Google Should Partner With Twitter Instead of Buying

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Business insider wrote an article that Google should buy twitter a while ago. Although I think acquiring twitter will be a good move for Google, I doubt twitter would ever consider selling. In my opinion, partnering will be a better choice for Google. Although we understand the term “everyone has a price” I doubt twitter are considering to sell their business seeing that they have a lot of plans in the coming future. (hint: more monetization).

So why should Google partner with twitter instead of buying them or why should twitter consider partnering with google? Google or twitter needs to understand how they can help each other and satisfy each other needs.

Facebook understands that they need to grow in order to stay in business. What do they do? They help their users to connect better with their friends on Facebook.  They did this by partnering with Skype and Microsoft.  With skype mutual friends get to call to another. The partnership with Microsoft’s Bing is more interesting for me. Its simple, if I were to search for movie, I get to see my friends that “liked” a particular page. Now the reason why this is interesting is because of  “peer pressure” and reviews. When you see a friend liking a page. Two things will come up. The first is you should ask him how it was without spoiling the ending. Second is you need to watch it because he or she did.

So how can be the partnership of  Google and Twitter help?

Similar with Facebook and Microsoft’s partnership, while searching for something on Google’s search engine, people who are signed in on twitter can see similar articles shared by their friends on twitter.

For example, if I was searching for the key phrase “twitter tips” on Google. I’ll get search engine results as well as tweets from people who I am currently following on twitter. So if I was following John and John shared a link about Twitter tips for businesses, I get to see his tweets appearing on the search engine. Something which even twitter search can’t do at this point. (You can do that with hootsuite if I am not mistaken). The reason why this will work better is because we all have trouble with reading tweets as its filled with too much information.

However, lets say I wanted to search for something on Google. This means that I am curious or want more information about a particular subject. If a friend of mine on twitter posted something similar, I’ll click and might share it or even ask him more about that since he surely know more than me. This even helps to build relationship.

What’s in it for twitter then?

I read an article on techcrunch about the low evaluation of twitter. To summarize the article. One of the suggestions that twitter could implement is advertising from google onto their own search engine. Twitter COULD possibly earn roughly $400 million a day and $5 billion year. That is more than what twitter makes in a day now. That is even more than what Facebook is making on advertising.

Its win-win for both. Forbes mention in an article that the partnership between Facebook and Microsoft might hurt Google’s stock from $642 to $514. If that happened were to take occur, I might purchase.

So what do you think? What else can come out from the partnership of Google and Twitter? Would love to hear your opinions.

photo by NobMouse

  • Simon Cullum

    Everything is for sale at the right price, even the likes of Twitter.

    Twitter will have new owners one day, though from the user perspective, I hope not just yet as Twitter is still in it’s early days of development and overall, is already awesome.

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  • Aaron Lee

    I agree Simon, I doubt it will be for sale for a while Jack and Ev are still treating twitter as their baby still. They might wait for it to mature before deciding to sell it.

    Agree! its already awesome! :)

  • Michele Price

    I like how you think. With partnerships forming and allowing for a whole new set of features and connections that would not happened without joining forces.

    How cool would it be if we started telling them what we wanted form them if they joined together.

  • Aaron Lee

    Thanks Michele,

    I agree, partnering forms and allows new set of features. Something Google should consider since they aren’t doing well with social networking sites. Hmm.. I wonder if we can ever tell them that LoL

  • Justice Wordlaw

    I really like how you presented this Aaron. I feel that partnerships are an amazing thing and that twitter really does need to monetize a lot more. But, also that connecting up with google for search purposes could be a benefit for everyone.

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  • Social Media Experts

    Great points, all so true!

  • Aaron Lee

    Thanks Justin,

    Everyone was saying google should buy but no one see the potential of partnership. :)
    Yeah! connecting google for search will benefit us.

  • Aaron Lee

    Thank you :)

  • Justice Wordlaw

    Its Justice!

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  • Nicolas Maillot

    “get search engine results as well as tweets from people who I am currently following on twitter” –> This is now possible with

    Feeback welcome !

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  • Chi Flat Iron

    Really appreciate this post. It’s hard to sort the good from the bad sometimes, but I think you’ve nailed it!