How To: Go back to the old method of browsing photos on facebook

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Have you noticed your pictures on Facebook now come with a black background and toned-down, faded colors around the screen? Well say hello to the theater mode. One of my pals @alexfei told me that he didn’t like the new methods of browsing Facebook photos, while we were discussing about facebook new theater mode. So I have decided to find ways to return the old way of browsing Facebook photos and avoid the new theater mode which many don’t find useful… sorry MARK!

Method 1: Hit the F5 or refresh button.

When you press the F5 button on your keyboard or click the refresh/reload button on your browser during the theater mode, it will bring you back to the old style of browsing photos.

Method 2: Remove “&theater”

Got this tip from @rocksstar10 who learned from @rm1l. So credits to them

On your URL for the photo, simply remove ‘&theater’ and click enter! You’ll be back to the old way of browsing your photos.

A facebook photo url will give you a URL like such!/photo.php?fbid=10150415804030304&set=a.10150274409680304.488832.817910303&theater

Here is a screen shot of it.

Simply remove it and you’re back to the old method of browsing photos.

Method 3: Open photos on a new tab.

You could also open photos on a new tab by right click on your mouse and click open in new tab. Gets you away from all the hassle. (tip by @banafsaji)

Method 4: PLUGINS!

A friend who I met on twitter @glitterglitzer, commented on my facebook wall saying

“all this is cool but can I get rid of it permanently?”

My respond: I am pretty sure one company will come up with a firrefox/google plugin to get rid with it. :)

Yeap! I found a plugin that could do that. Its currently for google chrome.

All you need to do is download the revert photo viewer plugin and install it on your google chrome.

Done! Quick and simple wasn’t it?

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