How E-Moms Use Facebook & Twitter To Stalk Their Child

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Today we’re lucky to have a guest blog post from Willis Wee. An author from Penn Olson who took the time off his busy schedule to write for us an interesting blog post.. Follow @williswee for more social media and marketing snippets”

I have always thought to myself: “What’s the point of having private tweets when you’re on Twitter and don’t wish to connect. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose?”
If your mum is stalking you on Twitter, you don’t have a choice. And what’s most frightening is when your mum disguises as a good friend of yours; catching you completely off-guard!  (And in that case, private tweets wouldn’t help much either!)

If 140 characters aren’t sufficient, Facebook would be her next stop. Facebook’s photo tagging function helps e-moms to quickly identify who and what sort of friends you’re with. Below is a video by The Onion, the Satire news network, describing in details how e-moms could use Facebook and Twitter to stalk their child. Watch it to better understand a stalker’s movement and observe whether you have one in your online network – better be safe than sorry.

Guest-Blogger Willis Wee

Willis Wee is the Wacky co-founder of one of the hottest upcoming blog Penn Olson who is also an entrepreneur since 19 years old. He is currently a student of Singapore Management University but has been experienced in crafting social media strategies for big organizations such as Marriott Vacation Club, James Cook University, Reach Singapore and Unilever.

Picture source: Ehow

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  • aaronvail

    OMG!!! those people are crazy! thinking those sites are made for that! that video actually looks fake its so dumb! ugh, parents shouldn't be allowed on the internet if they do that!

  • glitterglitzer

    haha well one of the reasons I refused my mom as a friend on Facebook apart from some more serious ones. But OMG NO THANK YOU to that wacko of a mom. Poor Jeff… LOL

  • rososusilo

    unfortunately the parents, very rarely watched his activities on facebook or twitter. they are busy with work.

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  • Clemens Rettich

    I know there's a line, but given my own experience helping schools and parents with cyber-bullying, having at least clue what your child is doing online is not a bad thing. Balancing boundaries and responsible parenting doesn't have simple answers.

    And folks… its a spoof!! Get a sense of humour for goodness sake!! It's hilarious!

  • disqus_xcWOfAKap9

    It’s satire; it’s supposed to be fake.