms operate in categories with little perceived risk, minimal status conferral and scant ego involvement associated with their products or services. Word of mouth for these firms is simply not a factor. The degree of emotionality is also a factor. Customers tend to speak about products or services in one of two extreme conditions: extreme dissatisfaction or extreme satisfaction. There’s a reasonable amount of quality independent research that shows customers are far less likely to talk about positive than negative experiences. Word of mouth isn’t the free advertising many social media advocates imply.

    SM has its place, but it isn't the magic answer you seem to be implying. It also isn't free. For many products (the vast majority?) the ROI is greater using more traditional channels I suspect.

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  • Gregor McKelvie

    Hi Aaron – do you think every business can make money out of using social media tools? Or asked another way, which companies do you think will have to work harder at it? Interested to hear your thoughts. Thanks.

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  • PMICreations

    Fantastic display that shows how social media can help small businesses. The question that I have is how to drive new people to follow you on Twitter, Facebook, etc.

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