Giveaway: Are business cards important? YES!

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I remember attending my first social media conference back in December 2010. Days before the conference, I had butterflies in my stomach because I’ve not been to ANY conferences at all. I imagined so many weird scenarios happening in my head.

The worst part is, I made a huge mistake by not having enough business cards with me during the conference. It wasn’t a pleasant experience getting a card and not giving one in return.

Well, luckily I’ve managed to keep in touch with a couple of people whom I met back then. Right Zilkry?

photo credit: Moo

After that, I learned my lesson and I always have spare business cards in my wallet at all times.

So to those of you who is always looking for a good business card, I have some good news for you!

I am delighted to announce that will provide us with prizes for 3 lucky readers in an EXCLUSIVE giveaway only on this blog. 

Moo? Who? What?

If you have not heard before, they print business cards online, however they also have a wide range of postcards, minicards (which I am about to get), greeting cards, and many more.

You can upload your own images or any artwork to create your card, but if you don’t have an eye for design (like me), you can pick from designer business card templates and personalize it with your own details.

Competition Prizes

  • 3 sets of 100 Classic Business Cards for 3 separate winners.


Giveaway ends on the 2nd of May 2012.

How to Enter:

To stand a chance to win one of the three prizes, all you have to do is post a comment below (that easy!) and tell us: 

How do you get your business card to stand out from the others?

We’re looking for fun, creative, and unique answers. If you can make us laugh, you’re one step closer to walking away with some free business cards. It’s that simple.

Winners will be chosen from the comment below, so do enter a valid email address so that I can reach you.

I’m sure you’ll fall in love with the quality of their cards and you’ll be able to impress people with your brand new business card.

Good luck! Comment away! 😀


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  • Sookie Shuen

    Nice one Aaron! 

    Our business cards stand out from others as our branding is the message we put out there about our organisation. It’s the style and the format in which we share our goals and activities.

  • Kyra Barker

    I’m from Trinidad (in the Caribbean) and I actually use Moo cards (I need to restock actually).
    Firstly, the texture and firmness of the card makes it stand out since the cards that are available here are usually the thin flexible type. Next, I chose the portrait layout with my company’s logo only on the entire front. The back of the card has a background that gives a textured look and coincidentally the way I ordered my contact info forms an acronym:

    All these factors, though not funny or quirky, make my current business card stand out :)

  • Farhana Rahman

    My business cards must always be uniquely gorgeous, pleasing to the eyes of all ages and demographics, and a conversation-starter on its own. 

    I present them to people as though I am presenting fine jewelry- positioning them in the center of open palms with a slight tilt as though it will sparkle- with a gaze, inviting smile, and words of praise to the recipient.

    My presentation may be moderately theatrical or sensual, but it makes people remember me and my delivery as they look down at the card, and they always keep it.

  • Christel Quek

    Awesome- Moo cards are fantastic and of great quality. Thanks for sharing this Aaron. Really recommending everyone to try and win this! :) :)

  • Jordyn Davenport

    I don’t have any business cards yet, but when I win this fabulous contest and get my set of Moo cards, I am going to make mine memorable by adding a line to the front saying I met Jordyn and learned about her remarkable services at _____________. Then, when I hand it to them I will fill it in for them so that they have an added reminder of who I am and how they know me.

  • CCTV

    Hi All, well for the start its gatta be double sided. There has to be a huge contrast between the sides. The back being very colorful. At the front i would place  a 50×50 pixel picture of my face. It should be very easy to remember me, if my caard had my picture!!

  • Elliot Haas

    Sadly, I’m the first to mention… QR CODEs!   Durrrr.  We’re talking about Moo Luxe cards here,  3x as thick as a traditional card… with a customized QR code to visually impress and provide the card-reciever with a convenient way to Learn more about ME, which is likely more memorable, and possibly the whole idea here.   The QR code can do a variety of things too!  I personally prefer auto-import contact data.

  • Alex

    All my cards will have different quote from ME WITH A PHOTO OF ME

  • The Glue Between

    Considering I’d be looking for business cards for my new site @TheGlueBetween:twitter , going live in a couple of weeks and focused on the myriad connections between our on and offline worlds, I’d go for a three-card layered design, with a hole in the centre that showed a middle layer of adhesive. That way, you can actually glue it to whatever you want when you get back to your office/house/toilet door. The last one, I hope, wouldn’t actually happen.

  • Shaunlire

    My card will have a huge portrait of myself letting people know what I can do for their business. Not those cheesy insurance or real estate photo. One that stands out

  • Jacque

    My business card will look like paper with my details on it but when people grab it, they will go wow

  • Nigel Ohrum

    I am a big believer in connecting a face with the name. A good profile shot or an enlarged one which is set on the business card so that you see half of the persons face. (Has a serious feel… down to business).

    I always recommend including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn logos. Cover the spectrum of communication on both a personal and professional presentation level.

    I always support simplicity as well. I don’t like a business card that’s to busy. Less is more if you know what I mean.

    Lastly, provide something of instant value. An online resource you can share. For instance, on the back of mine I include my Quora profile, which has links to Social Media Resource boards that I created. They have relevant social media articles from around the web. I curate them in such a way beginners can find what they are looking for and someone more advanced can keep up with industry changes. I update the boards regularly.
    As I also organize a social media class in the local area, I include a link  for interested individuals wanting to learn more on the back of the card as well.If one is creative you can really offer a lot of value to someone with something as simple as a business card.Great idea Aaron.

  • Shaundamien

    I will place words on the card in big fonts…”Social Media Evangelist” small fonts  in I have no FRE*KING idea what I’m doing…  contact info on the other side of card. 

  • Noland Hoshino

    One of the most embarrassing things to look at is your school pictures. The clothes, haircut, glasses — all so shameful and awkward that you’d want to burn them. However, those geeky pictures can be used to your advantage and become memorable to anyone who sees them. Since you can print individual pictures on cards I would do a set of your school pictures from kindergarten to graduation and  add “Before social media…” You can also print your high prom pictures.

    Just a suggestion.

    BTW>> I love cards

  • 215Setup

    ok, i tweeted you, and i facebooked you. this is a great giveaway. I just got my new biz cards in and I must’ve hit the wrong button because I got gloss and I dislike gloss.. you can’t write on gloss and you know all those networking events everybody writes on your cards.  So my biggest thing is order Matte!

  • jen bryant

    I got a set of Moo Cards from a klout perk, and will definitely reorder. They’re bright pink, and they’re a unique size. (It’s the mini card size.)  Whenever I hand one out, usually anybody standing around asks if they can have one, too. It does exactly what it’s designed to do and then some. 

  • Chaviva Galatz

    I use my headshot on one side of the card so that people will always remember who I am and what I look like. For a long time, I thought it was vain to do this, but as I handed my business card out, people were saying what a great idea it was!

  • Tammy

    I really like Jordyn’s idea! 

    Since my desired clientele are not web-savvy, so I go with an image that says what I do … not so easy for SEO!

  • Tim Vidra

    I actually use Moo cards.  Where have you been?  :)

  • Vanessa Cabrera

    I JUST saw this perk on KLOUT. Because I just downloaded the KLOUT app. The best business cards are those that make people laugh. And they take more than one, simply for the fact that they want to keep one and they want one for their friends aka promo item. Since we all can’t live w/out our smartphones, and all you see is people looking down at their phones. A business card designed to look like a smarphone is fantastic. I know I know it’s been done. BUT the clincher is what app, website, email you have on the smartphone screen. The possibilities are endless! For example, I’m about to launch social media mentor, I could see a business card as a smartphone with the screen being my twitter page. And within each tweet, would be my contact information and mindless silly tweets in between. That’s where the creativity comes in! Good one Aaron…and yes I’m gonna need some cards. Cheers!

  • Aaron Lee

    Here waiting for YOU :) 

  • LDGourmet

    I like Moo cards because they’re printed on recycled paper and allow me to showcase my photography (which also make a good lead in to conversation). I wish the small ones were big enough for QR codes, may consider moving to bigger format but I think the smal format is also more memorable.

  • Akos Fintor

    I just got my business cards from Moo with a QR code on it. Quality is beyond………. well for $.60 a card excellent quality is the minimum 

  • Carrie

    A business card is a physical takeaway, I’ll try to give them a mental takeaway too, and hopefully a few laughs. 

    E.g while one side of my business card shows my information, the other side could be 

    “The difference between ‘They’re’, ‘There’, and ‘Their’ is a copywriter who knows her stuff.” 

  • Simone

    If only our business cards could speak like how we speak on social media, and I say that because I was at a “meet-up” and most people where swapping cards, but then they wanted twitter handles, so how can you squeeze so much info into a card, I don’t know? But a card that says everything it needs to say about our biz, and then a picture of a handle with our twitter name would be cool and funny, if anything definitely unique!

  • Tabatha Wethal

    I have removed all information from my biz cards to include only my phone,  e-mail,  Twitter handle, online article archive (which is  a super short URL) and facebook. No address. No fax numbers. I also like to leave one side blank (we used to do double sided with logos). I use blank sides of cards to write a note about my interaction with this person and any follow up notes (e-mail a link or subject discussed).

    GOOD: Given the information lean I take with contact info, I think it might be interesting to share an “evergreen” tweet or short FB post that got a lot of interaction? Something representative of your brand/biz and memorable? I’d rather it be something specific to your feed or online presence and personality, as I find general quotes  to be white noise unless it’s cleverly relevant to your work.

    BETTER: If you have a business promise, you could incorporate that in visually. Say for example, you tell  your clients you can boost traffic to their site/blog by 10 percent, that’s your hook. Punch a round hole in the middle of the card (design around it) and have a reference on the card saying: “This is the 10-percent of your business missing. Let me help you find it.” Or use that as a conversation starter/point of interest: Do you know why there’s a hole in the middle of this card? That’s the 10-percent missing from your site.”

    BEST!: Or write your e-mail address on 50 $1 bills and hand those out at the conference with a simple biz card featuring your name and website (they’re going to spend the dollar, you need a back up reference with that contact info!). You are memorable and pleasantly memorable. 

  • Ozan Turay

    Actually the things that stands out in a business card are:
    1- Personalized notes to the other party whom I am giving my name card…
    2- If your cards size is different than standard size people always remember or differentiate your card (moo cards are doing this better than my suggestion actually)
    3- If you are giving away something valuable to them for free and giving a link to people, people actually go to this page and interact you (if it have QR even better)
    4- A short quote on what you can do for people just 1 sentence, what you / your company can do for them: I can increase your profits while decreasing your expenses. etc…

    so a professionally edited picture of you with a blank bubble next to it at the back side to write a personal note to the person you have met, especially linking it with a funny incident related to your connection with the person or something you laugh together.

    a slightly larger card, and thicker is better always (smaller also can do the work) or a card with a hole on center, just something that is not standard and pointing it self out. In this sense moo cards are showing their difference since they are much ticker higher quality in printing and standing out in the crowd.

    Download your 300$ worth branding video from ……  and a specially designed QR code next to it as well

    And what you would like people to remember you with what is your unique selling position.

    so I have applied some of these in the card design I made earlier on and actually my return rates to my cards are higher compared to my first white business card with standard content inside.

  • Terripruitt56

    Wow, I was just thinking about this!  I am going to a networking dinner at 5 pm today and I have no business cards.  I have been blogging for a month and became a take Shape for Life Health Coach a week ago.  No business cards…bummer

  • Ashwin Casmir

    When talking about business cards that stand out, the card that comes to mind is that of Mark Zuckerberg in the movie Social Network. If that doesn’t stand out, I don’t know what will..

  • Billy Mitchell


    No business card contest would be complete without the one created by our mutual friend Jay Baer.

    Possibly coolest business card ever via @JayBaer & the design principle “Form Follows Function” via @TwitPic

    p.s. All I can take credit for is the photo!

  • Lex Lee

    giving a name card out, is best to have a concept of yourself… and the best way is to introduce yourself might be using some graphical figure or pictures… when i was young i saw pictures can be reflected on one side or another… maybe one picture show what your work is and another is the environment? just example… well, the side of the card will be a simple data about the card holder… nice and simple make it easy for everyone…

  • Aaron Lee

    Oh wow! its gorgeous! 

  • dennypollard

    Can you define about QR code because i really need to download qr codes.

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  • John David

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