Social Networking: Whats your story?

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Was trying to sleep and as usual, usually at this hour I am  awake, reading, tweeting, writing, etc. I love when its so quiet that the only sound I hear are the “clicking” sound of my keyboard. I don’t listen to music because I get distracted easily.

You may have notice, I’ve not updated this blog for a while now, if you don’t know, I am currently working as an intern in Media Contacts Singapore who was kind enough to give me a place for training. I moved from Malaysia and currently settled down in Singapore for a while. I don’t have any experience working on real projects before and it was a great learning and humbling experience, especially to start with a great and dedicated team, not to mention me asking lots questions and people there was very patient with me despite work tied on their hands.

Was looking back at how I stumble upon twitter, how i connected with people, how it got me a job, (yes,,, believe it) and why i’ve always felt so comfortable using social networking sites like twitter and facebook and I’ve always been active on both of these networks.

My story and why I love social networking sites.

  1. Sometimes too many things pops up in my head that when I talk that it doesn’t make any sense (need more training). Not to mention speak very fast (so my friend says). I speak fast when I am passionate and i speak fast when I am in a “panic” mode. With sites like twitter, it doesn’t show because I can edit it. Oh! that doesn’t mean I am not working on it offline btw!
  2. Blogging have helped me to arrange my thoughts together and it has been an amazing journey improving my writings since i am not the best writer.
  3. There is no relationship boundaries! I am able to connect with anyone easily, so are you! Perhaps you’re reading this in the States! :)
  4. I am “shy” when I meet new people, don’t really know what to say or know how to respond sometimes. Unless I’ve known them for a while which makes things easier. People who know me after a while knows a i talk a lot. “Breaking the ice” on social networking sites helps me a lot.
  5. You can’t really judge someone, I’ve some experience getting judge by others offline but I don’t mind. Since you can’t REALLY judge someone by their appearances, etc  online, it can be a good and bad thing. I look at it as a good thing because I can take the time to know someone, its also a good thing because people don’t know or can’t tell my age or height, (met @jayoatway offline and he expected me to be taller….grrr) hence one way for people to know more about me is to look at my tweets, get to know me or read my blog etc.

Thats my story why i love it! I am sure you’ve your story how you stumbled upon social networking sites or why you love it.

Everyone have a story and everyone in interesting in their ways. Whats yours?

by andrealeev

  • Susan Silver

    Great to hear about the Internship! I was connected with a recuriter with an agency through Twitter and it seems like a good fit.

    I was drawn to Social Networking for the same reasons you stated above. I am working hard now on re-branding my personal site to fit with all the work I do online, especially when it comes to showing off videos/images. Thanks for sharing your story!

  • glitterglitzer / Mirijam

    Nice post Aaron. It got me to wonder why I joined social media. I could not really come up with an answer. I remeber the how and the when but the why?
    I know what it gave me, all the friendships, opportunities to meet people I would have never met. People like you, I mean what would have been the odds that we would have ever met? I think close to zero.
    Thanks for sharing your story and I hope I get you on the phone again one of these days. :-) You’re fun to talk to… Although I think I talk more than you… LOL

  • Paul Castain

    Wonderful news about the internship Aaron . . .very happy for you!

    I got into Social Networking because I wanted to not only have a venue where I could give back to my profession but where I could build something years before I would need it.

    One thing sort of led to another. For example, I became very frustrated with the way many of the groups on Linkedin were being run, so I created my own and have grown it to over 22,000 members while creating a totally self promotion free environment that all members adhere to.

    I absolutely hated Twitter Aaron. Mostly because I didn’t “get it”. So I decided to stop complaining and start learning how to use it. I now completely “get it” love it and have brought in several clients which brings me to my final point.

    We never really know how this hard work will pay off for us in the future. When I started my social networking journey back in November 2008 I thought I would stay with the company I worked for.

    In March of this year I left and jumped into a ready made business . . . all because of the social networking efforts I put in prior to leaving.

    Thank you for another thought provoking post. I always enjoy your posts and need to get by here more often!

    With respect and appreciation,
    Paul Castain

  • Palfrei

    Social networks don’t seem to do it for me. I use them to widespread my work but it seems as though people in them are more interested in self-exposure than actually socializing.

    No matter how many articles I post on scientific findings, technological breakthroughs or political crisis, people don’t read them or don’t care to tell me if they did it.

    I’ve been writing for 4 years and nobody approached me to offer me anything whereas other people with merely 2 articles are already writing for newspapers.

    I don’t believe in luck but it seems that some people are actually lucky.

  • geekbabe

    Reading this post just makes me like & respect you even more! I tend to also be shy in real time situations,particularly in large groups of strange people, Twitter helps with that and blogging certainly helps with thought organization.

    Thank you for reminding me how the commonality of the human experience transcends all boundaries!

  • geekbabe

    We make our own luck sometimes, perhaps others might feel that you are a really busy person,they might feel afraid of offending you by asking you to guest post, why not reach out to them?

  • Aaron

    Glad to hear about your news on getting hired through twitter. Congratulations on that! How is the branding coming up for you?

    All the best!

    Sorry for the late responds, have not taken the time for myself at all :)

  • Aaron

    Well, you had no reason to join Mirijam, remember?

    That was why you left and decided to stay because of ME :PPP

    Funny but true 😛

  • Aaron

    Thanks dear for taking the time to comment, glad to find someone else in the same situation as me. YES! i do find myself shy in large groups! haha! that is why i always avoid big events.

    Social media is so much fun with people like you around btw :)

  • Aaron

    I am going all out to say that perhaps you’re targeting the wrong community. Sometimes its about finding where other people who post similar news like you are at.

    Once you have found them then you’ll be part of the community and feel that your articles are worthwhile :)

  • Aaron

    Thanks for the wishes Paul,

    Wow, thank you for sharing your story on your frustrations and how you’ve built an amazing community, perhaps you can share with us the things that you got right and how you’ve built your community from scratch. Its an amazing story! thanks for sharing.

    So glad that twitter is working for you too like how it had worked for me. We can all learn from you on all your successes on social media mate.

    Thank you so much for taking the time and sharing your story


  • Christel

    You are awesome Aaron. Love working with you and it’s been my honour learning and working with you as a team so far :)

  • shaun

    Another great great post. I still remember those nights where we would just chat online about our lives. I’ve seen you grow at such rapid and tremendous rate, beyond even your own imagination.

    You inspired others, and most importantly, you have inspired me.

    your bro :)