Do You Have a Twitter Buddy? Here are 3 Reasons To Have One.

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I read a blog post by AnnabelCandy who wrote a guest post at problogger about having a blogging buddy. You know what? I recommend finding a twitter buddy instead. I am thankful to have found twitter and I managed to make great friends who I have the utmost respect for and be able connect with them closely. So I have some experience with having a twitter buddy instead of a blogging buddy.

This is what actually happened, a few months ago I didn’t feel like blogging at all (I am sure bloggers had that moment). So i told my friend (@glitterglitzer) on twitter about it, and her responds was “do you want me to kick you a$$” so I said sure why not? What did she do? She blogged about me on her blog and challenged me to a “blogging competition” to see who blogged more. Whoever lost needed to send gifts from their country to the winner. Sure enough being a competitive person, I didn’t like to lose so I accepted the challenge, after the challenge I had like 7 blog post and she had more than me. Actually I had more blog post on another blog but she said I didn’t read the “fine print” so I lost, but being a kind soul she sent me gifts as well because it was my birthday back then and I owe her a blog post.

In another way it was similar with the blogging buddy but having to meet her on twitter, we started out talking on DM’s and develop this great relationship up to today.

I also talk to others as well, some of them are @Terrinakamura who is so great because although she is busy, she takes her time to read my email and reply me great and thoughtful email and never fails to share with me what she thinks and always help me with decisions. @Adamsconsulting who I always talk to on twitter and DM’s who is someone I admirer and is like a big sister to me. Of course I do have offline buddies who I talk to most of the time, one of them is @alexfei who is my housemate and we had a 2 hours conversation on MSN (we’re on holiday and back in our hometown) yesterday and we talked about what we wanted to achieve in the future. Sure enough it got me motivated.

Anyway back to twitter buddies, I want to recommend everyone to have at least 2 of them. The more the better of course. The most important part about having a twitter buddy is to make sure you find someone who is willing to be there for you as a friend and wants to get to know you a little better too.

So this is why I say you need a twitter buddy.

1. They don’t know your limitations

The best thing about twitter buddies is that they don’t know your limitations. Since your friends and families know you longer than anyone else and know about your limitations. They might not support you doing something that you want because you might have failed before, and they don’t want to see you failing again. So they might suggest you not to do it. However people who don’t know you will believe that you can do it and will suggest you to do to do it.

One of the best example is me blogging. I am sure whenever you read my blog post you’ll find that I don’t have the best english written blog post. Maybe because I wasn’t paying attention in english classes. So “english” is a limitation for me and people closed to me knew that. So when they found out that I started blogging, they didn’t really support the idea and said nobody will read it because I didn’t have a good command in english. So one day I wrote about this in a blog post comment at @markwschaefer blog and his responds helped me so much. He said that although I didn’t have the best english out there, I make it up for the passion. That comment alone help me ignore all the limitations people said.

2. They never hesitate to give praises or encouragement

Although people offline will give praises, I realized that people online never hesitate to give praises or gives more praises. Especially when its something good they never hesitate to say congrats, great blog post or more. Maybe it’s in the asian culture that we have in Asia that people find it hard to praise another or they just find it hard to give praises online because they are shy? I notice people online loves to give them.

I give them too whenever I find something which I really love reading or found interesting.

3.They have more experience

Depending on who your twitter buddy are, they have different experiences compared to your peers or people that you know offline. Take me for an example. I am a 22 year old and taking my degree in marketing. If I were to talk about starting my own business in the future what will they think? Half of them will think I am crazy, another half will ignore what I say. Only the people who are close might say “go for it”.

If I were to ask someone who have done it before like my twitter buddy, who have started their business at my age. What will they say? They will tell me to go for it and might even teach me ways on doing it.

Here is one example that really happened. One day while having lecture in class, a lecturer asked if we blogged, a few of my friends said I did. So he asked me what topic do I blog about, I said “social media” and he said “It’s a heavy topic to cover”. Maybe! but with the technology of the internet, bloggers are getting younger these days. If you don’t believe be check out great blogs like @epiclaunch and @gloson.

I am not trying to say you should depend 100% on your twitter buddies. We do have lives offline. What I am trying to say here is that, sometimes when people around us tell us we can’t, doesn’t mean we can’t do it. The people we know offline might not know how to swim and tell you that swimming is dangerous, while people online knows how to swim and tells you that you should learn how to swim and start looking for a coach or a instructor to guide us offline.

So guys, do you have a twitter buddy who you spend time sharing more about you? Also you know what?

It was the encouragement and people who I met on twitter that kept this blog going for 9 months now. I want to take this opportunity to say thank you so much for those who helped me get this far. I appreciate every help.

photo credits: by edenpictures

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  • Fatin Khawarizmi

    A great post ! I personally got the experience to be mixed up & confused about what to blog about! sometimes i have more than five articles ready to post but i do prefer to stop posting anything till i feel more comfortable & more relaxed because in case the person is tired he can not see the mistakes as he is relaxed & in a good mood !
    I did enjoy the very wonderful competition between you Aron & your friend, a lot of thanks to her! i wish to have the power of writing same as her ! bon courage!

  • Askaaronlee

    Thank you Fatin,

    I appreciate that you stop by to comment.
    We all get confused and not sure what to blog sometimes, don't worry I am here if you want to ask me anything at all. I'll be your buddy too if you want.

    You do have the power of writing my friend. We all do.

  • BelgianNathalie

    You are absolutely right! Twitter buddies can lift you up and believe in your possibilities when nobody else does…and the beautiful thing about it is that you get a chance to “reinvent” yourself a little…

  • Aaron Lee

    I agree Nathalie, we get a chance to reinvent ourselves. :)
    Aren't they great :)

  • Aaron Lee

    Thank you Fatin,

    I appreciate that you stop by to comment.
    We all get confused and not sure what to blog sometimes, don't worry I am here if you want to ask me anything at all. I'll be your buddy too if you want.

    You do have the power of writing my friend. We all do.

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  • Mikel King

    Great job Aaron!

  • Pingback: Phil Harrison()

  • Aaron Lee

    Thanks mate :)

  • KevinMinott

    I agree Aaron sometimes people who know you really well, try to protect you by discouraging a perceived failure. Twitter allows you to engage with friends who encourage your full potential. Great post.

  • Carlita Moreno

    I like this post Aaron. Having this kind of support is crucial to our everyday existence. That's why building relationships is so important! I'm glad you have a twitter buddy! I'll support ya' any day! :-) Kudos.

  • Aaron Lee

    Thanks Kevin, so lets thank we have twitter for that and it helps us do that :)

  • Aaron Lee

    Thank you so much Carlita, appreciate it.
    I am glad I went and connect with people too. Anyway I'll support you any day :)

  • glitterglitzer

    OH MY GAWD! I was offline for a few days and when I got back I realized my bot-me has tweeted ( very few blogs are on my feed so feel honoured! LOL) your post… And I also realized it has been retweeted… and retweeted…and retweeted and I have not read it!!!! So I head over to your blog and I fell out of my chair! You are soooooo sweet and cuuute! Thank your for mentioning me! (I'm clearly not Asian so I can say all I want without being shy… ;-p) You are a great, fun, interesting, sweet, colourful and superb guy and I am so happy I have met you! So many times you light up my sleepless nights (NOOOOO not like that… It is just the night because of the time difference! LOL).
    Oh and I think we are blogtwitbuddies… :-) right?
    I love this post because you are so right. Especially with the limitations. I know people always just mean well and want to keep you from getting bruised by a failure, but you never know, maybe this time you will succeed. And there, friends who do not know every move you made before can be great support.
    I'm thankful every day for the people I have met on twitter and the answer to the question if I would have ever met them in real life if there was no twitter? No. It is as simple as that. To me all of my online friends are as real and important as my offline friends, regardless if I ever spoke on the phone to them or not.
    Oh and you want to start your own business? go for it… I was 21 when I did the same! :-) And it was great fun!
    Hugs and kisses from Switzerland all the way to Malaysia!

  • Ben Lang

    Hey Aaron,

    Love having you as a Twitter buddy :) And thanks so much for mentioning EpicLaunch, truly honored. Talk soon :)

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  • The Redhead

    Aaron – a great post. I talked about these “Twitter Buddies” on a broader scale at SOBCon this past weekend – I call them “front stabbers.” They're people who will tell it like it is, and to your face. NOT behind your back! I think everyone in business should have one (mine like @shellykramer @merredith and more are crucial to me). They don't take no for an answer and are willing to tell you no at the drop of a hat, even when you don't want to hear it. I love that you put it in context of Twitter – and here's your notice: I'm stealing it, shamelessly :)

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  • Gina Stark

    Aaron – great post (yet again!)…I really, REALLY like the number one reason. Wow. Profound. And so true. One of my dear Twitter friends @NolanNaidoo was just tonight kicking my a$$ for allowing recent stresses to de-motivate me. He believes in me maybe more than I do! You are so right – it's a blessing that our Twitter friends refuse to imagine we have limitations or past failures/blunders. Spot on, Aaron! And can I also say, I am blessed in the Twitter-buddy-ness of Mirijam (@glitterglitzer) :)) Can we have a group (((huuggggg))) now? 😉 Cheers and thanks! G

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