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  • http://www.paoloconti.net gattoplatone

    Hi. This is Paolo. Klout score 65. I’m growing steadly, which is good. But my primary activity happens on youtube. The account is already connected, but according in my research, Klout still doesn’t count Youtube, no matter how yo perform on it. Any buzz about why and any changes in the near future?
    I guess this is an issue for many of other like me out there.
    Ciao to everyone.

  • Jon Lamb

    Stuck on 65 for months regardless of engagement #kloutcirclejerk

  • Neil Cassels

    Interesting article – I wonder whether it’s worth spending time on improving your Klout score though. Sure if you are increasing engagement to gain authority to get more sales etc, then a higher klout score is a handy side effect – but working on your Klout score where other things are a nice side effect would be the wrong way around to do things.

  • Ardy S

    Anyone else find it odd that Yelp! isn’t a connected social network?

  • Alena Svetelska

    my score is 67 and stuck any advice how to improove it?

  • IranMCT

    great notices. thanx


  • IngridHartPM

    I love this article!!! Thanks so much!!

  • https://www.facebook.com/MarcelVanWeConnect  Marcel Vergonet

    It’s not possible to add Pinterest. Pinterest does not have a third party API for Klout yet.

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  • Lost in the USA

    I went from 15 to 50 in 2 weeks.

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  • Kathiiy

    I connected my Instagram account to klout, and share photos with #hashtags. The result was, I gained 2-3 points in less than a month. It’s fun sharing what I cooked myself. :D

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  • sanadata

    your website is veeeeeeeeery goog :)

  • Brokencup

    How often do you get a klout update?

  • Dawn

    My pictures on Klout are all blurry. What should I do?

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