Everything You Need to Know about The New Twitter.com

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Earlier this morning (in Malaysia) twitter announced that they were going to roll out a new version of its web interface. This means people who are using the web interface at twitter.com will see the difference while people who only depend on 3rd party applications will not.  Not every account will get the new interface immediately and it might take a few weeks.

I complied a list of information about the new twitter.com that you might like.

I’ll start by giving you the official video of the new twitter.com

Recording of the Presentation from @Ev about the new twitter.com recorded by @scobleizer

A better twitter – from the blog of twitter

Behold: The New Twitter.com! (Screenshots)

The Best Subtle Things About New Twitter

The New Twitter is an Attack on All Desktop Apps

How the New Twitter.com Gives Your Favorite App a Run for Its Money

How The New Twitter Will Change Tweeting Forever by @HilzFuld

The new Twitter.com brings neat keyboard shortcuts.

3 things Twitter surprisingly didn’t put in the new Twitter.com

10 Things You Didn’t Know About the New Twitter.com

That is about it for now, I will update the list as soon as new information comes in.


Twitter’s redesign: the good, the bad and the ugly

Waiting For The New Twitter? Get A DM When You’re Eligible

Twitter Redesign: A More Stable, Faster, Easier Twitter Website!

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  • http://www.ctkingston.com Ct Kingston

    Aaron this is great! Yesterday I was attempting to get more details and all I got was a video and then a blowhard talking boring stuff. Great job on compiling everything all in one place. It's exactly what I was searching for and couldn't find until now.

    And here's a joke I like :)

    “RT @RexHuppke You guys remember when Twitter looked like what it looks like now but won't look like soon? I will have been missing that.”

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  • http://martymcpadden.com martymcpadden

    Great post Aaron. The new Twitter UI looks a lot like the new Twitter iPad app. Makes the website much more like a web client which is a good thing. It hasn't rolled out to my account yet but I'm looking forward to it.

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  • glitterglitzer

    Hey I finally got the new twitter on my second small German account. :-) I must say it is interesting but it needs some getting used to first.

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