How To: Find The Hottest Tweets on The Web

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It’s hard to find tweets on twitter when so many people are posting tweets at the same time. I personally use a few methods to look for tweets. One of them is using list that I created to follow 250 twitterers which are interesting to me and has great tweets to share. I also follow conversation on my other list as well.

Today I’m gonna share with you how you can find the most popular tweets on the web. On of my favorite method is using Chirrps. Chirrps used to be known as DailyRT but they changed recently. You can follow them at @chirrps. They are great people who responds to tweets and DM’s whenever you have a question to ask.

One thing I love about chirrps is that you can follow tweets from different categories from,  the most popular tweets at the “all” category to “tech category” to “humor category”. If you’re a tech guy, then you can follow all the current tech news that have been retweeted the most.

Here is a screen shot of chirrps

As you noticed above, tweets are organized from the most retweeted.

You are also given a personal page. Just use the search option on the top. Just fill in your username.

Here is a screen shot of my page at chirrps

If you want you can even send tweets right from chirrps. All you have to do is sign in and you can reply to your followers from there.

Go ahead, play around with it. Its a great tool so look for the hottest tweets on the web and keeping you ahead.

Do you know any other tools? Why not recommend it to us.

Photo Credit: Christian Steinkrüger’s

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