How to: Check How Engaging You Are on Twitter

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Are you engaging enough on twitter? Or are you ignoring all the tweets that people are sending you?

I found a way to check how engaging a twitterer is. Best part about this is that you can check how engaging are other twitterers are well.

All you need to use is Tweet Stats.

Tweet Stats not only allows you to check how engaging you are but also graph your twitter stats such as Tweets per hour, Tweets per month, and Tweets timeline

All you have to do is insert your username.

Here is mine

If you notice I am just replying to just 50.61% of the tweets. This means that I should pay attention more to my tweets. I am currently using CoTweet, a 3rd party web interface web to tweet nowadays. With CoTweet I am able to reply easily. I will be explaining more on that in the future. If you have time try CoTweet.

That is not all you can do with Tweet Stats though, You also get to check who you RT the most

Are you can notice I retweet @twitter_tips the most. I am not sure why its only 160 tweets because I am pretty sure I have RT more than that.

Okay what you can do with this?

This is a way to find great tweets. What you can do with this is check who are the people that you retweet a lot? What you can do is check their stats and get a rough idea of who they retweet they most. So for me I retweet @twitter_tips a lot. What you can do is follow them as well or retweet their tweets because you will get a rough idea of who I am retweeting and who are other people retweeting. Giving you more tweets to send out if you don’t have any idea what to tweet about.

Here is an example from @flipbooks, as you notice he RT a lot from @phaoloo, so what I can do is, list all these people on a list so that I can follow their tweets easily.

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