6 Unofficial Ways to Increase Your Klout Score

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Oh no… not another klout blog post!! YES! another one. Several months ago, I had my internship in Singapore and I didn’t really have much time to tweet, so I expected my klout score to decrease. It fell from 80+ to 72 within a month. (Little tweets and engagement in a month)

So I thought it would be fun to try out how I could get the score back up again, therefore I tried several methods from simply tweeting and sharing tweets to trying the other types of tweets. The results? Here are



Easily said than done, what type of contents or tweets are worth sharing?

  • Niche tweets: Tweets regarding your niche. If you’re a social media consultant, you could share tweets on social media such as tips, how-to’s etc. Share something that people can benefit from your tweets.
  • Quotes from your niche: Quotes are great because people can easily relate to them. Two years ago, I shared tweets that get retweeted easily and one of them is quotes. The reason is because it is short and people can easily consume it compared to the links to a blog post.
  • Photos: A picture is worth thousand words, in this case, pictures get retweeted easily. Like quotes, it is easy to consume and the funnier the photo, the more it gets shared.


increase klout score


  • Share tips: Sharing tips is another great way to create contents that are content worthy. Be sure to keep that under 120 characters so people can retweet them with ease. One of my most retweeted tweets that has been retweet for more than a year is “retweet someone once, they will know you, retweet them a few times they will remember you”


Starting a discussion is tough, however when you have already built a community, you can start a discussion. One way you can increase your klout score is to have“feedbacks” from people or more “actions” taken upon your tweets. You can do so by posting tweets such as:

  • Questions regarding your niche: Ask questions or ask opinions and people will be more than happy to share their opinions with you. You can ask questions like, “What do you think the future of social media will look like?” or if you’re in another niche, try asking them questions regarding to your niche.
  • Wishes: Some twitter users say that you shouldn’t post tweets like “good morning” etc. I find that a bit ridiculous as it takes away the “human elements”. I don’t think there is any problem with posting such tweets. Usually every morning (In the US time), I’ll send out tweets like “Have a beautiful day/weekend” or “wishing you have a wonderful day ahead”. Tweets like these gets tons of feedback as people will thank you, and wish you have a wonderful day too.Join blog chats:
  • Blog chats are a great way to connect with new people and start a discussion. I find blog chats really active and good to start new and meaningful conversations with others. There are weekly blogs chats that you can join and participate in.


Recently klout allows you to connect other networks such as Facebook, Youtube, Foursquare and other networks. I recently connected my foursquare despite only having less than 100 friends there and It helped me to increase my klout score (only a point). Klout mentioned that adding new networks will not decrease your klout score, so you should try to connect it too. I’ve friends that were able to increase their klout score by 3 points by adding only one addition network.Start a small community


This is a great way to increase your klout score. The reason is because when you have a small community of your own, you’ll be able to get retweets and drive conversations easily compare to just sharing RSS tweets which brings no value when you don’t have a community to read them.


The last method is to engage with influencer users in your niche. Jump into their converastion, tweet them, respond to their tweet but make sure that its something that they can respond back too.

Robert Lavigne (@RLavigne42) tested this on twitter and he manage to increase his klout score from 13 to 44 in two weeks.


Last week at iStrategy, I discussed how using Buffer will increase your klout score, in summary, buffer helps you to optimize your tweet to send out during high traffic hour, therefore giving you more exposure and increasing “actions” such as responds, clicks, etc.

The results? My klout went up from 72 to 83 in less than a month. What about you? Have you tried other stuff that has helped you increase your score?

Oh… I’m not trying to teach you how to game klout. Share your thoughts below.

This blog post is an updated and  republished a blog post i wrote at iStrategy blog 

  • BilalJaffery

    Klout’s score is exponential. It’s easier to increase klout in the beginning as it is to increasing it later on. Going from 11 to 43 is easier than 43 to 50 or 65.


  • BilalJaffery

    Klout’s score is exponential. It’s easier to increase klout in the beginning as opposed to to increasing it later on. Going from 11 to 43 is easier vs going from 43 to 50 or 65. Ultimately, it’s just a score that people are gaming now and it’s loosing value for some in the real business decision making.


  • AskAaronLee

    @BilalJaffery Definitely, I’ve seen people who were able to increase it easily to 70+ and yes people are gaming it and Klout definitely trying their with their algorithms which they have more than 50! yikes!

    But i think with more data, they’ll be able to get better score. Not accurate but near.

  • jureklepic

    Aaron Nice Post, as for point 5 small issue, if person with lowers ( less influential) will engage with you, your score will drop. I got this explanation from Klout, back in august my network and amplification score drop for 3 points in 24 hours and in email received from Klout was stated that i was engaged with less influential people, which i found a bit ridicules to punished people for engagement based how influential person is. And yes Twitter chat will help a lot. Thx for sharing.

  • Randy_Gage

    I like what they are trying to do and would love to see the service work. But there are certainly some issues. They really said your score would decline if you engage with “less influential” people? If so, I think they lost their way.

    A couple weeks ago my score mysteriously dropped six points over night. Come to find out somehow they had dropped my FB fan page and switch to my private personal one. When I tried to reconnect I get an error message and their customer service is dreadful, so I haven’t heard back yet, a few days later.

    – Randy Gage

  • hmk14

    @jureklepic Incredible disincentive for someone conscientious to become involved in a conversation. What are they thinking?

  • http://www.commun.it/ Sharel_Omer

    @jureklepic great point :) lots of good insights to follow :)

    I’m also a big fan of twitter chats, an informal way to build relationships :)

  • http://www.commun.it/ Sharel_Omer

    Hi Aaron,

    Great post pal.. you should write more of those, you insights are amazing.

    I loved your point about multiple networks… this is a great insight to think of, if we want to build relationship with a person we should engage with him on different channels…

    and you know i’m a huge bufferapp fan :) so thanks for sharing it.

    Keep inspire us to better engage :)


  • SFBaySEO

    I’ve grown my @klout score to 50 from 27 in the space of a couple of weeks, and I can’t say exactly what did it, but this has been my regiment over the last few weeks… tweeting at least 20 times a day with content relative to my followers and those I follow, retweeting big influencers, giving +K to the big guys and asking them to reciprocate. I’ve also been using @manageflitter to add new tweeps and unfollow those who don’t follow me back within a week or so, and to unfollow those who are active. I’ll still follow those who are popular and have the “Thumbs up” in manageflitter even if they don’t follow back.

  • http://justicewordlaw.com/ Justicewordlaw

    Great information here. When I wanted to really bump my Klout score up I just got involved with more Twitter chats and that seemed to really get my industry and niche down for me.

  • RockTique

    @jureklepic That’s horrible, really. If Klout does not want to appear as a ‘game’ (as some people believe) then they need to fix this part of their algorithm, fast! I will not sacrifice a friendship, nor a potential one at that, to keep my Klout score up. Just no way. Never.

  • jureklepic

    @RockTique I agree with you! I really don’t look into score before I engage. On the end is Social Media and Social mean people.

  • billymitchell1

    Thanks Aaron, I noticed that Jay Baer ( @jaybaer ) blogged about Buffer today. I need to check it out. I don’t think about my Klout score until I get one of those emails letting me know it’s been updated. I must admit it bothers me when I see that it has dropped several points. Not sure why, but it does. I need to find bigger things to think about!

  • AskAaronLee

    @jureklepic Hi! I heard about this before, but I think its only a temporary drop, because mine drops and goes up quickly as well, also whenever someone who has more influence engages with someone less influence, the one which the less influence increases. You’re definitely doing well, don’t need klout to tell ya that 😉

  • AskAaronLee

    @Sharel_Omer@jureklepic Whats your fav chat guys?

  • AskAaronLee

    @RockTique Its tough to know what they are thinking seeing that they have more than 50 variables to calculate influence. @jureklepic

  • AskAaronLee

    @Randy_Gage Hi Randy, if i am not mistaken they took out fan pages and only allow you to connect your facebook profile page. I could be wrong but that was what I heard. Yeah! @jureklepic was just talking about the less influential engaging part. I think its only temporary though. I engage with people a lot, it doesn’t affect mine much

  • AskAaronLee

    @Sharel_Omer Hi Sharel, thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment, thanks for the compliment too. Hopefully i have more time in my hands to write more. Love to share and I want to improve on my writing as well. Definitely bufferapp is a great tool! We will see you guys combining or partnering with each other anytime soon?

  • AskAaronLee

    @billymitchell1 LoL! you can think about us on twitter, it definitely helps. Yeah although people don’t wanna admit it, klout score matters to them and it does give a little idea whether they are doing it right or wrong. Also i always tell my friends that klout score is like “who has the biggest di** in school.” to people. They boast in the showers. :) @JayBaer

  • AskAaronLee

    @Justicewordlaw Awesome! I’ve seen you in some chats, how is it working for you?

  • AskAaronLee


  • http://justicewordlaw.com/ Justicewordlaw

    @AskAaronLee It was been working out really great. It just lets me learn new things from others along with me sharing my knowledge as well. Right now I am on the #cmgrchat chat right now.

  • AskAaronLee

    @Justicewordlaw Looking at the chat now thanks :)

  • Randy_Gage

    @AskAaronLee@jureklepic If they want to measure klout, that makes no sense at all. -RG

  • http://www.commun.it/ Sharel_Omer

    @AskAaronLee@jureklepic For me it’s #UsGuys and #ToolsChat 😉

  • http://www.commun.it/ Sharel_Omer

    @AskAaronLeebufferapp Hi Aaron :) thank you for the personal reply and for caring. please tell how all of us can help you write more… it does make a difference, especially for new tools to get more traction, and for new social media ppl to learn how to leverage social media to their businesses needs.

    We love your blog and your passion to social media and people and love Buffer app – try to support both of you in any way we can.

    Since Commun.it is in private beta not all users gain access, your blog readers and buffer users are THE experts that could help us help them to build a better product custom made for their needs 😉 a suggestion may be to give your blog readers and buffer users free invites to Commun.it – give them value for free, get their feedbacks and insights and improve the product for the pople that really need it and will use it.

    Great ideas and insights Aaron 😉 please keep them coming and help leading the way for innovation and creativity :)

  • SarahRyck

    Thanks Aaron! This is a great post and thoughtful tips–My Klout dropped quite a bit over the summer as I began a new job so I’m trying to get it going again.

    You mentioned Blog chats. Are there any in particular you recommend?

  • AskAaronLee

    @SarahRyck HI Sarah, hopefully these tips helps.

    As for blog chats, you can find




    those are really good. There are a couple more that I have participated before

  • LeoWid

    Aaron, I love your emphasis on making this genuine and not gaming a score. It really shows how a Klout score can be powerful. Especially your #3 on building a small community can be very powerful.

    It’s great to see you back blogging so actively, really enjoy your down to earth writing, yet always so much to learn!

    Oh and thanks so much for the kind mention. :)

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  • Purgly

    Hello Aaron, I translated your article into Portuguese and published it on my blog, with all links to your original and obviously with all credits to you. Please check it out at


    All the best, Jorge Purgly

  • cammipham

    @jureklepic interesting that is not cool at all. Engaging is not equal less influential

    Agree twitter chat help a lot

  • AskAaronLee

    @Purgly Thanks for translating it, just checked it out (though I don’t know how to read it lol) thanks man, much appreciated.

  • AskAaronLee

    @LeoWid Thanks Leo, its great to come back to blogging again after a while, missing writing, sharing and learning from so many people like you Leo. You’ve been amazing and I’m so glad to be part of your journey and seeing you and Joel succeeding with buffer.

  • AskAaronLee

    @cammipham We can learn so much from you Cammi, you’re host of a great twitter chat :)) @jureklepic

  • Purgly

    @AskAaronLee I am happy that you liked it. All the best, Jorge Purgly

  • http://ww.rsacourseonline.com.au/rsa-certificate RSA Course

    I just googled Klout score as I had not heard of it before. Now I understand a bit of what it is. But how do you get one. Do you have to sign up for it? Or is it something google is automatically measuring?

  • AskAaronLee

    @RSA Course Hello! Its automated by klout.com :) You don’t have to sign up for it actually. Signing up gives you more details about your score.

  • RobinVosler

    Love that your headline made me click the link. Good content. Thanks for sharing! I’ve been focusing on #5 but actually not to increase my klout score (although that’s a nice bonus). I’ve really enjoyed connecting with people like @cammipham @jkcallas and I love @LeoWid’s buffer app. Pretty sure, I’ve already tweeted you infamous post mentioned above. Just curious, why did you stop blogging for a while?

  • Rachel_B_Berry

    Great post. I don’t think this is ‘gaming’ Klout at all – it’s a strategy to succeed within the parameters Klout has established. Thanks for sharing!

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  • b.nijhoff

    These are really helpful tips. Until now I never heard of klout score but thanks to this post I know. Keep on the good work.

  • Larissa

    Great tips!! most of them will be useful on FB as well :)

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  • kealakanae

    I find that inspirational quotes work really well in any niche, people eat that stuff up and retweet like crazy. It’s helped me go from 30 something to 60 something in 3 months.

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  • http://www.mindrisehypnosis.com/ mindrise

    motivational quotes work wonders people need to be complimented and motivated.