9 reasons social media is not working for you

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Sure you can build your brand on social media, I mean everyone is able to build a great brand on social networking sites right? WRONG! If you’re doing it wrongly it may even hurt you in the long run, take US Airlines for example who decided not to respond to customer’s enquiries on twitter. The best part was they decided to respond to a celebrity on twitter and ignored other tweets. Tsk tsk! picky picky!

Its time to wake up and smell the coffee and see that social media might not be for you or its not going to save your brand. Social media may not help you  if you

  1. Post tweets and facebook wall updates and expect people to come buy from you. SORRY buddy, you’re going to realized that after a few months that it won’t work.
  2. Have a really bad product and you want social media to save you, if you want to save your product you need to start listening what people are saying about your product and improve on your product. Question is, do you use your own product? :)
  3. Don’t want or don’t respond to your community .
  4. Have a community but don’t know how where they are.
  5. Don’t want to give your community a voice like having a private twitter account or not allow them to post on your facebook
  6. Write “10000000” guidelines to follow if your community decides to connect with you. I saw one yesterday on facebook which had a “guideline” tab and said “We will delete your post if its not related to our product” something along that lines. I was like… WOW..
  7. Expect your community to do all the work for you when you don’t treat them like humans and treat them as data.
  8. Abandon your facebook/twitter profile after a week. Most brands or businesses abandon their page after using is for a while and realized they are not “making money” after a while. Why? See reason #1
  9. Feel that what i say is false and you do most of them 😛

Your thoughts?

by aJ GAZMEN ツ GucciBeaR

  • http://www.houseofannie.com Nate @ House of Annie

    Please expand on reason #1.

  • http://theonlineclose.com Kathy

    I’m so glad someone is getting out there with this message Aaron. Lately, I’ve been a little irritated with all the “social media gurus” who claim that social media is about building relationships, yet they don’t respond to public and direct messages!!!

    The irony is that one of these folks in particularly is out there preaching that you need to respond…yet he never does!

    I’m with you, great post!

  • http://www.salessells.com Wim @ Sales Sells

    Hi Aaron, loved this!

    Social media is about listening, acknowledging, responding and truly CARING, isn’t it?

    We like to talk about the number of twitter followers or facebook fans we have, but what does it all mean if we’re not building real relationships, a real community?

    Thanks for your insights man,

  • http://lighthouse-insights.blogspot.com/ Prasant

    u just move on kathy if some doesn’t reply. sm is to big for egoistic people. good luck in finding ur circle :)

  • http://lighthouse-insights.blogspot.com/ Prasant

    Araaon u have an amazing list that businesses and agency should stick on there to-do list and keep reminding from time to time :)

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  • http://socialnetwork102.blogspot.com shaun

    Good post Aaron :) simple guidelines but great advice

  • http://www.supervga.co.uk Chris


    SM isn’t PR. Your community is a broad range of everybodoes, and they will likely not be prepped for sale or PR diatribe.

  • http://rodney-c.blogspot.com/ Rodney C. Davis

    Thanks for this. I have a passion for parenting issues, so I just started a blog on that. I just want to get as many people as possible reading my posts, so I’m looking for ways to promote it. But what if I get a huge following and can’t respond to all the people? When it gets too big, doesn’t the sheer numbers aspect become a conflict with whatever your passion was?

  • http://theepicblog.com Phillip

    Awesome some of this points I always say to people especially on facebook1 its amazing people still to this day send me friend requests on FB and then post a spammy link on my wall expecting my to jump for joy at their opportunity that all i have to do is click on a big red button and the money will come flooding in!
    Excellent post dude!

    -Phillip Dews

  • http://blog.shirl.com b77007

    “Have a community but don’t know how where they are” what does that mean?

    Free Copy Edit: misspelling, tense change, and duplication. All in one sentence: “8 … Most brands or businesses abandon their page after using [it] [] and [realizing] they are not “making money” after a while.”

    9. A smiley face doesn’t remove the fact that you just insulted your entire audience.

    Also your content management/blogging software seems to thing you either have “10 comments” (above) or “No one has commented yet” (below).