How To: Increase Your Klout Influence on Twitter

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Mum! I’m influential on twitter…. well… according to klout influence score I am. First of all I don’t really know how true the klout level is but I think it should give a rough idea on influence on twitter.

A month ago my klout level fell from 79 to 68. after an update. I expected that because I wasn’t very active on twitter as I was away for a holiday. So I didn’t spend a lot of time on twitter as I used to and as I wanted to. So I was thinking. How does klout look at influence?

According to klout, influence in determined by a variety of factors which are

  2. @messages
  3. Follows
  4. List

After reading that I thought to myself, I noticed that three of the four factors that are counted into the influence should be easy to test. Since I thought it will be fun to test the amount of tweets sent, @mentions and follows. The listings are a little harder as not many people will list you at first but there is a way around it.

So I thought it would be fun to test put the @klout level to the little @askaaronlee what influence test. (Yeah it sounds cool to name it that)

So according to klout this is my influence level

As you can see on the top, my influence level fell from 79 to 68. Then slowly increased to 73 and recently 77. What happened or what did I do?

From 79 to 68

What happened: I went for a holiday so I didn’t post much tweets (I scheduled them in advance to post 1 tweet every 2 hours). Which means less retweets and less @mentions because I didn’t engage at all. That means 4 days without any engagement with anyone on twitter because I don’t have twitter on my mobile. Maybe in the future when I get an iphone or a blackberry.

What I did: Nothing

From 68 to 73

What happened: I knew I didn’t tweet much and engage much. So I thought to myself that I should just tweet more and engage less and only include one out of the four factors which said to influence. So I continue to tweet without much engagement at all. I still talk to people but not as much as I should. (Sorry for not replying guys)

What I did: Send out 3 tweets per hour 24 hours a day. Less engagement

From 73 to 77

What happened: Okay! game on!! I maintained the same level of tweets like what I did from 68 to 73 which is 3 retweets per hour. This means that I will continue to have the same amount of retweets but having more @mentions by engaging with my followers.

What I did: 3 tweets per hour + engagement with my followers.

I engage with my followers by sending out funny tweets and more personal tweets which I didn’t do before this. I included some personal thoughts and some funny tweets which I hope didn’t annoy anyone much people.

I got a great amount of @mentions from my personal tweets including people tweeting me saying I was funny and I made their day (thank you for those sweet tweets)

How much @mentions? I took a recent screen shot of a conversation + retweets from @cotweet

That that is basically a @mention every minute from my engagement with the people on twitter. Thank you to everyone who talked to me and retweet me.


Today my klout influence is backed up to 77 which I think is pretty cool after some test. I will continue to do some test. If you’re interested to join me. Feel free to send me an email or Dm me if I am following you on twitter.

If I am not following you on twitter, then send me a tweet saying “aaron you promise to follow me” LoL! that will catch my attention from the Justin bieber fans asking me to follow them and him.

So this is what I did that worked for me and a client of mine who had a new twitter account an a influence of 8. Today their influence level increased to 19 in a month.

My Opinion on klout influence:

Okay, I do agree with the four factors that is included in the influence level, but what about including clicks from a tweets? I think clicks should be one of the factors taken into consideration on influence level.

What do you think? and what else should we take into consideration on influence? Feel free to comment below and I’ll get back to you.

photo credit: by marcn

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  • Adrian Slew

    I’ve had ARTFANATIC411 listed on Klout as an influencer of mine and she maintains a score of 24 even though her account has been gone for 6 months or so. My klout has been all over the place in the past, though it has seemed to make more sense now since they reformulated or revamped their system (whatever it is they did recently).

  • Anonymous

    Question please: for the jump from From 68 to 73 – by tweeting 3 times per hour 24 hours a day – how many days of this strategy netted that return do you think? Is the 24 hour cycle that key? Or do you think that I could get close to the same results tweeting within say a 10-12 hr timeframe most US followers would be online? kinda the 80/20 rules here perhaps?

    Also – if you don’t mind – in order to fill that (thats 72 tweets per day right?) how many are unique? How many duplicates in different timezones?

    Thanks do much for this great post.

    Kevin Wood

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  • Anonymous

    I use Klout to montitor how effectively I tweet, as well as judging the value of my contacts. While Klout is no doubt useful, I prefer, which is much more extensive and is more transparent about its metrics than Klout. Both have their uses, of course.

  • BrianLewis_

    So @mentions and retweets effect your Klout score to the greatest extent. Is there a ratio between these and your tweets? Like the number of @mentions / tweets? It would be cool to understand the algorithm.