Growing as a Blogger and as a Person.

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You are the greatest YOU that you will ever become. The best way to predict your future is to invent it. Lessons I learned while watching The Opus. Few days ago I received an email from Danny Brown, someone who I look up to as have the up most respect for.

Danny invited me to be part of his blogging community at best blogging tips online. A blog dedicated to helping bloggers and building a community for bloggers by bloggers. I gave it many thoughts, and I decided to jump into the pool and join Danny Brown and other experience bloggers like @FrankDickinson and @joey_strawn .

Never in my wildest dreams I would think of starting a blog like Ask Aaron Lee, nonetheless, blog about blogging. However, I accepted the offer to join Danny because I understand that opportunity doesn’t knock on your door twice. In this case opportunity doesn’t email you twice.

In Danny’s blog, he’s someone who loves to share his thoughts and has a great sense of humor. You won’t get a blog that talks about automatic urinal until you read his. I am an avid reader of his blog and an active commenter sometimes agreeing with Danny and disagreeing. I love how engaging he is on his blog. What made me jump into this opportunity is growing as a blogger, a writer and a person. I love to learn from others through reading their blog and through videos because I love to hear how they sound. That way I can imagine them talking in my head. I also love to share what I’ve learned from people like Danny and so many others which I have the opportunity to learn from as well.

That was how Ask Aaron Lee got started as I took the blog to be my diary to write and share my experience and what I have learned online from my experience and twitter tips. Up to today, I got the chance to grow as a blogger and as a person learning not only from Danny but from other great bloggers like @MarkwSchaefer who constantly motivating me to be who I am and grow. Recently my comment on Mark Schaefer’s blog at Grow got voted by Mark as the comment of the week. Thank you Mark!

If you always dreamt of starting your own blog or want to grow as a blogger. Join me, @Dannybrown and other great bloggers in best blogging tips online and let’s build a community together.

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  • Mark W Schaefer

    Congratulations on your successes Aaron! I am inspired by your passion and authentic heart you always show to your friends. I think you have a great future and I’m excited to see how far you can go! Best wishes, Mark

  • Danny Brown

    Hey there Aaron,

    I’m seconding Mark’s comment here (and agree with you 100%, Mark is very inspiring). It’s been an absolute pleasure getting to know you over the last year or so, and watching your blog and community grow with you.

    You tell it like it is; you don’t disregard anyone; and you ask questions (and provide answers) to the topics that folks want to read about.

    Really honoured to have you part of the For Bloggers, By Bloggers team, and look forward to seeing you bring your cool thoughts to our community over there.

    Cheers, sir!

  • Anonymous

    Aaron, I’m honored to be considered in the same group as you, especially by someone like Danny. I’ve enjoyed reading this and everything else I’ve read of yours.

    I’m very much looking forward to growing the community at For Bloggers, By Bloggers alongside you, but I’m even more excited about growing as a writer and communicator from you, Danny and Frank along the way. I think we have a great thing in from of us and if we help each other grow it can be an amazing adventure.

  • Aaron Lee

    Thank you Mark, thanks for dropping by and commenting. Always appreciate the friendship that you’ve given. You are a true gem Mark. So glad we met and connected on twitter

  • Aaron Lee

    Hey Danny,Thanks for dropping by too. Mark is inspiring. Love the way he shares his thoughts in his blog. Love the way you share yours too. I always feel inspired when I read your blog and Mark’s.

    Its been great getting to know you Danny. I remembered my first comment on your blog. It was about the Four Seasons hotel blog post. It’s an honor to be invited and thank you for the opportunity. I won’t let you down. Hope I can contribute as much.Cheers!Aaron.

  • Justice Wordlaw

    Congrats on your opportunity that you received Aaron. I am excited to check out your posts that you would be presenting on that blog. Congrats

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  • Susan Silver

    Stories like this is why I’ve started my own blog. The internet has an amazing power to connect individuals and spread ideas. As well as inviting collaboration on this ideas and having them grow. Thanks Aaron for all your wisdom! I’ll be checking out that new blog :)

  • Dino Dogan

    Im doing something like this in my niche. I would love to understand better what motivated you to join? In other words, whats in it for you?

    I ask because I do want to provide value to those who join the group of bloggers in my niche and in order to do that I need to understand what bloggers need.

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  • Aaron Lee

    Thanks Susan for taking the time to read and comment.
    Big thanks for checking out the new blog. You’ll love what other bloggers have to share there.

  • Aaron Lee

    Thanks Justice,

    Big thanks for all the support up to today :)

  • Aaron Lee

    Thanks mate,

    For a while you make me sound like a super celebrity or something, kidding.

    It will be fun to be able to network and get to know you, Frank and Danny. Hope to build a great place and grow with you guys.

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  • Aaron Lee

    Hey D,

    I can tell you on our skype chat or email :)

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  • Lyudmila Bloch

    Hello Aron,
    I read your blog and it sounds like a promotional piece about yourself and Danny Brown…I did not get it — how did you grow as a blogger? I like Danny Brown but what did I learn as a reader from this blog? Confused. Anyway , best wishes to you! :)

  • Anonymous

    Hey Aaron–I’m so appreciative of your blog and I’ve learned a lot about social media. It’s rare when I don’t learn from one of your RTs, too.

    Thanks for making me a better blogger and less of a Luddite ;).

  • Vee Sweeney

    Way to go for making your own success and running with it. It is hard in today’s world to go through the day without hearing someone complain about something. 99% of the time when I hear these complaints, there is something that the person can do about it to change their own destiny and gives themselves a better outcome and life in general. Your post and words are a great example of someone going after something and ending up where they want to be in life. We need more of this in today’s world!

  • Aaron Lee

    Thank you Linda, appreciate you commenting on my blog.
    You are a better blogger than me you know.


  • Aaron Lee

    Good day!

    Yes its a part story part promotional piece. The title is more of a personal story of how I got started and the things that I’ve learned through reading and getting to know Danny and Mark. :)


  • Aaron Lee

    Thank you Vee,

    Its true, we have a lot of people saying that they don’t have this and they don’t have that. The thing is, they have everything they want in them to go after it. Thanks for reading my blog post and taking the time to comment. Appreciate your comment.


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