How Twitter Look Like When They Launched

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A lot of people don’t really know how twitter looked like when they launched. After seeing a tweet about how facebook looked like during the early days I decided to find out how twitter looked like in the beginning

Twitter in 2005

Picture below was taken from broken-tv and according to them this was the how twitter look like before the domain was bought over by the founders of the Twitter now.

Twitter in 2006 – Official Launch

Twitter in 2008

This was how twitter actually look like when I joined back in 2008 (my old account). This was the page up to 2009 when they decided to change the layout again.

Twitter 2009 – Current

What more can i say? This is what you look at everyday.

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  • Malaysian


  • ed

    Before that, it was called twttr


  • Jon Pear (a.k.a. NeuroAster)

    #140rriffic :)

  • choco

    haha. funky post. i like.

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  • Keane

    Great post! Such a poignant retrospecticus :)

  • Jenny She

    Great stuff here! I joined twitter in 2008. Thanks for sharing!

  • Jenny She

    Glad to know that you had kept a record/ screen shot.

  • Becs

    The 2006 one is missing the CSS…..that’s why it looks so crap

  • nits

    2008? thats great..

  • Tinu Cherian

    Thanks for sharing this.. Nice find Aaron. I have also Rted it !

  • askaaronlee

    Thank you for Rt-ing it buddy =)

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  • Hitesh Mehta

    Yeah every internet product or application have evolved with the current trend (at that time). Thanks for sharing!

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  • Garry Polmateer

    Or if you use Twitter clients, a page you don't ever look at 😉 Neat post though!

  • Eric Andersen

    Very cool, thanks Aaron! Would love to see more 2006 shots of the site – what did the public timeline look like back then, pre-hashtags, etc. Only comment is I don't agree with “This is what you look at everyday.” In fact, most Twitter users rarely or never see the logged-out homepage of because they are always logged in!

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  • ,,k,lkjhu


  • franc black

    Awesome. You rock.

  • evandro

    I was looking in how this company markted themselves in their start
    evandro@freemindcorporation . com