How to organize your twitter list with formulists

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As your followers grow, your timeline might be more crowded, and ultimately, make reading tweets more challenging.

Previously, I recommended a tool called, which was a paid tool that allowed users to search a particular topic in their followers and see their tweets. Another method to have a more targeted tweet is to manually list your Twitter followers. This way you can just look at the list and have a more organized category of followers. However, organizing your Twitter followers is tough to accomplish, especially if you have a sizeable amount of followers. Furthermore, questions might arise regarding how accurate your categorization of your followers is, because if your categorization is inaccurate, then your list might be even less efficient. From this point of view, I believe that Twitter could learn a lot from Google Plus’ drag and drop feature.

Assuming you don’t have the time to list your Twitter followers as you have a hectic schedule and barely have enough time to tweet (moreover you have maybe a couple of hundred to a few thousand followers), then I recommend that you look at– a tool that makes this process a lot easier and allow you to concentrate on the most important aspect of Twitter, building relationships. 

With Formulists, you can instantly and automatically generate a variety of lists such as:

  • A list of people who retweeted you
  • list of people who you’ve recently engage with
  • track people who have just followed you
  • list of people who retweets you often
  • clone and copy other existing list
  • etc

The best part of this is it automatically updates the list. Therefore you don’t have to do anything to recognize and include the followers who should be newly included in your lists. You can respond to your followers as usual and they will be automatically listed under “people who you’ve recently engage with.” Therefore when you have time, you can drop by the list and look at the people who have taken the time to engage with you and comment on their tweet back. This makes building relationships easier and more efficient, as you are less likely to miss on the people who want to get to know you and have taken the trouble to engage you in a conversation.

Recently formulists have updated and added more features. Soon, you’ll be able to track other Twitter users’ followers which are most active and who are their top retweeters. This helps you gain more information and follow quality followers.

Once you have selected the type of lists that you want to create, formulists will do the work for you. Best part about it is you can load the lists to your tweetdeck, hootsuite or cotweet browser. Oh, and did I mention that it’s FREE? :)

Have you tried it yet? Let us know what do you think about it.

by curiousmess

  • Louise Mason

    Fantastic timing for this post, my original manual twitter lists are so out of date i have just started to make a spreadsheet of who i’m following so i can recategorise them, hopefully fomulists can save me some time. First list i’m going to create is to track and greet new followers – i have been wondering for a while how to keep up with new followers and send dm thanks for following messages – perfect!

  • Louise Mason

    oh – update, you can only create 2 lists for free…back to the spreadsheet it is!

  • Aaron

    Hello Loiuse,

    You can do that and save tons of time for sure, the one I love the most is listing people who I have recently engaged with. Certainly helps a lot.

    Enjoy! You can send @formulists a tweet if you have any questions.

    Glad this article helps.


  • Nityanand

    i love your reccos Aaron! First buffer and this.



  • Aaron

    Ahh! have you already created two list?

  • Aaron

    Thanks Nity!

    I have more amazing startups and great services to recommend in the future.

    Have been engaging with a few and trying them out.

    Cheers, hope this helps.


  • Louise Mason

    if you want to join up to formulists use my invitation code and it gets us both one extra free list

  • Aaron

    Thanks for sharing this with us Louise.

  • vicky sadhu

    hey aaron, once again nice post!! awesome!!

  • Sharel

    Gr8 post Aaron.. thanks for sharing..
    I loved the part of “what are you goals on twitter” i think that we don’t even think about it when we manage our relationships online… and its good to think about it :)

    Thanks for sharing,

  • Natalie from Formulists

    Hi Louise!

    It’s true that you can only make two lists for free when you start. But you can get up to five more lists free by referring others to join:

    Hope that helps,
    Natalie from Formulists

  • Natalie from Formulists

    Thanks so much for writing this awesome post, Aaron! We are pretty excited about our recent features and some exciting new ones coming up. As you mentioned to Louise we are also really happy to answer any questions- both on Twitter or comments here :)

  • Sunil Jain

    Hey Aaron :)
    I’ve tried Formulists by creating a Twitter List for my new followers and hence many of my new followers thank me through DM and mentions. This doesn’t end here , I often check that list and if I find quality tweeps directly upgrade them to my “Follow Friday Forever” List :)

    Formulists initially allows you to create 2 Lists and to create more you’ve to invite other tweeps ;D [Tell a Friend type Marketing ;)]

    Happy Blogging :)

  • Elle Amberley

    Yes, love it. Just need one for Facebook and Google+ now :)

  • Aaron

    Thanks Vicky! :) Glad you got something out of it

  • Aaron

    My pleasure, next week is for sure! :)

  • Aaron

    Thanks Natalie, I am excited to write a follow up of all the list I’ll be making, still have two, need to delete some of it lol to make space for new list from Formulists :)

  • Aaron

    Yeah! if only we have it for both of them! Darn!

  • Aaron

    Indeed! I’ve been utilizing this for a while now, glad you’re using it too and you’re using it strategically too, lots can follow that for sure!

  • Natalie from Formulists

    Hey Aaron!

    That would be awesome! You can actually hook up a “sidekick” account to your existing Twitter account that can be used to “store” any more lists you want to try out. Here’s a blog post on how to do that:

    Hope it helps!

  • Maulik

    Thanks Aaron!

    It’s definitely a good tool. Your own lists created using formulists are good examples (specially the super-sidekicks one 😀 )

  • Aaron

    Thanks Maulik. Indeed its a good list, i LOVE the name lol

  • Fisayo @ Secrets Of Entrepreneurship

    Great post.Thanks for sharing.

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  • Aaron

    My pleasure! :)

  • Jenni

    Thank you so much for letting me know about this new service, I’ll try it soon.

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  • BeeLinkt

    life saver! thanks =)

  • BeeLinkt

    Thank you for making my life so much easier =) life saver!

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  • Jaime Haney

    Sounds awesome! Thank you for the explanation of what all it does, it seems like just what I need. :)

  • Jaime Haney

    I don’t think you have the correct link in your article. It takes me to just a site with articles, nothing about signing up either :/

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  • Addie

    Unfortunately the service bit the dust.

  • Jaime Haney