6 Unofficial Ways to Increase Your Klout Score

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Oh no… not another klout blog post!! YES! another one. Several months ago, I had my internship in Singapore and I didn’t really have much time to tweet, so I expected my klout score to decrease. It fell from 80+ to 72 within a month. (Little tweets and engagement in a month)

So I thought it would be fun to try out how I could get the score back up again, therefore I tried several methods from simply tweeting and sharing tweets to trying the other types of tweets. The results? Here are



Easily said than done, what type of contents or tweets are worth sharing?

  • Niche tweets: Tweets regarding your niche. If you’re a social media consultant, you could share tweets on social media such as tips, how-to’s etc. Share something that people can benefit from your tweets.
  • Quotes from your niche: Quotes are great because people can easily relate to them. Two years ago, I shared tweets that get retweeted easily and one of them is quotes. The reason is because it is short and people can easily consume it compared to the links to a blog post.
  • Photos: A picture is worth thousand words, in this case, pictures get retweeted easily. Like quotes, it is easy to consume and the funnier the photo, the more it gets shared.


increase klout score


  • Share tips: Sharing tips is another great way to create contents that are content worthy. Be sure to keep that under 120 characters so people can retweet them with ease. One of my most retweeted tweets that has been retweet for more than a year is “retweet someone once, they will know you, retweet them a few times they will remember you”


Starting a discussion is tough, however when you have already built a community, you can start a discussion. One way you can increase your klout score is to have“feedbacks” from people or more “actions” taken upon your tweets. You can do so by posting tweets such as:

  • Questions regarding your niche: Ask questions or ask opinions and people will be more than happy to share their opinions with you. You can ask questions like, “What do you think the future of social media will look like?” or if you’re in another niche, try asking them questions regarding to your niche.
  • Wishes: Some twitter users say that you shouldn’t post tweets like “good morning” etc. I find that a bit ridiculous as it takes away the “human elements”. I don’t think there is any problem with posting such tweets. Usually every morning (In the US time), I’ll send out tweets like “Have a beautiful day/weekend” or “wishing you have a wonderful day ahead”. Tweets like these gets tons of feedback as people will thank you, and wish you have a wonderful day too.Join blog chats:
  • Blog chats are a great way to connect with new people and start a discussion. I find blog chats really active and good to start new and meaningful conversations with others. There are weekly blogs chats that you can join and participate in.


Recently klout allows you to connect other networks such as Facebook, Youtube, Foursquare and other networks. I recently connected my foursquare despite only having less than 100 friends there and It helped me to increase my klout score (only a point). Klout mentioned that adding new networks will not decrease your klout score, so you should try to connect it too. I’ve friends that were able to increase their klout score by 3 points by adding only one addition network.Start a small community


This is a great way to increase your klout score. The reason is because when you have a small community of your own, you’ll be able to get retweets and drive conversations easily compare to just sharing RSS tweets which brings no value when you don’t have a community to read them.


The last method is to engage with influencer users in your niche. Jump into their converastion, tweet them, respond to their tweet but make sure that its something that they can respond back too.

Robert Lavigne (@RLavigne42) tested this on twitter and he manage to increase his klout score from 13 to 44 in two weeks.


Last week at iStrategy, I discussed how using Buffer will increase your klout score, in summary, buffer helps you to optimize your tweet to send out during high traffic hour, therefore giving you more exposure and increasing “actions” such as responds, clicks, etc.

The results? My klout went up from 72 to 83 in less than a month. What about you? Have you tried other stuff that has helped you increase your score?

Oh… I’m not trying to teach you how to game klout. Share your thoughts below.

This blog post is an updated and  republished a blog post i wrote at iStrategy blog 

  • http://3dmodelsart.com/ 3dmodelsart

    @Larissa Yup you have a good point. They can work really well on Facebook, too not only twitter. More channels of communication will result more success.

  • TheraisaK

    Great ideas. I’ll have to try some of them out. :)

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  • SocialMktgFella

    Here’s the biggest gap I see–the ability to sync a WP.org blog activity to your score.  Is there a trick to this I’m missing, anyone?  http://socialmarketingfella.com

  • AmrutaN

    How long do you think before Klout allows you to add Pinterest accounts?

  • AmrutaN

    And this is a great post, thanks a lot Aaron!

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  • http://ecovegangal.com/ Eco-Vegan Gal

    Had to comment because no one else has and I’m quite surprised because this is great info! After reading Wired’s last article on Klout I feel inspired to boost mine, though I am pretty happy to have a current score of 61. I see it as a way to find more ways to engage with my audience and I think it’s a great way for companies to easily find out who is most influential in each field. Thanks again!

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  • http://twitter.com/serviceplease20 Andrew Maher

    Along with all the questions of whether Klout is actually useful or important, the current stream still says that some measurement is important – and Klout is one of the big boys on the block. While I don’t chase my scores they are in my view. And as long as potential employers are looking at them, we must as well. Nice post btw. Thanks

  • http://www.skyhitblog.com/ Avi Jit

    Nice post..!!

  • http://twitter.com/sambredl Samuel Bredl

    Thanks for sharing! I have a question: If I add a Facebook fan page will klout measure just that or also my private profile? 

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  • http://twitter.com/sifera2705 Krassy

    Just your fanpage. You can only connect 1 fb account at the
    same time, and Klout does count your fb fan page as a separate account.

  • http://twitter.com/sifera2705 Krassy

    I have another question though, For example a stupid post I shared yesterday engaged about 18 people. Klout however still hasn’t updated this. How long does it usually take?

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  • http://www.facebook.com/kdg.balmer Kyle Balmer

    To follow up on the Buffer suggestion above I’ve rigged up a little system to feed content into multiple networks using Reeder, Buffer and IFTTT. I’ve boosted my klout from low 30s to 50 in less than 2 weeks.

    First, set up RSS feeds for content you are interested in/your followers are interested in. I used Reeder but you could just as easily go from Google Reader.
    Second, connect your RSS reader to Buffer to get content out to your audience.
    Third, use recipes from IFTTT to further relay the content onto the other Klout-linked sites (tumblr, flickr, foursquare etc.).

  • http://cosmologistic.blogspot.in/ Arnab Roy

    Wow..Your article Gave me a track in which I’ll run for sure..

    My Klout score is 10..and I Guess it’ll take some real time and effort to build it..

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  • gilman

    im stuck at 70!

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  • Heather

    I’d like to know how the heck my klout score is at 48. I wish they showed how they got the number.

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  • http://www.thomaswooldridge.com/ Thomas Wooldridge

    Have people tag the heck out of you on facebook. That friendsmatrix app is killer

  • KimA

    Ok people I just learned about this “Klout” thing last night, and am making myself an example of what to do to increase it & how long it will take?? All suggestions welcome…

  • http://clevercarbuyer.com/ Mark Barker

    Interesting, I will try your suggestions and see if my Klout score increases, thanks!

  • Chris Benton

    My score went from 35-43 just by adding facebook to the account. I also added LinkedIn but it says that takes 24-48 hours so we will see if that score goes up any from that too

  • Lueur

    According to Klout, it may take up to 72 hours.

  • Mari Kita Sehat

    i’m stuck at 57 and cant get higher…… posted quite a lot and have a lot of interactions…. what should i do more….

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  • http://www.trashbaggery.com Caroline Cordier

    does anyone find that sometimes klout doesnt pick up certain facebook posts?

  • http://www.brndbl.tumblr.com/ Ryan Donnell

    Which is a load of bush because their data hasn’t uploaded things on my profile for days. I wonder if they have thresholds or certain scores they keep updated constantly.

  • Ammar Faruki

    Yes, you’re right. And mostly happens with the posts that manage to engage numbers (at least for me). Duh!

  • http://thinkpatient.com/ John Ko

    Proprietary algorithm… Otherwise people would game it, and competitors would try to improve it

  • Lydie LiNk

    Hi thank you for this article ! Do someone know how to ad my Pinterest to Klout ? Is it possible ? I can’t see it in the list of social media to ad. I have a personnal account.
    Does Klout provide Pinterest statistics in the pro account ?
    Thank you.

  • http://www.edwindearborn.com/ Edwin Dearborn

    Truly great and effective tips.

  • arun

    hi, can anyone send me a sample report generated by klout to identify the top influencers for any brand at arun.sam.07@gmail.com. it would be realy helpful

  • Tara Dong

    Hey Arnab, When I was in university our prof assigned us to create a new twitter account and share ten tweets a day to blog posts from high ranking blogs. Just doing this and engaging with any responses, new followers, etc took me from 0 to 65 in the course of a month. Links are statistically significant way to gain both followers and increased Klout score.

  • Stephanie Drescher

    My office has been having a competition on who can get the highest Klout score. I am currently at 59, but started at 56. (Really want to break in to that 60!) One thing that I have done is to “friend” or connect with people and places before I engage them; so that when I go to that place I can tag them in whatever I am saying or doing. For example, I went to a soccer game recently and before attending, I followed the reporter from a news station that I heard was going to be covering the game. While at the game I tweeted and tagged him and the result was he mentioned me in one of his tweets. Another example is to “Like” a restaurant facebook page before going to eat there and then writing a little review. The online community and small business owners especially really appreciate that and it almost always elicits a response.

  • Todd Lohenry

    Include a like to the original author in your tweet. They will most likely thank you and you can respond. Engagement…

  • http://www.trashbaggery.com Caroline Cordier

    its very annoying. sometimes I have post where 20+ have been engaged in either comments or likes yet Klout doesnt seem interested lol

  • Free Life Apps

    Great post, and some really good tips in the comments. Thanks everyone!

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  • http://www.leaderboarded.com/ tobyberesford

    have you considered using a tool like leaderboarded.com to track the competition?

  • Stephanie Drescher

    No, I haven’t heard of that tool, but I will look it up :)

  • Linda He

    My score has been slipping at a time it’s actually needed for the course project I’m doing. Thank you for your tips! Lifesaver :)