Likeable Social Media book review by @DaveKerpen

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Disclaimer: Dave Kerpen is a personal friend of mine whom I’ve got connected to thanks to social media.

I finally sat down on my butt and finished Dave Kerpen’s The Likeable Book. From the front cover it says that it will teach you how to delight your customers and create an irresistible brand. I’m sure you’ll be thinking, with so many books out there, do you need to read another social media book? One thing for sure is that this book is different and I would definitely recommend you to grab this book.

No, it’s not because I know Dave or Dave paid me to say this. (but I wouldn’t mind if that were to happen, kidding)

So many books out there concentrate on what you should do on Facebook or the tools you should use, a lot of books out there will tell you what to do, but not many goes deep into HOW TO actually do it. There are also not many books that teach you the value of being real, how to be authentic, the importance of responding to good and bad comments, how to respond to comments, and how to create an authentic voice. This is what separates this book from other social media books.

Every chapter, Dave starts by sharing a story of himself, from a customer’s point of view or even asks you your feelings about certain things. What I like about that is that it shows you real life experiences based on Dave’s personal experience or from the people around him. Dave’s explanation is supported by stories from clients and mostly non clients of likeable media

Often times his examples makes you go “wow, why didn’t I think of that because it’s so simple yet it has such an impact.”

Not convinced?

Here are 4 Reasons why you should get the likeable social media book

Real: Dave walk the talk, wait… is it talk the walk? Well Dave provides you the lessons of how you can grow your business like what he did and what the Likeable media team has done for their clients to make their clients more likeable. Everything that he teaches is from his experiences that created the Likeable you know today.

Easy reading: When you read this book, it is as though Dave is actually talking in front of you. The funny thing is, I’ve heard Dave’s voice from his Youtube videos and I can actually imagine how he would explain them. Some of the chapters are already covered on Dave’s Watch Me Wednesday channel, however it’s good to be reminded about it again.

Guided: Dave guides you along your way to creating an irresistible brand by having action items or things that you should do after reading every chapter. I recommend you have a pen beside you to note some important things to be done.

Case study & Examples: The case study and examples are of the key to learn how you should actually do or what you can do on Facebook, as it shows you examples of how brands has created delight and surprise for their customers through their responses in Twitter. For example, what Uno Chicago Grill did to surprise their customer.

At the end of the day, we all forget about the true value of creating a lifetime experience. This is by far the best book that shows you how you can build it and keep it.

If you have followed Dave Kerpen and his Likeable company, you’ll find that he walks the talk and he has done everything he wrote in his book.

I do have one critisim about this book as it doesn’t go into much details about the Facebook ads such as what is a good % of clicks, etc, a good ad copy. Then again it’s not just about Facebook ads, it’s about a bigger picture and creating a brand that people can connect to. Dave shows you how.

Should you buy the likeable book? YES, unless you want your competitor to get it and create a brand that can ultimately put yours to shame.

Seeing that Dave has been an amazing friend to me, I would love to return a favor by giving away one (because i am cheap… nice..) copy of this book from Amazon for FREE. I’ll buy it and send it to you. All you need to do is leave a comment below to answer my question to you, which is: What is the most important lessons that you’ve learned from social media. Simply answer this and  i’ll reach you via email.

For more information regarding the book, you can find it on the likeable book website or Connect with @davekerpen on twitter.

  • Nancy E.

    The most important thing I learned from social media is to always offer your audiences fresh content on a daily basis. People are looking to share something new and exciting. There’s no room for old or recycled news in real-time.

  •!/tojodorian Josh Lee

    I researched social media strictly for marketing purposes in the beginning. The single biggest lesson I learned from my research on social media is that customer engagement is key to retain active followers, or customers if you prefer. If customers don’t feel engaged by your company it is unlikely they will be involved with your presence on social media platforms. A sort of common sense lesson I realize that I learned a long time ago, but you’d be surprised how many businesses ignore this concept.

  • Sunil Jain

    Hey bro,
    I am in the contest 😀
    Few Lessons I’ve learned from Social Media
    ►Sharing is Caring
    This lesson is learned by everyone, but still some of them are not exactly following it. Whenever you share other’s content, make sure you don’t expect anything from the content owner. Stick on to your sharing attitude without any expectations.
    ►Default Ans “Yes”
    Whenever anyone asks you for any help, try keeping your answer closer to “Yes”. People love such persons.
    ►Never Compare
    I used to do this when I started blogging, but in my journey of Twitter, I’ve learned to stop comparing each other and instead encourage them and blog together.
    ►Write it or Share it
    This happens to every blogger I feel, whenever you get a post idea, just write it asap or else next day you’ll have to RT/share the same post written by others ;D

    Happy blogging Aaron 😀

  • Scott Cowley

    The most important thing I’ve learned from social media is that no digital fan, follower, or friend, will ever be as much an advocate for you, your work, or your company as a real-life friend. We spend so much time cultivating relationships online and building followers that we forget that the real reason social media exists is to bridge the gap – to make it easier for us to have more offline friends who we can truly care about, engage with, help, and learn from.

    Thanks for the great contest. Would love to check this book out.

  • Justice Wordlaw IV

    I am reading this book right now and have really been enjoying what Dave has been saying. I am excited to finish it up soon.

  • Jason Eng

    The most important lesson that I learned (and the first) was that I should not be afraid of it. Fear will only prevent you from reaching your goals and meeting new people, while being open and willing to try things will allow you to reach heights you never thought you could, and make relationships you never thought you’d have.

  • Sharel

    Hi Aaron,

    Thanks for sharing this book :) a lot to learn from… thanks for also the intro to Dave.. seems we can all learn from him a lot :)


  • Vanessa

    Personally I use a lot of different social media, all in a different way. For work, I chose to only use Twitter, due to a variety of reasons.

    What I feel is important is taking into account the difference in the various social media, don’t spam, and (especially on Twitter) interact.
    That’s my two cents :)

  • Shaun Damien

    hmmm, I think so far what I’ve learnt from social media is that we cannot stop learning. Social media puts all of us on a global scale with global audiences and we are bound to meet people who has similar or different taste compared to us. We need to learn how to handle good comments, bad comments, nasty ones, always be polite, trustworthy, transparent, patient and helpful. Not all of us have these innate values, therefore education! That’s the point of getting the book as well, no? hahaha

  • Mikey Ames

    Social media teaches us that the world is much smaller than we thought it was, and we have the ability to connect with ANYONE like never before.

  • Cecilia af Jochnick

    The most important thing I learned from social media is – if I want it to promote business – that it demands from me that I know who I am and that generosity and honesty pays off.

  • Kathi Rabil

    Social media has connected me to people who are sincere, have integrity and are not afraid to work hard to help others.

  • Voon

    Hi Aaron!

    Sharing is the first lesson I learnt from social media. I never knew that the internet can be so happening till i start involved in social media and learnt that all are about sharing. Keep sharing great things to the world is the best thing I experienced in social media and that is the way people able to gain more knowledge. Besides, fear and shyness will stop someone meeting great people and achieve a person goal or objective. Social media taught me that, if want to meet someone great or get more information from somebody, you need to be brave to ask, build good relationship with the person and your mind need to be open to try out new things.

  • Becky B

    Being authentic, transparent, available–and personable. For a brand, that includes no corporate-speak and looking at what you’re saying from the audience’s point of view. Would you want to read you?

  • Saylor

    I’ve learned that just because your are involved in social media, that doesn’t mean you will automatically have a following. If I don’t win this book, I’ll probably have to get it anyways. Thanks for the review.

  • JTDabbagian

    What is the most important lessons that you’ve learned from social media?

    The most important thing I’ve learned that your audience is the reason for your existence. If there is no audience, there’s no social. Care for your audience above all else.

    Also, that there is no such thing as a Social Media Expert…or ninja…or rockstar…or titan. We are both professors and students of Social Media 101.

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  • Liezel

    Hi there! I think this book is interesting then I went through your blog and it’s really interesting. I want it free. :)

    For me, I have learned that we have to have a unique personality that can make us stand out and communicate with people.

  • yos

    great review, if you’re interested I just did my own video review of the book