6 ways to find relevant and valuable content ideas for your social media marketing

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Are you running out of content ideas? Are you looking for great articles to share with your followers and fans? Woot, thank god you found this blog post.

Some of you have been asking me where I get my content that I share on social media. In this article, I want to share some of my favourite websites to find content. They don’t require much time and you’ll reaallllyyy amazing, relevant stuff on there.

Content is important, without content you’ll look too “promotional” and a fool.. you wouldn’t want that to happen — it can drive a wedge between you and your advocates, plus content also helps to grow followers and retain them.

Here are some of my favourite website to find social media contents daily and why.

1. Topsy

Topsy is a website that I go to daily. Topsy is a search engine that helps to find content real-time from twitter and google plus.

What I like about this site:  The website brings up the best content of the past hour, past two hours, past day and past week. That way you’ll get the most updated content from blogs and photos to share with your fans and followers.

2. BizSugar

On this site, you’ll find relevant news for small businesses ranging from marketing to finance arrange according to categories and popularity.

What I like about this site: Like Topsy, I am able to get content based on the popularity or see what others are sharing or voting to the top.

3. Inbound.Org

Launched by Rand Fishkin (SeoMoz) and Dharmesh Shah (Hubspot), this is another great community driven website like BizSugar that offers content ranging from Seo, Mobile, Social Media, Analytics and many more.

What I like about this site: Basically everything! I love the simplicity of the design and I like how I am able to only click a certain topic that I want to see more content of.

4. Pinterest

Pinterest is very visual. I spend time each day on Pinterest pinning and looking for content because i find the content on Pinterest refreshing and different. I have even shared some of the content on Facebook. The reason I go to Pinterest to search for content is because its visually appealing to the eyes and the content really stands out.

What I like about this site: One way to make content stand out on Facebook is to havegreat visuals. Although I don’t take all the pictures from Pinterest, some of the content is inspired from there.

5. Formspring

Formspring is an amazing social network where the community asks each other questions. Users can follow each other users on Formspring and ask the person that they are following questions.

For example, people who are following me can ask me questions about my life or any random questions that pop in their mind like “what is the meaning of life?”

What I like about this site: One way to get your community engaged is by asking them questions. I’ve got tons of ideas and questions to ask by looking and getting inspired by questions that the community asks on Formspring.

6. Buffer

You’ve heard of Buffer on my blog several times before. Buffer is an amazing tool that helps you to queue tweets and have them released during ‘hot’ hours. Besides that, I also use buffer to find great content by using their “suggest a post” button.

What I like about this site: The suggest a post button helps me find funny and viral tweets that people would continue to share. One of my tweets “Retweet someone once, they will notice you, retweet someone a few times they will remember you” has been shared thousands of times and has helped me to engage with a lot of users.

Well those are some of my favourites, besides that, I also use google reader and twitter lists. How do you find content to share? Share them in the comments below

This blog post is an updated blog post on one of my article published on iStrategy Conference

Photo Credits: Piergiu, RooReynolds