Snoop Dogg is the Doggfather of Social Media Experts

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@SnoopDogg just got into my “celebrities that know the true value of Twitter” group. Not that I have a real group. I personally think not many people understand the true power of what social media can actually bring to them, unlike Alyssa Milano, Cory Booker, Aston Kutcher, etc.  Charlie Sheen is not in the group at the moment. He’s too wild for me to handle.

After watching the Twitter official birthday video, Snoop Dogg caught my attention when he talked about him following Martha Stewart and why he followed her. Recently, I read an article from the man himself, saying that Twitter has changed the relationship between artists and fans and why he encourages artists to be on it, as he believes that it is one of the biggest developments he has seen.

Lesson 1: Have a relationship with your fans/customers first

“I feel it’s the number one key in music right now. Having that relationship with fans where it’s not based on your record label, it’s based on you”, says Snoop!

This is what Twitter is about. I realized this when I started to use it in 2009. It is not about “what I ate for breakfast”. That is basically what people who have not used it before would say. People who have not use it, will always say “why would I want to read what people had for lunch?” This is not true. I’ll send them to @Alyssa_Milano’s and SnoopDogg’s twitter feed in the future.


Lesson 2: Build TRUST on twitter and people will buy from you

“That’s way more important nowadays to me because that’s what the industry is broken down into – trust”, Snoop adds.

The second most important criteria not only on twitter but also on social media, is TRUST. Trust plays an important role because people who don’t trust you won’t buy from you at all. Snoop Dogg understands this as well when he said

If I trust you and have a relationship with you, and you are telling me you are putting a record out and it’s going to be good, I’m going to buy it because I trust you”.


Summary from the other dog (me)

Twitter or social media starts with having a relationship with your customer or with people first. It is not about going for the sale straight away or posting your tweets after you registering an account.

Start with building a relationship in order to build trust. When people have built confidence in you and have trusted you, they will buy from you. Something that Snoop understands very well and behind the reason why he is on Twitter, is the fact that Snoop’s goal wasn’t just to build attention; it was to build a relationship with his fans.

Your thoughts?

  • Jeannie Walters

    I whole heartedly agree. Snoop and Alyssa Milano both really engage with people. They are so human with how they deal with the other people on Twitter, and THAT’S why people love to follow them. Honestly, I don’t get why the Kardashian tweets get all the attention, because it’s straight-up promotion and most people can see through that. The way these two get it makes me curious about who they are outside of Twitter – leading me to their music, businesses, etc. (Although Snoop’s music and I go way back. Or should I say Laid Back?) I think Snoop has also done a great job at creating a personal brand that people get however they find him.

  • Carl

    Excellent Article. Attention vs. Relationship….I will say that “The D-O-double Gizzle” has become a thought leader on twitter.

    I think other celebrity “tweeps” still haven’t mastered the art of turning the relationship into album sales i.e. Soulja Boy.

  • Aaron Lee

    Good day Carl, indeed the The D-O-double Gizzle have indeed become a thought leader. I love the engagement and fan retweets that he does on twitter. Certainly a great example to follow. Have not check Soulja Boy twitter account yet, but will do now after your comment to compare.

  • Aaron Lee

    Hi Jeannie, yes! Alyssa Milano have been in my list since she started tweeting. Snoop just joined the list. I agree, their humanity, love and respect for their fans is one of the reason why people follow them. I think both Alyssa and Snoop have done a great job humanizing their brand and allowing people to connect with them.

    I think Kardashian tweets are mostly about “her” and maybe some like it because they like to know more about her. I am not sure about Charlie Sheen though, they seem as though he posted drunk tweets everywhere on his stream.

  • Lynn Gosselin

    Love your post – I’m a newbie to this Social Media “thing” and your comments help to confirm the importance of engagement=trust.

  • Aaron Lee

    Hi Lynn,

    We’re all new to this social media thing as it continue to change, however, like offline, engagement builds trust. Online is no different. Just that online moves quicker and is easier.

    Welcome on-board. Let me know how if I can help you anytime. :)

  • Anonymous

    Good stuff, Aaron :)

  • Aaron Lee

    Thanks Rick! appreciate you dropping by and commenting on my blog. Have a great day.

  • Douglas Idugboe

    Snoop, really do gets it! Great piece Aaron.

  • BeaverBetty

    As always, Aaron, relevant and interesting! Thanks for the post.

  • Ingrid Abboud

    I love the originality of your posts Aaron. You managed to make me look at Snoop in a completely different way and somehow I didn’t think that was possible. He’s more like Snoopy to me now because of you LOL ;).

    It seems that Snoopy gets it!

    With engagement – come familiarization. With familiarization comes liking. With liking comes credibility. With credibility comes trust. With trust comes anything you want – including record sales ;).

    Nicely done Petronas :).

  • Thearose47

    Aaron I think you would appreciate what Wiz Khalifa has done using Twitter, he’s another one that basically built an entire fan base from social networking. Let me know what you think!

  • Samantha Collier

    You’d never believe it but I actually had the pleasure of meeting Snoop Dogg in Vancouver while he was onset. He was incredibly business savvy and took the time to talk to all his fans in person too. I’m not surprised he “gets” Twitter. Great article!

  • Don Power

    Hi Aaron. I don’t follow any celebrities on Twitter. But based on your post I’m gonna take a close look @snoopdogg


    – Don

  • Marianne Worley

    Hi Aaron,
    I only recently figured out that there are some celebrities out there who really “get” what Twitter is all about. I followed Alyssa Milano a few weeks ago and have found her tweets very interesting and insightful. Based on your recommendation, I’ll be sure to check out @snoopdogg. I saw Ashton Kutcher on CNN and had to admit that I wasn’t giving him enough credit. He’s a smart guy. Who would have known that some celebrities want to make real connections with their fans!

  • SM Class at UWSP

    Each student in our social media class at UWSP just shared their top two guidelines for managing social media this week. It’s funny to now come across this article to see what Snoop Dogg has to say about what he feels is important. Great stuff!

  • Aaron Lee

    Thanks D, thank you for taking the time to read and comment.

  • Aaron Lee

    Thank you, thanks for reading and commenting. Appreciate it.

  • Aaron Lee

    Thanks Ingrid, after this post I feel so much safer haha! Knowing that I don’t have to jump down.

    Yes snoopy… er snoop dogg gets it. Great to see people who gets it and encourages others to learn and use it properly and not just to build attention or make money selling tweets.

    Hopefully Snoop sales will increase soon and we will have another case study to write about.


  • Aaron Lee

    WOW! I never knew about that Samantha. So glad you share your experience with us too. Glad to know he is real on twitter. Would love to meet him one day. Maybe get him to buy me a drink LoL!

  • Aaron Lee

    Hi Marianne,

    Yes! some people wants to connect with their friends, and I must say, Ashton Kutcher is doing an amazing job on social media although he doesn’t engage as much. He does however help a lot especially with the slavery videos that he continually push on youtube. Certainly amazing feed. Yes he is a smart guy indeed. He certainly know a lot of people who are in the social, marketing business.

  • Aaron Lee


    Thanks for sharing, perhaps you can share the guidelines that your social media class shared. We would definitely learn a a lot from it too.

    BTW i didn’t know there is a social media class! I would have been there if i knew :)


  • Aaron Lee

    Just checked Wiz Khalifa out, amazing indeed, a lot of engagement going on in his twitter stream. Certainly pass the test in my opinion. Thanks for sharing.

  • Aaron Lee


    You don’t follow any celebrities? I would recommend you to follow my dear friend Alyssa Milano. She is an amazing lady. Had the opportunity to DM her a couple of times and she is so sweet! :)


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  • E.J. Apostrophe

    Aaron, Twitter is one of the most under utilized social tools in a celebrity’s arsenal. I have even stressed to writers to come on board or be left behind. Thank you confirming that my initial hunch is correct.

    P.S. Due to great posts like these, you have a new subscriber. :)

  • Aaron Lee

    Hi EJ, I hope those writers follow your advice or they will be left behind. thank you so much for subscribing. :)

  • BrandonTwyford

    Hey Aaron,

    Great post as usual from you. Very insightful in explaining how certain celebrities “get” social media vs. others who don’t get it. I read recently that James Franco said social media and twitter are dead. You can tell he doesn’t get it if he thinks it’s dead — it’s still very new.

  • E.J. Apostrophe

    One of the post I wrote sparked action in getting involved in Twitter. Hopefully, more will follow. :)

  • Harmanjit Singh

    I remember Snoop Dog’s song in Indian movie “Singh is King” :) Here’s that video ->

    Yes, i agree with you Aaron. His success on & off line speaks in itself that he created a trusting relationship with his fans.


    I agree with you and Snoop for damn sure! All about the relationship. I have just set up Twitter and have been putting out my first songs. I’m a marketing student as well but not as efficient with social media as I could be….working on it. Any advice on how to gain followers would be a huge help! Followed ya, like your article! Bang on.


  • Jean Parks

    In a way it’s kind of sad that people hear about basic elements like “trust” in human relationships & act as if they’ve discovered fire. OTOH if as a part of building trust, engaging with their fan base, artists & celebrities also recognize their responsibility as role models,particularly to impressionable young people, then the rush to engage via social media benefits us all.. not just the celebrity.

  • Kiera Pedley

    Soooo many businesses could take those two points and learn from them. People like to do business with their friends.

  • Aaron Lee

    Hi Kiera, yes those two points are important. hopefully they will be able to learn from it.
    YES! People do like to do business with their friends :)

  • Aaron Lee

    Hopefully most artist would pick up from him and learn how to use twitter or social networking sites properly. :)

  • Aaron Lee


    Start by following people who have interest in your type of song. Try to see other singers on twitter, see who engages with them follow them, build a relationship with them.

    Don’t forget to add your twitter account on youtube too so that people can find you. Cross promote :)

  • Aaron Lee

    Great to see you here Jean,

    thanks for the comments. Indeed its nothing new, that is why I said Snoop understand social media compared to self proclaimed experts who thinks that they know the secrets by posting tweets.

  • Johnny Munoz’

    Good article. I follow my favorite comedians (namely Joe Rogan & Ralphie May) and that way I know exactly when they are coming to town. And I know when tickets go on sale, so I can get prime seats. I’m also able to send them questions during their podcasts, and usually get responses.
    I use to dislike Twitter because of the silliness of it all but now, I too see the value in it.
    Thank you!