Top 3 Lessons to Learn from Pro-Bloggers

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This is a guest post by Vivik Krishnan.

Professional blogging has hit the internet industry in a big way. While some are only mulling about it as a career option, some have taken the plunge into blogging a  big way and making a living out of it. Anyone looking to become a professional blogger in the coming future should learn these 3 lessons from existing professional bloggers. It is what they do differently which makes them so successful while others remain mediocre.

3 Things to learn from Pro-bloggers:


Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment. – Jim Rohn

Jim Rohn was right. Professional blogger are serious in how they treat their blog. After all, that blog is what is earning them their bread and butter. They churn out blog posts day after day without failing and without compromising on quality. This is a major trait that new bloggers should catch on early on, that no one can be successful in their field without discipline and commitment to quality in the work one does.

One of the most commonly observed trend is that a blogger will be active on his blog for a week or even a month and then his interest starts to fade and the articles stop coming regularly. This is where motivation to keep writing kicks in and it cannot come without an urge to succeed. A good regular supply of posts ensures a decent engagement to your readers, even if that means search engine traffic might not be reflecting at that moment. It will come, patience is necessary.

Social Behavior

It is always interesting to see the social behavior of people, and it has become even more fun ever since Facebook gained popularity and people have started actively using it. While observing how people behave is fun, it can also become a productive option if you keep an alert eye on how pro-bloggers depict themselves on social media and how they go about branding. It is of great insight to see the techniques in which they try to pull new readers to their site.

You will find that they always have a mix of personal updates as well as some promotional updates. Many  make the mistake of posting only article links on their Twitter page and not ever posting something off-track or interesting or even taking the time to engage with others.

Sharing is an important trait in social media. Since it is social, it means that you need to share what other people said and what coincides with your opinion. It is all about showing you are a human too, to your readers and not just a blogger who keeps writing articles. Share what others post, give your views on what other post and then some post of your own stuff. It is all about maintaining a great balance in self-promotional post and non-promotional updates.

Be Creative and Love What You Do

Blogging is an area where bloggers are able to showcase their creativity and themselves.

Professional bloggers usually apply their creativity while designing their blog, in their marketing techniques or the writing style – every pro-blogger you will find has one distinctive and creatively developed asset which they use to make their blogs popular. So make sure that you use your creativity and make blogging fun rather than work. Because if you don’t enjoy blogging then there is no sense in making it a professional habit of yours!

What do you think? Are there any other lessons we can learn from professional bloggers?

Vive is the founder of, an online store to buy second hand books online. He is a also a big ecommerce buff, he shares ecommerce tips and news at Track ecommerce.

Photo credits:  by eddidit , vigo74(creative commons)

  • Osoba Osaze

    Nice tips.
    Especially the part on discipline. Found myself waning after a week and hakf when I started my blog. Had to come up with several campaigns to keep me going.

    Great read.

  • Chelsea Msmummyoftwo

    Great tips! Thank you

  • Aaron Lee

    My pleasure. so glad you found it useful 😀

  • Aaron Lee

    Awesome! keep me updated on your progress! 😀

  • Sachin Kate

    Wonderful tips that are the very essence of good blogging!

  • Aaron Lee

    Thanks Sachin, glad you found the tips useful 😀

  • Liz@LizForADay

    It is definitely tough to be discipline when you have a busy schedule
    that is for sure. I feel like I’m missing something if I don’t blog. I
    am really only doing it for me, but I really enjoy it. Great tips.

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  • Chris Jones

    As a blogging newbie this article was really helpful, so thanks! In my (limited) experience, the best bloggers seem to find a way to make every post authentic and innovative. There are clearly well established styles of blog posts – but the best posts never appear to stick to a formula (even if they are!)

  • osoba osaze

    Somehow stumbled on this post again after a few months and I must say Aaron, discipline really has a place in bloggers lives. I changed jobs recently and its been so hard keeping up, work is a ton of fun and so takes up my time. From an average of 4 times a week, I have dropped to around one in two weeks :( fills like I left my first love. But I guess even that is still OK, lets hope I don’t get worse

    I promised myself to get back though, and I hope I do.