How to find your first tweet sent on twitter

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I had so much going on recently I had to temporary abandon this little blog to prioritise on work that needed more focus. I’ll admit that I have not been spending much time here but things are about to change!

I recently wrote a post on for Ian Cleary on the tools I used to grow an amazing community of 400,000 followers. If you hadn’t read it yet I recommend you head over to his blog to check it out.

When I first started using Twitter, I had literally zero connections out the usual group of friends I hung out with in Uni. Back then I was searching for a way to grow my readers on a coffee blog I created and it was then that I stumbled upon an article on twitter. I read about its potential and I thought I could use it to connect with people. I was sold.

On the 20th of March 2009, I registered my account and tweeted the following.

twitter first tweet

On the same day, I started following people in my industry, and on my third tweet someone responded to me, proving the potential of what Twitter could become.

first tweet on your twitter

Do you remember the first tweet you sent? Today’s post will help you find out what was your first tweet.

The good news is. You don’t really need a tool for that at all. It can all be done inside Twitter. Here is how you do it.

How To Find Your First Tweet on Twitter

1. Go to Settings

find what is the first tweet you sent
2. Scroll down and click request your archives. Your archives will then be sent to your email.

request twitter archives

3. Check the email you used to register your account on twitter.

4. Click download

check your email twitter

5. Unzip the file you’ve download.

6. Once you’ve unzip, you’ll notice several folders. Simply open the file called “index.html

find first tweet

7. You’re done. Here is what it would look like.

Screen Shot 2013-04-07 at 8.31.19 PM

Now simply go back to the very first time you tweeted and relive the memory. Using this, I found that I was still connecting with some of my very first friends on twitter.

What was your first tweet?

Why did you tweet that? Did it remind you of why did you started using Twitter?




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  • Foong Pc

    Oh thank you for this! I had been wondering how to access my really old tweets! : )

  • Aaron Lee

    My pleasure Mr.P! What was your first tweet?

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  • Michelle D Harris

    Cool thanks, I couldn’t see mine on index.html – it had nothing there but send new tweet – but on Tweets.csv I could see it and it said – I am supposed to be getting ready for work and because of Lisa I am looking at this !!!

  • Pam

    My first tweet on Feb. 26, 2009, “I’ve Twittered up!”

  • Aaron Lee

    Thanks to Lisa, we met! YAY!

  • Aaron Lee

    That’s a great way to start twitter! 😀 thank you for your comment.

  • Philip Ronestone

    What if you’ve changed your handle?

  • Aaron Lee

    Shouldn’t be any problem since its the same twitter account :)

  • Mark Shannon

    My first tweet on July 30, 2009 was: “Got my first follower. Good time for a first tweet.”

    Funny enough, in November of that year I also tweeted “Not sure how much I like Twitter other than for pubilicity stunts though.”

  • Makemoneygal

    Great tip,..I didn’t even know this was possible. My first tweet was ‘5 free tools for beginners to make money online’…I guess I just got right down to business. lol

  • Andrzej Tucholski

    … wow! I was not aware that I can do so! Thanks! :)

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  • Cara

    How to delete my first tweets because they are very embarassing!

  • jeff. Burleson

    Thank you sooooo much!!! That’s awesome!!!

  • Ilma

    why I can’t access it? When i click the “index”, it became like this. why?


    Had the same problem with ya’.

  • kat

    hahaha omfg it worked and i am laughing so hard at my first tweet. I was such a Justin Bieber fangirl!!!! ahah

  • BrendaVinzi

    Hey I can’t see it, like the guy who commented below, can you please help?

  • steven

    for some reason the link isnt getting sent to my email?

  • Pamela

    I’ve also got that problem :( And it only says “Index” not “Index.html” :/

  • arwa

    u’r just amazing ,, thank u alooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot 😀

  • anon

    does it show your old direct messages as well?

  • Cláudio Pinto

    That happens because you didn’t unzip the file.

  • Killa

    So is this the way to delete those tweets as well or is there a different way for that ?

  • Tiana Kai

    Very cool! I was thinking about this the other day… I probably said what I had for lunch, that was so 2006!

  • ariel

    i changed my email and everytime i try to resend the file to the new email it doesn’t go there (i think it is still going to the old email that i don’t remember the password) :( fking bugs

  • hello

    How to unzip something?

  • hannah

    how do you unzip the file?

  • Aaron Lee

    did you unzip the entire file?

  • Aaron Lee

    try unzipping the entire file :)

  • Aaron Lee

    Sorry! you can’t :)

  • Aaron Lee

    Tried again. It’s slow sometimes.

  • Aaron Lee

    Download a software for it. Google “unzip file software” or something. You should be able to find one for your operating system.

  • Brew

    A couple of months ago I deleted a lot of tweets, starting from my first tweet. Now that I requested the archive, it only starts from the time that I stopped deleting tweets. Is there any way to recover the entire archive with the deleted tweets included. Also, when I was able to actually download the .zip file and view it, it doesn’t look anything like your example. The archive that I was able to download was only a list of tweets.

  • Trainman1405

    Cool! I subscribed to the blog

  • datEnglish

    Hi Aron,
    Thank you so much for this post. I have been trying to locate my first tweet for a presentation. Now, I realise that as a complete inexperienced tweeter I must have locked it by mistake, any idea if I can recover it, I would be so thankful

  • Jake Kromschroeder

    how do you unvip the entire file?

  • Javier Vilas

    Is there a way to recover tweets that I have deleted?

  • cherrybomb

    Ok uhm. I suddenly miss my ex boyfriend. :(

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  • kimberly

    thank you for this ! it worked 😀

  • Be Alright

    I cant uzip that files, please help me

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  • clui guevarra

    does it rlly take time to recieve the file from email?


    simply go to