Happy Birthday Twitter!

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Cake Anyone??

Can you believe that the micro-blogging service Twitter is already four years old? Well, it’s true. Although not many people knew twitter existed then. Four  years ago from today, Twitter Co-founder  Jack Dorsey together with Evan Williams, Biz Stone  sent their first tweet. This is what they said…

Jack Dorsey aka @Jack

Biz Stone aka @BizEvan Williams aka @Ev

Like what have been reported by Mashable last year, thousands of companies never made it to three years. What else four years for twitter today which has more than 70 million users and reached their 10 billion tweets few weeks ago. Not to mention 600 tweets per second.

I realized many people mentioning that twitter has not made any money in the last 4 years. I am sure twitter will monetize this year for sure. It is nothing new actually. When google launched, they didn’t make any money the first few years either. Look at where they are today? Its the top website in the world ranking #1 on alexa followed by facebook.

Twitter is not that bad either. Twitter ranks the number #21

Picture source: flickr

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